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Mine Zcash @ https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/224536
3% discount coupon code = YVhXDJ

This is the first protocol of its kind. It is the product of years of scientific research, advanced engineering, and diligent security work. Zcash is a group of scientists and hackers who came up with a way to combine blockchains for immutability with encryption for data security. These two things are separately well understood, important, and widely used, but they’ve never been put together before now. https://z.cash/blog/zcash-begins.html

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Please stop affiliate spamming.


i see a bunch of zcash posts. I really dont know anything about it. At first I was like why are people promoting the competition.
BUT couldn't it be good to mine zcash to buy Steem and that would help our economy? Cause i need steem but i don't want to hurt steem value by using other cryptocurrency.

I really know so little about cryptocurrency but craig always explains things so well.

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