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RE: Steem vs USD. We are on our way to .85/USD! This could be the chance everyone has been waiting on to get some significant SP.

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Just a quick note:

The lower steem goes, the more tokens you are paid for every post you create, so this is the perfect time to create some great quality articles and then power up and wait for the market to find out what we already know.

More on this at:



that's actually not accurate.

the ratio of vested steem voting and new STEEM being issued stay unchanged. The dropping price even leads to less "debt" being issued as SBD-tokens (convertible to steem). So on the bottom line the dropping price under a broken SBD peg does actually reduce the monetary inflation.

on another note... I'd absolutely welcome a sub 1$ STEEM and an accordingly dropping SBD. Under those circumstances the network could finally implement a corrected pegging mechanism for SBD tokens giving this economy and exponentially greater tool to capture market share in the crypto-verse.

You are correct, but you are missing the point I was making.

When you are paid for your comment or post. 1/2 is SBD and 1/2 is in Steem (unless you choose 100%)

The 1/2 in steem is calculated at the current market price. As steem drops, you actually get more steem tokens.

You can play with the sliders on this calculator to see what I'm pointing out.
More on this at:

I very much agree with your point on the SBD peg. Not sure how well received it will be for many and the witnesses may not actually go forward with it, even though there is some support.

Really love all the feedback from someone with a lot of great insights. Thank you!

The 1/2 in steem is calculated at the current market price. As steem drops, you actually get more steem tokens.

That's exactly where your misconception lies - it's the SBD which are "converted" based on the STEEM-USD-pricefeed.

a 15k vested STEEM vote results in a total of 1SP rewards. If the 50/50 option is chosen the liquid reward payout (0.5SP) will be converted to SBD based on STEEM/USD rate and under the assumption of SBD being pegged to 1USD worth of steem.

It's the SBD payout that fluctuates - SP only fluctuates base on reward-pool-balance and RShares distribution

I actually wrote about all that in more depth concerning the liquid STEEM rewards that were briefly issued due to the dropping STEEM price and resulting loss in market cap.

OK, I will need to investigate this further. I have started to read your article.

Did you play with the sliders on the calculator? Are these not accurate?

they are fairly accurate... but the shown $-values (that's also displayed under posts) is calculated in the same way and also fluctuates based on the price-feed, thus it is equally inaccurate due to the "broken" peg.

OK, I'm going to do more digging, I really want to make sure I understand this fully. I am going to review the white paper and the code itself until I get a total grasp on the entire self balancing and payout algorithms.

Thank you again for your input, I really appreciate it. I'm only a few months on the platform, so I am learning plenty still.