Why (and how) you should probably be buying GAS(aka Antcoins aka NeoGas aka NeoCoins) instead of NEO(aka Antshares)

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As everyone has probably noticed NEO (previously Antshares, cmc link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/neo/) had a pretty good run the whole last week beginning at 250k satoshis at the 1st of August and hitting a top of 670k sats today, which is a new ATH. All this in light of the rebranding of the Antshares blockchain to NEO. Most of you also know that there's another coin on the same blockchain called GAS(previously knows as Antcoins/ANC, cmc link:https://coinmarketcap.com/assets/gas/). What most of you don't really know is the significance and use of GAS.

So what's the deal with GAS?

As you can read on the NEO whitepaper http://docs.neo.org/en-us/white-paper.html#economic-model, NEO (the most known coin) only represents shares on the blockchain, they are not an actual coin. GAS is the actual coin on the blockchain that will be use to fund ICOs and the like. 

Why do you think GAS is a way better buy than NEO right now?
  1. NEO/Antshares will mostly be used to create GAS but there's a catch: For every 1000 NEO(that'd cost you 18000$ right now!) you will stake you will be earning 0.4608 GAS/day (about 3.5$ a day) and that's only for a year, the second year you'll be earning 0.4032 GAS/day, the third 0.3456 and so on until the 8th year when you'll be earning 0.0576 GAS/day with those 1000 NEO (read more about this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Antshares/comments/6j2zw5/everything_you_need_to_know_antshares_vs_antcoins/).
    This makes GAS way more scarce(especially the first year) than NEO and pretty costly to create. This drives demand up.
  2. As you can read here https://coinmarketcap.com/assets/gas/#markets, you can only buy GAS on 3 small chinese exchanges. 2 of them are strictly chinese and 1 of them (binance.com) is international. On top of that, binance opened GAS trading just 17 hours ago! That made GAS hard to get until 17 hours ago, even for the people who knew how valuable it is. Even now, most people haven't noticed that you can actually buy it on binance which can be used by everyone regardless of where they live. Also consider what will happen to it's price when it hit a major exchange.
  3. Most people have no idea that GAS is the actual currency that will be used on the blockchain AND NOT NEO! So they keep buying NEO driving the price crazy high, ignoring the equally (or even more) important GAS. Currently NEO has 40 times the market cap of GAS. That's a huge gap for NEO to grow.

Alright. So how do I buy? 

As I stated above, you can only buy it on binance.com right now (if you are chinese you can also buy it from 19800 and yobtc). The site is pretty easy to use and it doesn't require you to do any sort of verification before you trade just make sure to change to language to english when you get in (top right corner on the site)


Where do you store the Gas after you purchase it? In binance? is it safe?

You can use the neo web wallet; https://neowallet.cn/ or search the link in the bitcointalk thread

You can withdraw it to your neo wallet. Binance looks safe though

Nice post but the exchange is down, doesn't email me a confirmation when i create an account. Anyone else?

exchange up and down all the time and the email can take up from 2 min to 30 min. Check the "history" section and see if ur withdraws were cancelled and try again.

Any idea why the GAS price fell by almost 30% today? Just standard fluctuation or some reason maybe? Especially since NEO shot up so much...

Im of the opinion that Neo people are definitely suppressing the price of GAS

Since you can stake a TINY amount of GAS by holding NEO, when the price of GAS is way higher than the price of NEO people start buying NEO while selling GAS. And the opposite. I believe their price "ratio" (for a lack of better word) will oscillate for a couple of years before it reaches an equilibrium.

Ok guys, I know there was a crash on GAS. It wasn't me dumping and neither was my post a shill.

What actually happened is that the Chinese bought some very cheap gas from yobtc and 19800 (which are mostly inaccessible for the non-chinese) and dumped it on binance. Now that the prices are the same on all 3 exchanges it's an EVEN BETTER BUY.

Also, the fact that NEO is dumping is irrelevant for the most part since GAS is way scarcer than NEO atm.

Good luck.

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I've generated SOME Neo coins(antcoins). But I had to cash out to pay some bills. I'm just now getting back into it but with the recent jump, it's hard. Knowing these are on exchanges now really changes things, just might buy a bunch lol.

So if you can only afford around 100 NEO it's better to buy a load of GAS really?

Yes, UNLESS you plan to hold them for many years which I doubt.

too late to buy..?

Seems like everyone already heard this and started buying GAS because the price started skyrocketing.

Some people had already thought of this before me and started buying but believe me they are just a tiny fraction of the number of people that actually believe in NEO.

Ok, I'm not understanding how GAS can be more valuable of a coin than the company/platform that creates it. I mean, I see how it could happen because it just happened, it surpassed NEO, but how is this not a huge, artificial pump? How would the long-term value of GAS be higher than it's 'father' coin? When GAS is used on NEO's blockchain to fund transactions and so on, it will be redistributed right? What am I missing? I was about the 6th trade placed on Binance and it tanked and sold 80% of my GAS because I thought .0023 was a reasonable number after looking at the ratio of NEO to GAS set forth by the developers. But I'm starting to see that that ratio is entirely unhelpful when projecting the value potential of GAS. I'm a bit befuddled. Anyone else? Lastly, if NEO share holders are able to vote on the price of GAS, couldn't that be a huge detriment to the value of GAS later on? I'm looking for long-term value, not a day trader here, but curious about the ins and outs of this interesting coin.

It's not an artificial pump, it was actually (for the most part) someone buying up all the supply for 2 days (it's a hyposesis but look at the chart, it can't be otherwise) but he didn't do it to pump it, he just knew how valuable GAS is. What's more important is that people didn't understand it's purpose until 24 hours or so ago. Then everyone rushed to jump in and this happened.

And it's not more expensive than NEO, marketcap-wise it's about 1/15th it's value because of the decreased supply (it's supply will grow but it will take some years before it's even close to NEO's).

Also, noone can vote on the value of a coin. It's value comes from the demand people create.

Great post. Thank you for taking the time. Would you happen to have any math that backs the fact that gas is undervalued?

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It's the CAPTCHA - it's not working! No CAPTCHA appears, so I can't type anything in and it won't let me register. I even tried it in Chinese.

Hey, I finally got it work. But now GAS is selling for way more than NEO.

Yeah wait a little bit before jumping in.

Looks like it's already lost some "gas" so maybe it'll swing back around into orbit again. Thanks for the info.

If anyone has problems with registering on binance, try to use a different browser. Many people told me this did the trick.

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My friend, a kind reminder here.
#cn tag is stand for chinese.
However, no chinese was detected in this article.
Please use wisely for your tag,thank you.

But I'm talking about a Chinese product in which a big portion of investors are Chinese people.


@christpunk lets talk about this piece of new information . What are your initial thoughts on it ? I am also owner of Gas coins ,but i want to look at it critically

Im essentially a newbie but there's some sort of inverse relationships between the price of NEO and GAS.

I moved BTC to Binary and I cannot buy GAS because there is too much congestion with BTC.

I transferred BTC to Binance and am unable to purchase GAS because the BTC network is congested. Can I buy GAS with Ether?

With it reaching an ATH, is it still advisable to buy GAS and/or NEO?

Good points in this article. I was about to post a similair thread. The decision to buy a coin should be based on real analysis of the coin. I found that people keep buying coins without have any knowledge of them. This is considered high risk. Do you know this interesting site? https://www.coincheckup.com This site lets you check investment stats, And does a complete background analysis for every single coin. That's tradable on the market.

Why isn't Binance letting me register?? I fill out email, password, confirm password, then there's a blank field that I can't write in and the "Register" button is all greyed out and I can't click it. Do I have to use VPN? Where do you have to be to be allowed to register?

Someone please help!