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After last year's Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins rise, more and more people are interested at crypto investing. This market drop is very useful for many things, as I have wrote in my previous articles. One of useful things from this drop is that new people who are coming into crypto market are not here because price is rising, they are here because they see potential of the technology.

Many people last year invest in crypto with expectation that BTC will go to the moon and they will be millionaires very quick. Having hopes is nice, I am also invested in crypto with expectation that my investment will pay of, but problem is that many of those people don't even know what is Bitcoin and why it is used for. Same thing is with Altcoins. If you ask them what is difference between Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Iota or Dogecoin, they don't know.

Because of that, I think that is very important that you do some research about Crypto and then you should decide is it worth to put some money into it. I will try to simplify things for newcomers at Crypto world.

For me there is only TWO large GROUPS of Cryptos.

  • FIRST group is crypto money.


Crypto money is group of Cryptos that wanna serve as money. Some of them are private, some of them not, but their basic intention is to serve as money. Money can be used for payments or as a store of value and these cryptos have same intention.

There is many Cryptos with this intention and I will not list all of them, some of them are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • Iota
  • Nano
  • Zcash
  • SmartCash
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Verge

There is many more coins with same intention.

SECOND group are crypto platforms.


Crypto platforms is a group of cryptos that have intention to serve as a platform for development of many different things. Most platforms are used for development of many different DApps (Decentralized applications) with different purpose and some of them are used as platforms for connecting banks, payment systems, businesses, data and people. Only few of these platforms are fully functional, most of them are in development stage. Some of them still don't have functional main net.

There is many platforms out there and some of them are:

  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • NEO
  • Ripple
  • Cardano
  • Stellar
  • NEM
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Qtum
  • Ontology

It is not easy to choose where to invest and to correctly guess which project will be successful.

I am following few rules when I am investing in crypto.


Old postulate says: "Don't put all eggs in one basket". If you put all eggs at one basket and drop that basket, you will crash all eggs. So don't invest all money at one crypto. I can't say that I am highly diversified. Usually I have between ten and fifteen different cryptos.
Why that number?

Because of the second rule.

Second rule is GET INFORMED

Getting informed for more than that number of Cryptos is very difficult for me because investing in Cryptos is just one part of my life and I don't have time for more than that. I think that following all news about Cryptos that you have is one of crucial things. First of all you have to analyze does some project have current or future important use case. Many projects have many promises and you have to analyze how realistic these promises are. There are many scams in crypto world, same like in real world so you need to be careful. Last year Bitconnect scammed many people, and if you had analyzed how realistic was their promise of around 1% daily return, you would never invest there because even at crypto it is not possible.


Many people listen opinions of many advisers and invest in projects because of their opinions or according to TA. My opinion is that you should do your own research and invest only in projects that you like. I have invested in SmartCash dough it is not even at top 100 on Coinmarketcap with low volume and only on few exchanges. I like project and when you like project it is much easier to HODL when bad days are there. My friend @fullcoverbetting is HODLing his KCS dough I don't see any sense for that :-) but I respect that.

Forth rule is NEVER INVEST SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY in all holdings that you have

Doug I like SmartCash I didn't invest same amount of money in SmartCash and Bitcoin, EOS or NEO. I had article about SWAN Cryptocurrencies:

You need to analyze how risky your project is and you can't invest same amount of money in risky projects and safer ones.

How to decide which is safe and which is risky?

First of all analyze project, how real it is and does it have or will have important use case.
Second, analyze team behind project. Some crypto Superstars like Dan Larimer or Charles Hoskinson, already made some successful project and made lot of money out of it so they wouldn't risk their reputation to scam people with fake promises.
Then analyze time frame for roadmap. Time runs much faster at crypto world and many things can change in one year. If your project doesn't develop fast enough, it will fail.
After that, you need to see market cap and daily volume because Cryptos with lower volume are much more volatile. High market cap without high daily volume doesn't mean lot because if I make Crypto with 1 Trillion coins and sell 1 coin to someone for 1 dollar then this Crypto will have 1 trillion market cap.


This is crucial rule for me for all investments that I have made in my life, not just in crypto.
If you have invested borrowed money or too much money than you gonna be nervous and you will act according to emotions. With emotions, you can't make smart decisions and you will make mistakes. Sometimes people are GREEDY and because of that, they invest huge amount of money. GREED is bad thing in any aspect of life.

I am following these rules in all investments in my life and dough I had some more and some less successful investments, I can't say that I had some huge fails.

If you have your rules I would like to know about them. I am learning all my life and you should never be closed for new ideas.

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invest on utility token , or what you call it a basic needs in stock market, invest in water and electricity, the same as invest in utility token like ether, eos or neo.

Cool information :-)

good advice!

Exactly everything I thought of as I progress in the world of crypto trading. What I found difficult to grasp is the technologies that comes with crypto. I find it quite challenging to understand why certain cryptos can go up in price one day and fall back another much more often than financial investments in banks.

There is not much regulation on crypto trading and thererfore everyone needs to be vigilant if they are investing in crypto. Big rewards comes with big risks. Nothing good comes easy. Hopefully we all who invested in our cryptos will reap in the rewards in the future. It seems like a sound investment but people definitely need to do their homework before investing. Thanks.


The first group is good for hold but not trading

Great post. Thank you so much

These rules are the absolute basics anyone investing should follow.

6th rule - Don't buy on hype or fear of missing out :-)

Great post

Agree on 6th rule :-) Thanks.

I completely agree with your points. Most people have bought in having seen btc go up and expect to make huge money. Most don’t know anything about crypto.

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That is the like the complete truth to crypto investing. Another factor to consider in crypto is liquidity-how many places can you use the crypto. One my factors that i also look for is a good community. If a community is only after the price then i am moving away.....
Also bitcoin is working on smart and just saw its scaling plan and it looks amazing. Bitcoin liquidity and infite scaling is cool. is better than eth but is it better than eos. IDK
I'll make a post on rsk scaling soon :)

You are right about crypto use possibility and community. One of the reason I have invested in SmartCash is great community. Thanks for sharing :-)

Looks like bitcoin has found a support, maybe we will go higher from here

Awesome guide here. All of these rules are super important. I find number three especially important. I only invest based on my own research and my own ideas. There are so many people on youtube and other platforms promote bad coins. It is always important to do your own research, and formulate your own opinions. It seems crazy to me that tons of people just blindly follow investing advice!

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Cannot agree more on this, perfect article.
My current bets are on the following coins:
1. Steem: Why Steem you would ask, Steem is a dapp blockchain that can win the whole social media, we all know that social media is expanding like crazy and with decentralized apps like Steemit (replace Reddit), DTube (replace YouTube), DMania (replace 9 GAG) shall I continue? I think it's enough, I have studied this coin movement a lot and I think it will go to places. Plus, Steem is fastest and its far more used than any other crypto coin, besides that, it's without transfer fee.
2. BitShares: why Bitshares. Well BTS is the Bitshares/OpenLedger main coin for charging a transfer fee and if you take at Waves exchange market you can see that Waves coin went up to 14$, the same goes with Binance coin etc. I know that BTS is worth around 14c atm but the Bitshares exchange market grows faster and the most important thing is that is DEX and on long run DEX will always win, I think BitShares will be among the top 3 exchange markets.

Those two are my winners atm, I don't invest in a lot of coins I just invest in the coins that I know about and I trust. So IMO I think those two are gonna be worth a lot in the next 5-10 years, I'll keep them.
Ofc, I am not a financial advisor, I do not advise you to invest in those two coins, I just wanted to share my point of view about my golden coins :)

Sad vidim da si iz Srbije, lepo je video balkance ovde, veliki pozdrav! :)

Hvala. Imam i ja i Steem i BTS, obožavam oba projekta i mislim da su jako potcenjeni. Mislim da će za oba tokena najveći problem biti EOS. Dan je rekao da će na EOSu napraviti bolji Steem 2.0 i novi DEX. Ako to stvarno uradi, usporiće mnogo razvoj STEEMa i BITSHARESa. Poadrav :-)

Thanks for sharing ... very helpful for me .. will follow these rules ..

Buy low sell high

I really learnt a lot from this post. It is very explanatory. These rules are very good and helpful. I will always remember never to invest in a project because my friends are rushing into it. I have to like it and be ready to part with the money i can afford to lose. Thank you so much

You should already know your exit points before you enter a trade. Enter a trade based on a strategy you personally understand. If you are rushing into a trade, 9/10 you are already too late...

crypto10commandments odt   Google Docs.png

I loved this post! the first article which clearly separated coins and platforms. I would be very thankful if you explain how fundamentally a platform can be successful or fail.
this is what I believe people lack in their crypto knowledge yet.

I think the future of cryptocurrency is bundled to the use of platforms not the people's enthusiast in speculating the currencies.

thanks for the great content.

As long as blockchain technology or let's just say "technology" exist, crypto will exist too or it's the new age of tech. Skeptics may not be ready to accept it but they know it their hearts.

Very few make the research that you are talking about and sometimes when they do that all they think about is watch some youtube videos. That's how it happened with bitconnect. I am some kind part of them because almost every time I invested by instinct and that's not recommended. The problem was that I sold to soon. Patience is what I need. I will give you an example: at the beginning of December I bought some XRP and kept it for a week. After that I sold it because I saw the price was sitting between 20-22 cents while other cryptos where some kind of mooning. Not long after I sold it XRP mooned also so I learned to have patience. My guess is that in 5-10 years a lot of the altcoins would be history while the big ones would have made an entrance in the real life as real currencies used for usual purchases. For the moment my country is far away from this kind of situation so I am oriented more in earning profits from trading them that's why I choose the ones that are very often in the news. Even dogecoin has a chance of survive without the updates everyone waits. Simply because its community is strong and it has a lot of hodlers and support. Long story short I will follow your advice and do more of research about some cryptos since I am talking about them almost everyday.

Never regret if you have sold too early. If you made some profit, great, if you have sold at loss, learn from that and ask yourself why you have bought it if you can't hold when price drops. You can't change history and if you sold early, there must be some reason for that.

Every step mentioned here is REALLY important. As an early adopter we must be careful to deal with cryptocurrency. Lot of people here to make money overnight and some people are here to loot money from other.
So step by step learning analysis and investment should be way.

Diversification is HUGE, man. Resteemed.

Sound advices, @cicbar, well done.

И знаш већ… волео бих да видим овај текст и на српском :)

Hvala 😁

ННЧ :)

@cicbar, ты можешь понимать мой русский? Ty mozhesh ponimat' moi russkiy?

Serbian and Russian language has some similar words but it is hard for me to understand completely. I can assume meaning of some words...

I'd also look for coins that have communities. The bigger the community the more likely that the coin will succeed. I'm pretty sure that the only reason Doge still exists is because of it's community.


Thank you for valuable staff and interesting article. It is always good to see when people apply efforts to what they do and this is surely must be rewarded!

Excellent write up. Also one thing most important for me is user adoption. I have been involved in building traditional brick and mortar businesses before getting involved in cryptocurrencies. Having analytics for user adoption can be one of the most valuable pieces of data to have to measure the health of a product or service.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think you made a writing mistake at some point about the market cap.

( if I make 1 Trillion of some coins and sell 1 coin to someone for 1 dollar then this coin will have 1 trillion market cap.)

that means that the market cap is 1 dollar, not a trillion

But good investing skills. research is very important

If 1 coin is worth 1 dollar then 1 Trillion coins are worth 1 Trillion dollars.

if its worth 1 dollar yes, but not if only one coin is sold to someone for 1 dollar....its probably some misunderstanding in your content, the way you wrote it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Im economics the last price highest paid kinda dictates the price for the whole coin. Yes it not the best that is why many people are calling for ways to make marketcaps better. Liquidity should be taken in account in ranking along with the last price. That way the flaw of last price is some what covered.

Thank you for this meaningfull post.I am totally agree with all the rules you have mentioned...But a new starter must consider your fifth rule as the main rule. This one is so important that not only the new starters but also experienced people can ignore other rules... I consider the fifth one as the only 100% trustable one in this volatile market.

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This is a great and informative post about crypto and investing, no doubt! I appreciate the explanation between crypto-money and crypto-platforms. I've been playing the crypto game for a while now and I continue to learn more and more from other like-minded individuals. On that note; I'm going over to Binance and continue to diversify my portfolio! I've also been using the Abra App to take some of my cryptos out of the exchange and it's been so easy and helpful. -Respect

I'm new to the cryptoworld so any guides are always very much appreciated. A lot of this is common sense but I can see how people could get caught up in the FOMO of it all and invest beyond their means. I like the advice to only invest in a projects you believe in. Follow this advise and you will inevitably research it yourself rather that going on other people's hunches.

These guidelines really cover everything to consider when investing... all too often we only learn things the hard way good option might be to start with minimal amounts, to get a feeling for the market and the coin, as being invested already sharpens ones senses!

There is a quote that says "If you know what are doing in market(what are you buying or selling) really, then market will reward you. If you don't know what are really doing then market will throw you out sooner or later".

Nice. Covers the basics. And it’s easy to not follow the basics... I do find the temptation to hold mostly bitcoin hard to resist.
But I try to be diverse. Glad to see you mentioned verge and cardano 😬

Nice content! Great tips. Check out my blog!

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If ethereum will be quick to adapt with the prof of stake, it will manage to beat the competition (EOS, CARDANO, NEO), otherwise it is destined to go out.

Your post reveals the reality on the 'grounds' in the world of crypto. What crypto platforms will you recommend for beginners?

I like NEO and EOS but I am not adviser, you should do your own research...

Very good summary. Should be required reading for anyone new to crypto trading. Especially Rule Number 5.

I would like to highlight the value of the TEAM when selecting the right crypto project. At the end, most of the projects are "under construction", and you have to trust them to make it real.

I am writing an article with my investing guide. I hope to finish it during next week, to share with you and with the community. As you said, this is mainly about keeping on learning.

Super solid across the board. I see so many tips and guides that treat all coins the same. There is a big difference between currency, platform, utility and niche case tokens.

One might think they are diversifying by investing in multiple projects, but if they are all in the same category the investment is more of a scattered hedge than a diversified play.

This has been helpful, especially for me who is just starting to learn about crypto and all that it's involved with. Well done #cryptolearner


  1. Buy when there is negativity in the market
  2. Sell when you see traders and investors buy things that are useless and showoff on youtube videos
  3. If you donot know what to buy, buy the top 5-10
  4. Never argue, just listen, and trust me on this one, instincts do work. So follow them.

Feel so enlightened more now than ever. Thanks @cicbar

The second group is special to trading

your articles are always worth reading, but this one is pick of the bunch. It is especially useful and handy for those who intend to invest in crypto. Thanks for sharing!



thank you for a kind information....thank you so much...keep it up carry on your activity best of luck try something new....

I was surprised when the value of bitcoin was so high in last year but everything has it's limitation.Thank you for your advices.

Just like everyone bought we would never move to credit card and plastic. People believe we aren’t moving to tokens. The movement is happening, the reasons and applications that we don’t fully understand yet WILL COME.

Great article .. I just love it ..
Thanks @cicbar for sharing..
Crypto is just love

Very educative and informative. This post really good for the newbies of the cryptoworld. It isn't even limited to the cryptobusiness because these same rules are applicable in our everyday life.
Thanks @cicbar

You can also please follow my posts on @salajacklyn ...really counting on you @cicbar

Great little guide, we believe in #ETH #ETC #LTC #DCR #SC

There are some companies where you can buy coins directly from miners like ours. We give 5% Bonus for every purchase, I've seen 10% one time on asian website, but my point is - if you thinking about serious investment, good offer, good choice of the service can give you extra security and lower the risks. Let say you brought ETH and switch it to coin X for daily trading. Now you can set up automatic sell order 5% lower and even if the price will go down and it will be executed, you won't loose any money. That's big advantege for trader.

You should also always watch on hidden fees. Something so simple as buying BTC for cash and sending it to the exchange can cost you well over 3% now days.


Great article, I've smashed the upvote button for you!

More articles like this need to surface, crypto only gets it's true value through mass adoption.

If you are looking to get hold of some crypto without investing or mining, look into They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

Great post. thanks for sharing. Some really good advice.
EOS and Cardano are the two coins in your list i've invested in.

The two I am really interested in though is Crycash and Viberate because they are related to two of my main hobbies, Gaming and Music. Profit is just a bonus for me with these coins as i'm more interested in what they will do in the future. Viberate will be a revolution to live music.

thanks @cicbar, at least your post adds my insight to more how we take a stand if you want to invest our own coin. How to look at the opportunities of some projects or analyze which markets are our target in investing. Helpful insights...
I will always follow your next posts about crypto.

@sanne you can Pls follow my posts on @salajacklyn. Thanks

Thank you very good list,

What is about Steem?
I invest in
I hope it is ok.
Greetings From Berlin.

Steem is platform also. Many DApps are already made on Steem.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This post is very great and useful post. Some people lost so much money because they don't know properly about it. A useful guide is like you are very important. Great blog. Thank you @cicbar for sharing this valuable post with us.

We need this kind of investor education in crypto. A lot of people get REKT coz they dont invest right and so this is a great break down of what DYOR actually meals

great insight however, what is your take on POS coins? I believe so much in staking coins as another viable investment move.

I like passive income 😁

Good Guide, however I disagree with the 10-15 crytos.
As a newbie started investing cryto since nov 2017, I had my time of diversified into roughly 15 crytos, and i have spent lots of time into studying and analysing each coin. however i found myself totally lost track of which coin to buy/sell at the right time. For any unexperienced investors, i truly recommend to stick with 5-8 coins only. Try to understand the "type" of your coin as well, and try not to have all coins into the same "type". otherwise it is not really diversifying your portfolio. Just my opinion and hopefully can help anyone just started cryto.

Treat cryptos as one of the investment instruments in your portfolio. This is the key...

"Never invest money that you can't afford to lose" is the best mantra in crypto. The market simply doesn't care if you're down and out.

I like how you distinguish different cryptocurrency. It will help people know what projects and currency they should invest and not think every currency is same. Thanks for a wonderful investment guide!

i choose my way, i believe blockchain is the future . Someone became shark on this time but it no longer until everyone participate with crypto-wallet

Nice guide to all the new users about crypto investing .. thanks for the post ... Resteemed....

Many of the new investors buy coins with an intention to become millionaire overnight. They depend on rumors. This is very helpful guide for them. Thanks for sharing such important information.


Sixth RULE - don't fight the trend. Don't try to catch a falling knife.

Be patient. Prices are falling. No one knows for sure when the fall will stop. I predict it is 40% lower.

But in any case, no need to put more money into cryptos at risk, until there is some certainty that the knife has stopped falling.

Maybe you are right but for me is OK if falling knife is good project. I like postulate of Warren Buffet: "Better buy good stock at bad price than bad stock at good price". If you can really find bottom and buy when trend is reversed, great for you.
Thanks for sharing

If you are really buying something with long term value that is going to increase significantly in price, why buy on the way down? You can wait until the bottom is clear. And wait until it starts to inch back up. And you can buy then.

Your point is DONT count on buying at the bottom. I 100% AGREE.

But that doesn't mean you should try to catching a falling knife. Wait until it hits the floor. And then wait some more until it starts on the way up.

And buy then.

Very poor judgement to imagine you can catching the falling knife at a useful place

I would add always watch the market, I guess this comes under staying informed. It can come down to as simple as, is the bull run just beginning or are you near the end of one? Which can be speculated on by looking at the market.

Oh! You wrote a very informative article.i don’t know about cryptocurrency before.But now i saw your article,it was fantastic to was clear word to word.very easy to read.infact i am from Pakistan and admit that we are poor people in English but your article about cryptocurrency was very simple to read..i appreciate your work..
Thank you.

We needs to group coins into indexes similar to what you’ve started here. It would make understanding the market much simpler and assist investors with building diversified portfolios.

I love your post. Its well informative!!! I don't really have a wide idea about crytocurrencies at all so its very helpful for me. :)


It is good to have this type of information to learn about the cryptocurrency, it is a very world with changes and complications, regards


I liked very much the post, very easy to read and understand what you are saying

Thanks for the quick guide. Things learnt, never invest equal amount of money in crypto portfolio and you must have interest in their project before you invest in them. Thanks for the info

Very good and informative post again @cicbar, thank you.

In the discussion I get confused about the term "utility token". On Coindesk I read this:

On February 19, Wyoming's House of Representatives became the world's first elected body to exempt certain blockchain-based tokens from money transmission and securities laws, provided they have a clearly defined "utility" and are not marketed as investments.

This confuses me even more :-( So BAT is a utility token, even if I don't use the Brave browser (I do use the Brave browser, but I don't have BAT, what does that make me :-)), and only buy BAT in the hope the price rises? I'm confused... please help.

Thanks again for a very good article. Upvoted, resteemed.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

One important thing I learned after being involved in this space is to take profits and cut your losses. HODLing is quite a bad strategy, but when your portfolio is down 75% because you didn't take profits and cut your losses, there's nothing else you can do...

You are absolutely right means, in my opinion most of the people entered into the Cryptocurrency market after the hype of Bitcoin and everybody thought that it is easy to earn but they even don't know what are Cryptocurrencies and this lack knowledge will not impact in the up-trending time but once market start to fall or move towards the downtrend then people start cursing because then they start facing the losses, so prior knowledge is really important and if you don't understand then you should think 10 times before investing because otherwise you can lose your money. And these categorization of Crypto Money and Crypto Platforms are really informative inputs and in my opinion people can get an proper idea as how to read the things while entering into something. Thanks for sharing and keep doing the great work. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Good article. I follow 1 basic rule above all others, I only invest in coins I understand. Warren Buffet made a similar statement years ago. This means know the team, tech and problem it solves. If you don't fully understand it, don't buy it.

Wow! I never knew this much, thanks for sharing.

Great article @cicbar. When I was reading the chapter in which I was mentioned, I knew what was going to come :)
I do think that you are missing some type of crypto. Lots of cryptos and their blockchain are designed to support one type of business. Take for instance medical, transport, social media and so on blockchains. Or do you consider these to group one of the money part, cause, in my opinion this would be wrong. But I will admit that you have so much more knowledge about this world then I do!
But it is a great guideline, we all should follow!

For me platforms that have use cases like you have mentioned are all in the same group. Point is that their goal is not to serve as money and use cases will be very different because smart people with great ideas will be more and more involved in crypto world. This is just beginning and I think that potential is limitless.
I have suggested Golf niche at Narrative. Prepare to be moderator if I win auction :-)

I'm looking at the Masters now (one of the four biggest golf tournament in the world), so I am prepared!
The potential indeed is limitless! What do you think about blockchains without a crypto? I do believe that these would be ideal for governments!
Will read the answer tomorrow. Going to bed now, had to destruct a wall today and will also have to do that tomorrow :( Need to keep the wife happy :)

Let me know if you want me to write a post about narrative!

When Narrative network start working we can analyze it and write something about it. Until then there are just promises and we need to wait for them to become fulfilled...


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'll join in as well :)
After all i am mod the bitcoin niche.

Really looking forward to it, stillI do need to read the whitepaper buif @cicbar believes in it. It could be a hidden gem!

The whitepaper is pretty cool but will need a lot of work to pull it off.

The fifth rule is my number 1 rule. Never invest what you can't afford to lose. Not only with cryptos, but with pretty everything else. It's important that you don't allow greed to cloud your judgement.

Thanks for breaking crypto down into an understandable format – two kind of cryptos – money and platform. Also firm believer in your 5th rule: "Never invest money that you can't afford to lose."


When you said Ontology dont forget POA....

are you a financial adviser?

No. I am investor. Never listen advisors, always do your own research 😁

just wondered normally on these things there is a disclaimer. yes i always do my own homework lol

So many coins doing the same thing crazy!

I miss Bitshares and Steem...

Decent post. It is the wild, wild west

most people invest in low $ tokens or coins human nature i quess

Hello @cicbar, asweme content! Very much helpful info. Carry on like this good works:)

Great article! Thank you

Good post, I believe that the bitcoin world has a lot of future, due to the scarce resources to manufacture physical money and the convenience of using technologies to pay for anything.

Great guide!

Please please do an upvote, please, brother, please give me an upvote post

Don't beg for upvote. One upvote means nothing. Better write some nice post or comment to get upvotes. If you can't do that than just upvote content that you like and get curation reward.

thank you for this. i need this to remind me.

Helpful information. Thanks.

Never invest to one coin with all of money! Always spread your investment to 3-10 different coins.