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June 2018. will start in few days and Crypto market still struggle. There were few glimpse of hope that bullrun will start again but that didn't happened. Many expected that Consensus 2018. will start rally but id didn't. We are around 7000$ and market look like it doesn't have fuel for new highs.


Last year BTC bullrun was very strong and Bitcoin rise from around 1000$ to 20000$. That run was great but WHAT WAS A SPARK for that rally?

First of all I don't think that anything related to Bitcoin has started rally. In my opinion, last year's bullrun HAS STARTED BECAUSE OF ETHEREUM. Ethereum ICO's were something new, with many nice, promising projects. People liked that and lot of money came into Crypto market. Easiest way from Fiat to Crypto is through Bitcoin. This is how spiral was made and all Cryptos rise all together.


Last year, 2017. was YEAR OF PROMISES and many Cryptos rise hard just based on promises.

This year, 2018. HAS TO BE YEAR OF FULFILLED PROMISES if we wanna see new bullrun.


First one is EOS. EOS is great well funded project that will go live in few days, at start of June. Why EOS? What separate EOS from many similar platform projects?

Answers are simple. Dan Larimer and LOT OF MONEY that they have for project development. I believe that if everything goes fine, EOS will surpass ETH and it will be most used platform for DApps. ETH in current phase has limit what developers can do. EOS doesn't have limits like Ethereum. There are already many projects waiting for EOS launch to start and there will be more and more of them in future.
EOS success can spark Crypto market rally.

Second thing that can spark bullrun is development of ETH.

If Casper and Sharding work, many projects on ETH will be able to develop further and they will be able to fulfill promises. Successful projects will bring lot of money into Crypto world. Ethereum has lot of developers and with Vitalik on top, there is big chance for success.

Dan Larimer and Vitalik Buterin are probably two greatest minds of Crypto Space at moment and I really enjoy following their work.

I hope both projects will be successful and then new bullrun is guaranteed :-)

I would like to hear your opinions, what we need for Crypto bullrun?



more good news for bitcoin and alt coins...
Torrealba (judge) believes that the [crypto] industry will continue to flourish since banks have too much control over everything. Orders the banks to re-open everyone's crypto accounts!opens the door to pursue civil lawsuits.

Nica news :-)

Very good information for which I thank you very much. I think there will still be a jump by the end of the year, It may exceed $ 25,000.

absolutely krokodila. i am seeing $26,000-

Of course it could be $ 26,000, I expect at least $ 25,000, and the ceiling will only show.

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And I thank you, it is very nice to be useful

I totally agree as well. Any less than 20k will make bitcoin undervalued in my eyes.

BTC, RETURN IT'S $ 25 000 WHY NOT TO $ 30,000

BTC will be back. also check out SMOKE Coin

surely kiefpreston, it will be back soon

Thank you for sharing. I hope for a bullrun in cryptos this year. I am heavily invested. I did not cash in during the last bullrun but this time I am ready. Yes, I hope for something to spark the bullrun and I hope it happens in 2018.

EOS maybe better than ETH, but ETH is way further in terms of progress. Apps like GNT (Golem) are already fully running on ETH and have real world use cases. Isn't EOS what ETH was like next year? Nevertheless, 2018 is the year of fulfilled promises.

I like Golem but if people really start using it, 15tx/s that ETH has at moment is far from enough. I hope ETH will evolve to a point that can fully support all good projects.

yes jfitmisc. I still believe in EOS. Although it failed in my last months top 5 coins. But this is my new month top 5 - I excluded it till July...

Good analysis of what happened last year and what’s needed this year. Basically, last year a lot of new people entered the crypto market, probably due to ETH ICOs as you mentioned. This year we need many new people to also enter, but this year they are looking for working projects not just ICO hype. We need different people to enter the space, and right now those people aren’t confident enough in the industry as a whole.

I think advancements with platforms like ETH and EOS can help some, but that’s still mostly appealing to people already pro-crypto. For someone skeptical of the whole thing, which is most people, there needs to be a mainstream breakthrough project that just happens to be crypto. Think cryptokitties, but more serious and useful or mainstream entertainment related.

That may not happen this year, but when it does, that’s what will launch the bull run. That or govt regulators shutting down the market manipulation that’s been undermining what little rises have been attempted by the market, and enough institutional money coming in as straight buys (not shorts and such). But the real rise will only come when a lot more people think it is something worth the steep learning curve to get involved with. And more training to make that accessible too.

You are right that we need real important projects for mainstream adoption, not cryptokitties. This is why I think that EOS is game changer. You can build on EOS whatever you want...

True, but it can’t just be a possibility or even a promise. The real rebound will come only once those projects are operational and getting decent mainstream adoption.

tienes mucha rason amigo se necesita muchos proyectos para poder seguir adelante todos los propositos y metas para poder cumplir los objetivos

great reply indigoocean. welcome
Greetings @

These are very keen observations @cicibar as always. I wonder how many current athletes are getting into crypto? I was listening to an interview on ESPN with Evan Mathis (recently retired American football player), he is the guy who sold a Mickey Mantle '52 Topps baseball card (to non baseball card/memorabilia the holy grail of the collectible trading cards in the last 70 years). He said in the interview that he was going to buy his dream house for his family now that he's retired, pick up new inventory in memorabilia, and he mentioned in passing in the very last seconds of the interview that he also enjoys following Bitcoin as well. Funny how the timing of that was right in front of that last crypto run?

Thanks mate. I really don't know how many athletes are into crypto. I know some of them but I believe percentage is similar like ordinary people.

I made some large bets with friends that Bitcoin would be over 15K by the end of the year.. am I in danger of losing? I feel that BTC will be closer to 100K than 15K..

The buzz from many of the YouTubers is that July is going to be the month when Bitcoin spikes again. I'm ready for another spike because these last few months have been pretty boring.

Hope they are right...

yes jmjury, very boring.

I even failed in my analysis for top 5, but not for June though...

I wonder what's going to happen with EOS. So many people have not registered their tokens.

it will grow steadily...

I was wonderin why you have dedicated this post to bitcoin, since I know you're more a fan of platforms rather than coins.
And in the end EOS & ETH part showed up 👌
I do agree Dan is a mastermind and the success he had on eos ICO can be promising.
We will wait and see 🤞

Because Bitcoin is leader. If he goes Up, everything goes Up. I am fan of platforms but I am also huge fan of Bitcoin. They just have different purpose. My largest holdings are EOS and BTC...

What about ETH? do you assume EOS a ethereum killer? 🙄

I am sure both platforms will have their users and they will coexist. There is many operating systems like Windows, Linux or Android, IOS so there will be many used platforms also...

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does it spark?

This makes sense @cicbar. I got involved in crypto by accident during the bull last year and I feel better prepared this time. Super excited!!

I agree that it takes more than just the visions of the last year to deliver raises in price. EOS might be a key player in the future. But that does apply to other projects to. What they all will need is a broader acceptance. It is unfortunate that still most of the time you'll have to go through BTC or ETH to invest in ICO's. While we are at it, we will need an independant evaluation for ICO's. There are to many ambitious projects and good ideas, but many lack an at least acceptable strategy. Privat investors have a good chance of loosing their money there. I doubt that it takes regulations and I doubt that they'd really help. What we need is better signaling, which project are good investments and which are just good ideas. Also fraudulent intent has to be fough

Hope it'll go up.

this is Well written. Very informative and I'm definitely going to share this.

Remember that it is the market that tells us what is currency and what is not. And the market has spoken. Bitcoins have value because the market says they have value. Our first impression was that this was going to be really big or a complete zero. We were immediately captivated by the elegance and enormous promise of Bitcoin, and when we began to learn more, we became convinced that Bitcoin was the future of money. We have decided to put our money and our faith in a mathematical structure that is free from human or political mistakes. .

But that would just be a bull run for Eos and Eth, nothing to do with Bitcoin. I personally don't like Bitcoin, the fees are too expensive. That's not what crypto stands for, at least in my view. Should save us money, not take 25 percent of the bat.

I do expect the bull run. Just gotta ne patient and accumulate. Even if its just $10.

It is good for Bitcoin to bubble because it has to proof itself...

As for other coins, they are just Bitcoin disciples except few like Theta and the rest -

Good post, I have no EOS as yet, not sure I understand the tech enough just yet. But your post has sparked my interest. Investigate I will. Thanks

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I like your analysis very much @cicbar, and could only add my view at the things. It is easy to agree with you on ETH and EOS as a possible sparks for for another SPECULATIVE bullrun. But from that point my additions are (hard)forking…

First fork goes into a few more possible sparks for that emphasized SPECULATIVE bullrun. Year 2017. was a year of fiat crisis. Inflation numbers got very high in many countries all over the world (Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, India…), and people started to search for alternatives to preserve the value of their work. That was a pretty good spark. Year 2017. was also a year of big uncertainty after the “unpredictable” Trump has became POTUS. And the most probable spark was a clear “announcement of intentions” that Wallstreet is going to jump into the crypto arena. Last year, everything has set up nicely for a serious SPECULATIVE rise.

Second fork — Why do I say “speculative” all the time? Because I consider Bitcoin is on a real rise that goes in the shadows of the speculative one. On January 1st 2016. bitcoin was sold for $460, and on January 1st 2017. for about $970. On August 31. it got to $4700, and then, while I was recovering in Sokobanja, it hit the low of $3000. In December it has got to $20,000, and then “returned” to $6500. This year to date up to $10,000 but then “return” to $7000… So, there is a real bullrun and speculative bullrun. The real bullrun never stopped and it goes clearly up and strong:

Jan 1st 2016. — $460
Jan 1st 2017. — $970
Sep 14th 2017. — $3000
Apr 6th 2018. — $6600
Today — $7000

just connect the lowest dots on a graph, and that would be the real rise of bitcoin so far. Couldn't ask for more, really :)

I agree 100%. We need time for Crypto space to mature, until then ups and downs will be based on speculations...

Ево га читав текст @cicbar. Још једном ти хвала за подстицај :)

Сутра ће ићи и српски превод.

Сад ћу да сложим текст од овог одговора за сутра, на енглеском и српском @cicbar. Ићи ће и линк на твоју анализу, наравно :)


Док се чека текст, можете породично у позориште. Даје се мало необична варијанта Шекспира:


Well said, it does give us another look at the rise and rise of Bitcoin.

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Hey neighbor! Is EOS that platform similar to Steemit where we will be able to blog? I don't know that much about it.
Regarding what we need for a next Crypto bull run I can say that some regulations might be needed to make things certain around the environment and of course more institutional money. Once there will be some "certainty" around it amateurs like myself :) will pump even more money into it.
For now I don't see any bull run coming soon although a few weeks ago I was very bullish. I'm starting to become more realistic I guess.

EOS is platform for all kind of DApps and there is gonna be some social network for sure. Block time is 0.5 sec and it is much faster than competition.

Excellent post thanks for sharing.I would also consider Coinbase eventually adding

very good analysis.
hope that everything will be ok in this year.

that's very helpful post.Bitcoin, king of the world

yeah you're right.I'm agree with you.This is a very interesting and informative post.

Do not let the fuel run out :)

I don't know what we need for the cypto bullrun (I'm new on this), but what I understood is that the success of one of them like Bitcoin, ETH or EOS can impulse the entire crypto market, right?

Yes I agree EOS and ETH have the potential to give some fire to the market this year. I would also consider Coinbase eventually adding ERC20 tokens to their platform with the help of the 0x Protocol is also a major event!

2018 maybe the year of platform coins like ADA, ETH, EOS and ICX. Let's see.

very good information thank @cicbar

If we don't see bullrun means crypto is stabilizing. Isn't it good for longrun. Because if bullrun happens everyone will start selling off for profits.

I agree that we will have less huge bullruns in the future. I believe when Crypto market matures, it will behave like Stock market.

I agree that cryptos going mainstream is going to happen when more coins show their use case, and when they are used and people start to get excited about the businesses...also definitely need some user interface work.

Excellent post thanks for sharing.I would also consider Coinbase eventually adding dear

What about cryptocurrency's unspoken secret...'unrecoverable accounts'

EOS will have recoverable accounts...

very good ;)

The project is going to work out effectively

I agree that ETH and EOS can bring in a lot of new money, but this is true for other platforms as well, like Lisk and others.

Maybe Bitcoins price could go up again to the same levels as it was at the end of last year, however I am not sure investors are really keen in putting money in when the development of LN are going so slowly.

Like you said, promises have to be fulfilled.

Like Post.JPG

nice man

many people have not registered their tokens.

hopefully achieved as we expect ya, let all can be happy

Very nice information

Great information! Thanks for sharing and I wonder which coins will last for centuries and why.

Bitcoin, king of the world

EOS has a lot to offer in the future, thank you for the information, at the end of last year, reached $ 20,000. I believe that by the end of 2018 it will reach $ 25,000, and why not $ 30,000.

EOS is a news star. Maybe it has a good future, let's see it.

its very good post

Good post my friend...
Thanks for sharing...

I did read the EOS has to launch of their mainnet postponed due to securiry issues.
So, I don't know if EOS will be the catalysator for another bull run!
Improvement on Ethereum for sure can give the market some extra air!
Maybe the new gambling legislation in the United States could be a trigger. If lots of BTC gamblings portal will be opening for the American Market, there will be lots of demands for BTC. But hey, this is just some hope!

To be honest, I don't care what will trigger the next bull run as long as it happens :)
Maybe I would like one month more sideways which will allow me to pick up some bargains!

EOS will launch on time, there is ongoing FUD. Dan has organised 10000$ bounty if somebody finds bug.

Thanks for the information. Didn't know this.
We only know what we read, and sometimes it is easy to miss an article!

And SBI is writing nice upvotes, as I can see. Don't forget the higher the posting frequency is, the lower the votes will be. They wan't to make it fair, based in the number of posts.

That is fair. I will not post more than few times per week so at this rate should be nice upvote.

This is a great,
I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

love to read it about this.

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that's very helpful post!!
thank you..

Your posts are very interesting especially for me who is
still a beginner and I have to learn more do you want to be a
teacher for me.

Excellent post thanks for sharing.

Yes sir I agree with you that This year, 2018. HAS TO BE YEAR OF FULFILLED PROMISES if we wanna see new bullrun.

We already have everything we need for a massive bull run. It's now only a matter of time.

we should rather eliminate it.

Can you please kindly shed a bit light on your above statement?

Thanks also for reminding me again to recheck my EOS status before the mainNET goes live.

Hmmm. Cool analysis about EOS there...

EOS will surpass ETH and it will be most used platform for DApps. ETH in current phase has limit what developers can do. EOS doesn't have limits like Ethereum. There are already many projects waiting for EOS launch to start and there will be more and more of them in future.
EOS success can spark Crypto market rally.

I agree with that arguement. EOS has a lot to offer going forward.


I feel the same about ETH. Let us have a look on one of the big rivals of ETH, named NEO. It seems to be good and the market in china is good, but the building of consense is distributed over 7 (wow don't want to look it up now, might be 9) "nodes".
You mentioned ICOs, which might have burned some people.

I like NEO also and beside three of them I belive Cardano will do good. In my opinion 10 platforms max will be successful.

yeah, Cardano is by the way, perfect for swing trading. I wish i had 1 grant, i would have at least tripled it. You are right, there will be no 100k different coins or tokens on the market

Excellent post thanks for sharing.I would also consider Coinbase eventually adding

We all were hoping that it will touch $25000 but has not shown any sign yet

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I think now we will finally see the rally. Everybody has stopped caring and the hype has died down. Time for the moon

Thanks for sharing this. Fingers crossed on crypto bull run.

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Love to read it hopefully achieved as we expect ya, let all can be happy

I believe in the fact that the cryptomarket will go up as it develops every day and its capitalization grows and new interesting projects appear in which investments arrive.

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Check the threshold value with comfort!

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Everyone would expect the crypto market to be fine.

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I really hope the best for all that!

In this holy month I always ask God to always give the best for the crypto market, and I also hope to get the most praise from my friend @cicbar

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cryptocurriencies are the future,

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