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in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

Talking about the current state of things in the crypto space, and why I choose to cut out the middle man and try to be anonymous with the crypto I'm holding. I also explain why I think it's good to call Proof Of Weak Hands a pyramid, even tho it's not.

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Even i jumped when your bike fell over lol...

I'm 5 seconds in and im laughing hahaha sounded like a Komodo Dragon came running out of the bushes lol...I won't lie I have reacted that way to noise MANNNNNY times and usually I am high lol fast instincts

by re branding you are disconnecting yourself from the negativity that is surrounding your former self at the removing the gravitational pull the orbiting negativity will eventually fully shoot off in different directions

you thought is an alligator when you bike felt right?

I wish i could know more of what you are talking about ..
I am just a writer.

HHHH i like this video ❤️

I've watched your talk video and I like your decision now?