Ripple - xRapid vs xCurrent

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There is a lot of misunderstanding about how #Ripple works and the difference between #xCurrent and #xRapid. What seems people have confused is the Technology and the Currency and how they interact with the products Ripple has available, xCurrent and xRapid.

CEO, Brad Garlinghouse

  1. @ 3:24 Brad explains the difference between xCurrent and xRapid.
    xCurrent - Solving the messaging and settlement process which exists in financial system. Enabling real time settlement and real time messaging between institutions.
  2. If you go to 4:09 on the video and Brand explains Xrapid XRP is used to solve a liquidity problem. XRP is used to settle Fiat.

You really can't get anymore clear than this.

Ripple has on boarded numerous banks and cross boarder transaction companies from all over the world. A few listed here are...

  1. Western Union -
  2. MoneyGram -
  3. Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) -
  4. UAE Exchange -
  5. LianLian -
  6. MercuryFX and IDT -
    and various other exchange and outlets.

Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and is Ripple the same as BTC or what is the difference?

Bitcoin and Ripple are vastly different. Bitcoin, is your gold standard asset in the crypto world. Used as currency and asset building. Ripple on the other hand, uses technology (2 products xRapid and xCurrent) to help banks and companies with cross board transactions. ie send USD to YEN, XRP is the currency used to settle liquidity between banks in xRapid. xCurrent is used for messaging between institutions, to verify banking information so settlements happen in minutes and not days, which is currently used. Hope that helps.

But who owns most of Ripple?

Current circulating supply is 39 Bil XRP and total supply is 99 Bil XRP. Billions are left in escrow to solve for banks cross more liquidity problems. Would you like to expand more on the question in particular? has some of that info.

Some people feel that Ripple and Bitcoin Cash are scams. Now, I have Bitcoin (BTC) and I like it but I sometimes wonder when people cry. So, I sometimes try to see the differences. I like Steem and I like Litecoin too. I also really like Ethereum.

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