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There is an airdrop swooping the platform by Byteballs, the first-of-its-kind! If you have a Steem account and you can download a file and follow a few simple steps, you can earn some extra crypto for your portfolio.

This is a prime example of how valuable your Steem account is and how beneficial it's going to be to snap up these airdrops when they go live. Byteballs are breaking new ground and opening doors for many others here on the platform, prepare your wallets...

Do you have over 30 rep?


If so, you can download your wallet and link up your Steem account to claim your reward.

Steem reputation above 30, you will receive a $10 reward.
Steem reputation above 40, you will receive a $20 reward.
Steem reputation above 50, you will receive a $40 reward.
Steem reputation above 60, you will receive a $80 reward.
Steem reputation above 70, you will receive a $160 reward.

What are the steps?


1. Click here

2. Download the Byteball wallet for your system

3. Share your receiving address below in the comments so I can send you the Bytes for verification

4. Follow the steps on the post here to link your account and claim your reward

5. Spread the word! Get as many involved as you can


More tokens?

Have you claimed your free basic income tokens?

You are a human-being?

Click here to start receiving your income.


source - photo taken from grantcoin.org

As full disclosure, the hyperlink above is a referral link. You will receive 50% more tokens for the first 12 months when signing up through this link; I will receive more tokens too. Get yourself set up and feel free to use this banner as a format for the bottom of your posts.


I did it! I'm in and it was simple.

Crypto-fun! Jump Aboard!

Thanks for the heads up.

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