Metaverse ETP is standing strong...

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Last few months were terrible for altcoins, mostly because the biggest one by market cap, Ethereum(ETH) is not doing well. Simply written, ETH platform is not working as it should and development is too slow. Dough I believe in EOS and I think that is better than ETH in many ways, I don't want ETH to fail. I believe that there will be many successful projects and I hope ETH will be one of them.

I went mostly all into BTC and EOS few weeks ago but I have few coins that I kept beside those two. Metaverse(ETP) is one of them. To be honest, I haven't sold ETP because it is locked. There is an option to lock ETP coins and according to lock duration, you get rewarded.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #032 - 'ETP Deposit' - app_myetpwallet_com_#_deposit.png

I have locked ETP for 20% interest rate and that should last around 12 months. I wouldn't do that again, because one year period in Crypto world is too long. I was lucky in this case because I am sure that I would sold my ETP earlier to by BTC or EOS and I would miss this rise at Metaverse.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #031 - 'Metaverse ETP (ETP) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics I Coin_' - coinmarketcap_com_currencies_metaverse.png

There were some nice development at Metaverse since I have bought and locked ETP. Mainnet went on, few good partnerships were announced and rise really don't look like pump and dump. There are not many Altcoins with this kind of chart last few months. My ETP lock last until April, that is very long period in Crypto and maybe my huge gains will vanish until April but it is very nice to see that your investment is doing great even in this bearish times.

I can't say that I knew that ETP will behave like this, I have bought it because I like idea and project but sometimes you just have to be lucky with your investment :-)

This is NOT investment advice, if you like Metaverse(ETP) you should do your own research.


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You did find another gem! Great that you did have locked it in, otherwise you would have regret it.
I did strengthen my position in EOS 2 weeks ago and also in BTC. I am doubting about ETH. It is really cheap at the moment, but almost every coin is.
Still 2 more weeks before the next paycheck arrives. We will see what the status of the market is at that moment!

ps: are you planning on writing a new post on scorum soon?


I will when basketball season starts. Until then I just upvoting. I have upvoted almost all your posts, really great to see how you are becoming Scorum Whale :-)


I know that's why I do want to return the favor!
Eagerly waiting on your posts, cause you could rock there!
Still strange to be big on one platform and small on the other. I do constantly have to change my mind set!
Next time if you do upvote, leave a small comment. That will get you faster ahead!


My problem with writing on Scorum is that I am all day into sport and I want some gateway into something else at my free time. I love more to write and read about something else than sport but that doesn't mean that occasionally I will not write on Scorum. I think that Scorum has nice future if they implement nice betting options...


That betting exchange could really be a booster for the SCR price!
I can understand that it is hard to find motivation to write about sports after a complete day of sports!
Then just comment on my posts and you will be rewarded :)


👍 😃

Buy ETP guys. This coin has SO much potential 😊wonderful Crypto -News my friend cicbar ❤
Excellent reporting! Thank you for giving us the truth. Great work!
I love your post! God bless your work...Thank you, Very informative ❤😊❤

I think that ETH is bleeding due to Vitalik's opinion lately. He seems too pessimistic and against anything, but I believe ETH will recover in the months to come and will still be on the second place. Regarding performance in the crypto space I am happy to see Dogecoin flying.
You got my thinking with EOS though. I am studying its price for about two weeks now to see how it reacts to cryptos waves.


EOS is holding better than other alts latelly. Price is very low and I am accumulating as much as I can. There are many interesting DApps that are actually working, not like on ETH where are just promises for now.

Is Metaverse what people are calling the new Neo?


Didn't heard but probably. Founder of ETP is Eric Gu and he was co-founder of NEO.

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