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After introducing RWD, it is time for our widget! Whether you are an advanced website creator or a beginner at coding, you will like our easy to implement price widget!

The only thing you need to do is set all the parameters on our website, copy & paste the generated code into your website and that’s it!


You can customize our widget so that it fits your website best! Possible customizations are:

  • Standard/Extended version
  • 1 out of 3 currencies to display
  • 1 out of 6 intervals of data-update
  • Day/Night mode

What do you think about that feature?
Check now on & let us know!

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There is a time I wanted to add a widget showing real-time prices of major cryptocurrencies to my new website but It is so unfortunate I could not find any useful resources. Most of the sites that I found offering this service were selling the code. I wasn't ready to buy!! Lol I hope @coinpaprika is offering the code for free. Let me check your website out to discover for myself. Thank you for the tool :)

Sure it's for free! :) And we have a plan to crate with more options later on!

That is really awesome :) Thanks for offering us this useful tool for free :)

It is sad when checking the price, it is dropping.

It's really sad

Lol, that's like saying it's raining outside I won't go out because I'll get wet

Hi sir, is it customisable so I can set it at the AUD {Australian dollar}

Hello, soon we will have more currencies :)

Any public API for that? I would like to integrated some tickers on a video stream. And CMC will close the public one on 25 December. :)

Yes, we have API :)

Perfect! Thank you! :P

Great will try in website :)

This widget is coming at right time to be used by most trader. Thank you for sharing.

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think the same, it wil be very popular widget for traders

Cool Will Definitely Try This

Cryptomarket so down at time so worth all !!!!!!!!!!

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It's is sad & Thanks for updates ...

Thanks for this article!


thanks for the update

cool bro super, upvote me also

I love it when you share interesting and educating contents like this.. .
Beautiful one

It's great the easy way to customize the widget. Very useful.

I am not a programmer but still think this is good idea and can move forward and has good market in future

right Now one bitcoin 5 561,49 €

I made one too for my own, but it's very simple... the same information but the design of it its too simple. I like yours

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Ooo nice idea!

Thanks for the update, I will check it out! ;)

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