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“That’s one small step for a coinpaprika, one giant leap for WordPress Editors” ~ Satoshi Nakamoto about our latest update

Our most recent update features Coinpaprika WordPress Plugin, which provides new possibilities in sharing data across crypto channels. WordPress is a powerful tool for thousands of users use to create their websites. To reach out to all of those who are crypto-orientated, we prepared a coinpaprika plugin with 3 ways of distributing data across your website.

What makes it special is that it doesn’t require much work to implement, and makes you certain that the data shown is provided directly from our website! Below we’ll explain the key features of our new creation:


simple widget copy.png

These can make your article always up to date by simply delivering core information in the cleanest way possible. As the name suggests it is a short part of the code which by simple modifying displays most important information like:

  • type of coin
  • icon of the coin
  • metric: price, 24h volume, marketcap, ath
  • % change

Here is an example of such code: [coinpaprika coin="btc-bitcoin"] - it shows Bitcoin price in US Dollars.

Coin Price Table

simple widget copy 2.png

This feature is bigger but also displays more info. What is most important, you can choose the coins that are within your interest. Are you a fan of Bitcoin forks? Go display only those coins which were made by forking BTC. In this way you can display your portfolio without any coin that is not worthy of your attention.

Coin Ticker Widget

simple widget.png

We suppose, you already encountered those, if not check our previous article about that feature here. If you are talking about one certain coin, why not display actual data about it? Our widgets are easy to configure and bring that positive design feeling into your website!

What do you think about that Plugin?
Check now on WordPress & let us know!

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nice... this plugin is awesome.

Great news, thanks for sharing. I see constant developments from @coinpaprika. Keep up the great work!

This plugin is very useful for people who needs market info into their blogs!. Congrats!.

This is amazing news and I'm so excited. Can't imagine where our community will be in one years time.
Since I built up quite a nice SP I'd love to delegate to but I can't figure out how to. So if anyone can help me out, please do.

WordPress is a great blog creation tool with a really robust CMS - highly recommended. Great to see that you're sprinkling a little Paprika on blogs and websites everywhere!

Great plugin I am sure this will get vital soon

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In my opinion, this plugin is well done and it is well integrated with the blog design. Probably it will be a success.

We hope so! Thank you! :)

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waww i think it is very useful we must try it :) thanks

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It would be a great plugin in for the those who blog on crypto niche on WordPress.

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Making progress ... good going ... best of luck

nice post

Nice post @coinpaprika :)

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Good content, might have to add this plugin later to my site

Hell yeah, jizz in my pats

Integrate it in to the editor for a easy use!

This is very interesting and seems quite useful to those wanting such data. I would like to see it in actual use.

Nice post,
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Awesome, definitely a tool I plan to utilize for CryptoHype!

Looking interesting. Gonna take a look

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muy buena información, gracias...

Ill try it right now!

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Wow @coinpaprika, I have to check this out. I am a wordpress user.
Thank you for sharing.

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Gracias por la informacion, excelente post. Feliz tarde

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Awesome, definitely a tool I plan to utilize for CryptoHype!

Wow...I love your post, most especially the content of the post.
I have followed you for a while now and have gone through your past post and with this I would boldly say you are very useful to the steemit economy. Keep doing the good works and thank you for the important information you have passed across to me . please kindly help upvote this comment and reply back to help me have a good stans in this economy thanks .