Understanding the Importance of Investments and Economic Stability - Advice - I Seriously Recommend You Make Extra Effort and Buy Steems Now...

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Hi, dear friends!

The predominant aspect of success and productivity is personal development that happens inside your mind.

But if you want to achieve success in the real world, you are going to need more than that. In fact, a great contributing factor to your success is about how you deal with your money.

In today’s blog post, I am going to ask you a few questions and I want you to really think about them.

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Most of you are employed, but many of you do not find the satisfaction that you need in the work you currently have.

Nevertheless, at the end of the month, you get paid a sum for your efforts.

Successful people understand that what they do with that money is really important, whereas unsuccessful people do not care about how they spend that money.

This is especially true if you are a bachelor and don’t have to worry too much about living costs and expenses.

People who want success, specifically financial success, understand the importance and value of investments, because they are looking for something greater than what they already possess.

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If you take a look at your life and your daily expenses, you will realize that you are spending money on things that are not really necessary for your well-being.

Yes, there is emotional satisfaction in taking care of your needs and desires. But at what cost? What are you losing in this equation?

The answer is simple: A chance to create a better future, both for yourself and for the people around you.

For instance, when you get paid this month, you could dedicate a portion of that sum to invest on cryptocurrency, or you could simply waste it on things you want.

The difference is in the immediate result; while spending your money on things you want will give you immediate satisfaction, saving and investing it will make you prosperous in the long run.

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Think about it in other terms. Imagine that you have an exam tomorrow.

You have two options; you can either study hard for your exam or indulge the craving of watching a film or playing a video game.

While the latter gives you much joy, it will also be a great source of regret later on. While the first option can be a bit exhausting and difficult, it will give you satisfaction for days to come.

The same is true about our expenses and financial strategy.

Spending money on things that are not essential can slow you down in the journey to truly achieve financial success.

In this equation, those who invest their money, be it an insignificant sum, are the winners in the game of economy!



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@bloggerkrunal thank you so much for your kind words and vote my friend! Success

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Greetings @chbartist

Warren Buffett says: We must design and implement strategies that allow turning things without use into money, and not money into things that are not used.

People who invest by diversifying their assets will have greater opportunities to conclude new negotiations.

One form of investment is training.

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I agree with @chbartist, people should invest in cryptos, especially in steem. As this is the time when the steem's price is hanging at the bottom and would soon skyrocket after the DAPPs start to roll and more people come here to try them.

Hello my friend @chbartist

You are completely correct..!!! Everything you said, I agree with you...!!!

Thanks a lot one more time for your great recommendations

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There are only four ways to make money. Employed, Self Employed, Big Business Owner, and Investors. Being an Employed is where majority of us fall and this majority think liabilities as investment. Liabilities such as cars, house, and etc.

I so agree! This is why (most) rich people I know lease their cars rather than buying them outright. Rather than forgoing a lump sum of cash for a car (which will depreciate AS SOON as you drive off with it), they are able to invest that lump sum of cash and only pay a minimal fee monthly for their lease.

The same can be said for purchasing a house vs renting, however the housing market typical tends to trend upwards, so it's less straightforward in this scenario.

There are loads of great YouTube videos out there on this sort of stuff for anyone that wants to do some more research on it!

So true! And I wish I would have really paid attention to my granddad’s habits at a younger age. He wore the same clothes for as long as I could remember, would run cars until they just died, etc. My mom would always call him cheap, But then when he passed and my aunt and my mom’s Inheritance was far more than what they expected. So now that I am older and have a much better understanding, I am about as cheap, although I spend a bit more than I should, and trying to teach my kids the same. I just pay bills, buy food and legal weed, and the rest is for crypto and precious metals!

yes you are right dear @chbartist

Thanks for following me @article.collector. I am following you back.

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I agree with you. now is the best time to invest

This was a good read.
I do believe this platform has a lot of potential. I also see this platform has a lot of shortcomings that is keeping it from mass adoption. So investing in to steem.. a bit of a gamble.. . personally I'm trying to post at least once or twice each day and convert all of the income to steem power, and bank on the long-term success of this platform.
I do agree with what you're saying that sometimes instead of watching a movie or playing a video game you should study for the test, I also believe that we should balance work and relaxation. because at the end of the day when where laying in our deathbed, very few people say I wish I worked more, right?
True happiness comes from investing into experiences not so much material things, however funds and money could open doors to more experiences for sure.

"Because at the end of the day when where laying in our deathbed, very few people say I wish I worked more, right?"

Great saying! - Only thing I'd say is that if you find something that you love doing, work won't feel like work!

I'm yet to find something like this and confined to the corporate 9 - 5 (or should I say 8 - 8) working world unfortunately (although I'm probably better off than a lot in the world so shouldn't complain), but hoping to start posting about the life lessons I've learnt here and hopefully that might get me one step closer to financial freedom, freeing me from the shackles of employment to truly help me do something that I love (whatever that may be!).

You are right, friend, the way in which one handles their money results in personal success, that is why I have been reading how money is handled and I have learned that it is important that money works for one instead of becoming a slave to it.

It is a way to liberate yourself for the continual stess of working 9 to 5 all your life!

Or more like 8 - 7/8 as is customary in the world of professional services! sigh

Hi @chbartist you always give us good content. Blog of today is very interesting and impaortant for me. I am a labourer and I do not find the satisfaction with my earning. But I'm happy that I'm paying attention to business.
Thanks for writing good blog. Good luck..........................................

Great advice buying in this dip will give huge profit. Thanks for nice suggestion.

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I have seen it practically in my life. i was one of those people who spend their money for immediate satisfaction. i did so for the last 10 years. However, 2 years ago a very great opportunity that needs only few amount of investment came in to my life and lost it totally because of my poor saving habits.I realized investment is all about saving.
Therefore, i want to advice specially the middle class people; if you don't save the money today, you will have noting to invest tomorrow and will remain a well decorated poor man.

Me I invest 1% of my income in crypto and stock for the future that money I'll never spend rest of my life

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Ready for investment

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Investment systematic for good future is must.
spending money corrunt time I think nessasry but saving smarty most for safe future .
Good advice.

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Definitely a yes for me.
I made a decision at the beginning of the year, to be using a specified amount out of my monthly wages to buy steem.
My goal being to raise my steempower to over 5000 this year.
Hence, increasing my passive income potential.

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Instead focusing on the money 💵 , focus on the craft, skills, dedication, mind and work. Know what to do and do what you known... Money will automagically follow you. 💵 Natural consequence. 🌟

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The wealthy acquire assets, the poor acquire liabilities.

May be one day in future 👍

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original_68315915.gif You know what I mean about price of Steem

Thanks for the information

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Thank you for your advice, but I should say more in which you can invest or multiply the money, More tips

I don't really think a reasonable person with a lot of cash will not think of investment. Investment always the best and I will always recommend it to Anybody

I was broke a year ago and when I got a new job I decided to ever be broke again.
Got 5 different Index funds + Crypto while having a saving account with 6 months living expensive, just in case ^^

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Thanks... this is true and very correct. investment like a planted seed needs time and patience. Success can be viewed like a planted seed that grows to be a tree.

Crypto is the only way to escape from the deep fiat slavery.

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@chbartist Heya again, You really made quality differences between those people who make money and who make wealth.. Making money is not that difficult but making wealth is quite difficult and takes time...
So let's all of us try to make wealth instead of money by saving some amount and investing it..
Thanks =) Will witness the vote as soon as I switch on my laptop but till now it was possible for me to upvote, comment and resteem which I did =) Keep it up =) Always like to read your stuff!!!

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Yes, make money work for you! The seed that we plant today, will be the tree that will provide for us tomorrow. We're all gonna make it 1 day :)

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Estoy muy de acuerdo contigo. gracias por tu post bendiciones

Voted for witness @chbartist - your post are quite detailed and helpful for many. As you said it must have taken quite a lot of effort and time. Good Luck👍🏼

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Thanks for the post.

I have no money to buy Steem but l join any kid of contest to earn Steem because I strongly believe I could help me someday. Thank you for your advices.

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I strongly agree with what you've said. This is crypto era so people needs to know crypto.

Thank you for sharing and creating your blog it's very informative.

It's the best moment to invest in crypto currency: it could be Steem or something else. Money should work for us, it's always better to invest.

Thanks... this is true and very correct. investment like a planted seed needs time and patience. Success can be viewed like a planted seed that grows to be a tree.

You tell them to buy steem but u are powering down?

Whats your opinion of this idea? It's about creating value . . .


I can see you have passion for gambling. I would like to recommend you a new site called MoonSTEEM (https://moonsteem.com), a provably fair crash game where you can multiply your STEEMs. There is also a possibility to earn special tokens by betting which are then used to redistribute earnings. I would be very pleased if you give this game a chance. ;)

I agree with You. We have to regularly invest in our future. Sad thing is the fact that we meet many obstacles on that way. It's hard to begin, our salaries not so great to give us big opportunities, credits and taxes are stealing most part of our earnings. But I hope sooner or later even small investment will bring us a chance to live our lifes the way we want.

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I agree. Growing flowers is great for a persons mental health. I grow flowers every morning so that they are ready by lunchtime. Flowers are very tasty.

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Hola!! Confio en steemit y en todo lo que planteas hago m esfuerzo por crecer y aprender especailmente aprender, es por ello que de lo poco invierto en steem. Recientemente vendi mi anillo de graduación y el dinero lo compre en steem.

Hello!! I trust in steemit and in everything what you pose I make an effort to grow and learn to learn specifically, that is why of the little I invest in steem. I recently sold my graduation ring and the money I bought in steem.

Hi! In my blog I make reviews of promising ICO projects I focus on the strengths of the company, competitiveness in the market, etc. Subscribe to my blog!

Steems have great potential as a long-term investment vehicle.

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As I was observing that you're trying to spread some positive vibes in this Steemit ocean.

Your post reminds me about my last post of "Money Talk with My Friend" about to improvise his financial literacy.

I would like to have your thoughts on my latest post of "Life begins out of the comfort zone".20190424_192842.jpg

smart investing

Interesting post. upvoted.

Tienes mucha razón con lo que describe y explicas en esta publicación...creo que las personas debemos cambiar nuestra mentalidad y poder contribuir en el crecimiento económico de uno mismo independientemente de acuerdo a la inversión.

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For many of us investing in crypto little at a time each pay day is really the only way we can get a growing crypto wallet. I have been doing this in recent months but I have been converting it to #steem, using it to power up and to promote posts so my coin wallet remains empty. I think I will start to leave a little back each time. A few months ago I left some in the coin wallet accidentally and then next time I checked I was surprised that the amount had increased quite considerably. That can be a nice surprise. Thanks for your advice.

New user here, loved your post, would love to know more about invest and what and where to invest. Happy blogging!

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A very good article worth reading. Saving and investing is ideal than frivolous spending that only serves a very short term gratification. Save and invest can pave the way for long term prosperity and happiness while preparing for the worst that can happen. Have a great day .

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