How To Earn Cryptocurrency With Your WordPress Site or Blog

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Cryptocurrencies have popularity has increased since the launch of Bitcoin just over ten years ago. While cryptocurrency may not be the most popular payment option among consumers, you should not discount it as an avenue for potential revenue streams. While detractors still sit on the sidelines, the early adopters who take the risk may be carving out a competitive advantage for themselves by endearing themselves to the passionate and tribal cryptocurrency community.

The words blockchain and cryptocurrency are often met with scepticism and seen as sophisticated tools to use, which is why I thought it would be a great idea to illustrate how it is possible to use cryptocurrency. To showcase how accessible this technology is to the general public, I thought it would be fitting to show my point using the worlds most popular website CMS, WordPress.


Accepting cryptocurrency payments

Naturally, the most obvious way of monetising would be to sell a physical or digital product for cryptocurrency and since there is no central authority on how to interact with various blockchains you have a variety of ways to do so. You can accept them manually by creating a wallet address and providing it to your users. Once the users' funds have cleared, you can then authorise the transaction in the backend. 

If you feel this is way too much trouble you can check out some plugins available. For more on cryptocurrency, plugins check out these posts by shoutmeloud & dizzain

Accepting cryptocurrency donations

Perhaps you do not sell goods or services, but you create content why not ask for donations and have your audience help fund your ideas and projects. You can easily download a wallet and start accepting contributions in a range of cryptocurrencies.

If you would like to see an example of a donation page or would like to donate cryptocurrency to nichemarket check out our donations page here

Publishing ads with cryptocurrency Ad networks

Banner Ad monetisation is as old as the internet itself, and for a good reason, it still works. Ad exchanges like Googles Adsense network have ruled the world of banner ads, but there are now cryptocurrency alternatives you can join. 

Popular cryptocurrency ad networks include:

For more cryptocurrency ad networks check out this post on adswikia

Just like traditional ad networks, you'll need to sign up, create an account and then install their ad tag snippets on places you would like ads to display on your site.

Protip! If you're running DFP now known as Google Ad Manager on your WordPress Site, you can quickly load multiple cryptocurrency ad networks to your site and have them compete with one another for your available ad slots.

Paywalls for premium content

Paywalls have been utilised all over the internet. They are somewhat popular in the online newspaper industry, where media companies give away a certain number of free articles before the customer has to start paying. For example, a reader might stop by your site, read ten articles then see a paywall, or blocking module, that restricts the person from reading any more blog posts.

<a href="" rel"nofollow"="" target="_blank">Bitwall provides the proper features you'll need for your Bitcoin paywall. Bitwall is giving you options for receiving micropayments from your users, especially if you'd like to configure memberships or payment plans for premium content on your WordPress website.

Author Rewards via Steemit

If you're a blogger, you may want to sign up to the cryptocurrency based social media and blogging site called Steemit. You can then connect your WordPress blog to your steemit account via a pretty nifty plugin called SteemPress. Once activated all your blog posts will automatically be posted onto the Steem blockchain and give the community access to your content and the ability to reward you for your contributions. 

Affiliate links

There are tons of cryptocurrency based affiliate programs available, and with a little research, you can find the ones that would suit your website and business model. To give you an example of the range of affiliate programs available I've selected some of the more popular projects available at the moment. 


Presearch is a collective and alternative search engine project built on cryptocurrency and designed to reward users for searching via the platform. Basically, you're getting paid every time you perform a search with them. For more on Presearch check out our review or sign up for Presearch here

Steemit &

Alternative social media sites are looking for users to join their platforms and sites like Steemit and Busy will reward users who recruit new members to their various platforms. When creating content encourages users to follow you on alternative social media platforms and get them to sign up. Each user you sign up will ensure you get rewarded for your efforts. 

Sign up for Steemit here or Sign up for busy here

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are by far the most popular cryptocurrency affiliate networks and thousands of cryptocurrency content creators or ambassadors use these programs to earn extra money. Encouraging your users to sign up and purchase cryptocurrency via these sites will get you a share of what they spend.

Exchanges with affiliate programs include:


In-browser crypto jacking uses JavaScript on a web page to mine for cryptocurrencies. When a user visits the webpage along with the page contents additional JavaScript runs while your browser is active. The mining script will then run on every website you visit and doesn&rsquo;t need to be installed. As the JavaScript code executes it is responsible for in-browser mining and uses your computer's resources to complete hashes for a mining pool.

You will need to allow for an opt-in to your crypto jacking program and inform users you offer this feature and how it works.

For more on crypto jacking check out our post - What Is Cryptojacking? Is it the future of monetisation

Augment your income

Cryptocurrency may be a small and fragmented market which is why those who opt to provide goods and services in exchange will make it easier to break through to new customers interested in using this technology. 

Providing users of various digital currencies the option of purchasing using their favourite cryptocurrency sets you apart from competitors and helps you win possible lifetime customers who will be sure share their experience with their relevant friends or bigger cryptocurrency community.

Tell us your story

Have you started monetising your site with the help of cryptocurrency? How has it helped you? Which plugins are you using? Are there any methods that you feel should be included on this list? 

Let me know in the comments.

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Very informative. Thank you for sharing.


Glad you enjoyed it and hope it helps give you an idea of what to do once you start your site