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                                        ABOUT COMSA

ICO Market and Industry
In June 2017, the total funds raised by ICOs exceeded the amount that blockchain startups had raised from venture capital companies for the 12 months preceding it. A lot of businesses are looking into ICOs, but without a doubt, it is easy to conclude that this phenomenal growth has left many gaps that have yet to be fulfilled. The existence of these gaps has resulted in a high barrier to entry for enterprises who have trouble trying to bridge their islands of existence to the rest of the crypto and mainstream economies. We are in a state of flux and solutions are needed to address these issues.


Comsa is a conduit for future ICOs that want to exist in the COMSA ecosystem. As part of the project, a COMSA team is now already in place to provide companies with consultation, expertise and solutions to support their very own ICOs and implement blockchain technology into their business practices using our Zaif exchange and mijin private blockchain software, all at the same time, as a one-stop solution.

ICO Solution

COMSA is a one-stop solution that includes a creation of multi-language whitepaper, pre-configured token sale dashboard, blockchain integration services and PR services, dedicated for your own ICO. Your ICO token issued on COMSA platform can be converted between NEM and Ethereum blockchain via COMSA CORE engine. (Planned in 2018)
Token Solution

COMSA provides Zaif exchange to list your ICO token, and its payment service to allow your token holders to spend it. We also provide private blockchain software “mijin”, to let you manage tokens in the internal blockchain ledger in your system. We also support fiat pegged tokens and crypto pegged tokens that can be transferred between NEM and Ethereum blockchains.
One-time Smart Contract

In 2018, you will be able to coordinate Bitcoin, NEM, Ethereum and multiple mijin private blockchains as one network to keep the balance of your token among them. We will also offer “network fee delegation” on the NEM blockchain that allows you to process practical business transactions in fiat currency on the blockchain without owning its native currency XEM.


Tech Bureau Executives
Takao Asayama


mijin CTO
Ryosuke Hosoi

Zaif CTO
Mitsutoshi Fukunaga

Kazunobu Hatta

Tom Beno

US Region Manager
Legal Advisors
Masakazu Masujima

Legal Advisor
Michio Asayama

Co-Founder, Legal Advisor
ICO Committee
Lon Wong

President of NEM.io Foundation
CEO of Dragonfly Fintech
Jeff McDonald

Vice President of NEM.io Foundation
Kazutaka Muraguchi

COMESA partner. Venture capitalist and CEO of Nippon Technology Venture Partners.
Yoichiro “Pina” Hirano

CEO of Infoteria Corp. (TYO:3853)

Series A investor of Tech Bureau Corp.
Yokiko Nishimura

General manager of public relations and business development
Money Partners Group (TYO:8732).
Hitoshi Kano

CEO of Fisco Ltd. (JASDAQ:3807)
Ryuji Yagi

CEO of Caica Inc. (JASDAQ:2315)
Kaneto Kanemoto

Yosuke Iwai

CEO of Arara Inc.
Nate D’Amico

CEO of Reactor8, Inc.
Software development partner for Tech Bureau, Corp.
Kunihiro Tanaka

CEO of Sakura Internet Inc.(TYO:3778)
Osamu Ogasawara

CEO of ABBALab inc.
Katsuaki Sato

CEO of Metaps Inc. (TYO:6712)
Yoshitomo Izura

Head of Investment Banking at Tokai Tokyo Securities CO.,LTD. (TYO:2588)
Masahiko Ito

Senior Deputy General Manager of Corporate Planning Division / Senior Chief Manager of Center of FinTech Office
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Ken Shishido

Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup Group
Tetsuyuki Oishi

CSO of United Bitcoiners, Inc.
Jin Nakamura

Noriyuki Hirosue

Founder / CEO of bitbank, inc.
Chikako Suzuki

PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC
Nippon Technology Venture Partners

NTVP – Nippon Technology Venture Partners is one of the leading Japanese venture capital companies specialized in investments for high-tech businesses. NTVP is known for investment in DeNA, and was a seed investor of Tech Bureau. Its recent portfolio includes Robotics, AI, and blockchain technology.
Infoteria Corp.

Infoteria Corporation is a leading software company providing connectivity across “computers”,“people” and “things” with leading edge technology. Its best-selling middleware – ASTERIA – already supports blockchain for enterprise companies. We are eager to enhance our product features such as supporting multi-sig with non-coding environment, and exploit new markets such as ICO for various industries.

FISCO Ltd. is a Japanese financial information vendor. FISCO provides investment information to dedicated terminals such as QUICK, Reuters, and Bloomberg; Internet portal websites such as Yahoo!, MSN, and InfoSeek; and a number of securities companies. As a group of professionals,FISCO provides investors the best investment support services based on deep understanding and knowledge of investment and markets. Distribute ICO market information as a COMSA partner.

CAICA CAICA Inc. is a Japanese system integrator. CAICA has a strong track record in system development for financial institutions such as banks, securities companies, and life insurers.CAICA’s strengths are centered particularly on development of settlement systems for financing, forex, sales office terminals, and online banking. CAICA collaborates with Tech Bureau in a wide range of fields to test and sell blockchain technology. CAICA is an alliance partner in providing testing and support services and system development for Tech Bureau’s “Mijin” blockchain.

arara in Japan is one of the largest private e-money and CRM solutions in SaaS market. arara is providing new, safer and more efficient solutions utilizing the blockchain technology. In the cooperation with Tech Bureau and ICO committee, arara plans to develop and provide ICO related services.
raised funds for 07.10.2017

Register https://tokensale.comsa.io/?ref_id=a6a2fa7332d0a34443d981da85af7352


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