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RE: Will my coin moon? — pre-flight checks

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago (edited)

Vitalik is correct in saying a simple app token can be a risky bet.

I have never heard of William Mougayar, but his approach on evaluating tokens is spot on. I step through a similar process whenever i'm considering making an investment. I also love how you walked STEEM through Mougayar's tests! Its a real gem.

Specifically I feel like "The Right" or voting function is a big incentive to hold, in turn making the asset more valuable. Other valuable blockchains are using this same approach.

I've been enjoying your content. Keep publishing :) Looking forward to your next post!


Thanks for the feedback! Lookout for a post on OmiseGo vs SWIFT, the bank's remittances systems

That is one post I am thoroughly looking forward to, OmiseGo vs SWIFT

Right on, can't wait to hear what you have to say! :) Awhile back you asked what kind of content I'd like to see. I'm into pretty much everything crypto, and I've enjoyed everything thus far.

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