Substratum (SUB) Hits $2!

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago


Wow! That's all I can say.

In a previous post, I predicted a $2 SUB token for the end of January. Now it's looking like I was a little bit too conservative because SUB/BTC just broke $2 on Binance!

Altcoins have been off the charts lately. The total crypto market cap is sitting at ~$770 billion, with a BTC dominance of 33.9%. Big money is flowing into altcoins at the moment. Perhaps BTC Futures trading has tamed the beast a little.

The $2 milestone is great, but I'm a little skeptical. The team has not released any new news about beta testing progress, and there is still no firm date for a V1 release. Thus, this does not seem like price discovery of an undervalued asset (just yet). To me, this just seems like a marketwide pump. Just check out TRX, ARN, and ELF. They were all pumped for seemingly no reason the past few days.

I'm still EXTREMELY bullish on SUB, but don't know if this $2 price will hold until the platform launch. I'm pretty conservative, so I won't be daytrading my position. If you're up for it, allocating a small percentage of your SUB for a swing trade isn't the worst idea at the moment.

Congratulations to everyone who got into SUB at $0.20 when I recommended it just a few weeks ago. That's a 10x return! If you're looking to get into SUB now, placing staggered buy orders from $1.75 to $1.95 wouldn't be a bad idea. My revised January price prediction for SUB is $6.50, assuming we'll have V1 in our hands by the end of the month.

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Seems like just yesterday I was looking at substratum at 1.00. I didn't buy, and pulled the trigger on QSP instead. Wish I would of bought both :)

And trading sub is possible...seems like there will be some volatility the next couple days.


It's not too late to get into SUB. Perhaps try putting in staggered buy orders between $1.75 and $1.95. I'm expecting a 3x increase leading up to V1 launch.


Yeah it's in my top ten for sure...I share similar concerns about execution...but for now in alt-coins, you just have to take a few risks, and some will pan out. Have you looked into QSP?


Yeah, I looked into it a while ago, but it seemed a little too speculative for my tastes. It's a great project, but a functional product is a long ways away.


actually, i think that WAS yesterday...