Substratum SUB Crosses $1 & Revised Price Prediction

in crypto •  10 months ago

Last night, SUB hit an all time high of $1.34. At the moment, price is settling in around $1.

In my initial price prediction post, I said SUB would hit $1.50 by the end of January following a successful beta launch and platform demonstration. I'm now revising that figure to $2.

I honestly didn't think price would go up this quickly. Normally, I would say it's unwarranted, but Substratum is different. Before this pump, SUB was heavily undervalued at ~$150 million.

To me, this pump to $1 is a combination of much needed price discovery and whales breaking the $1 psychological barrier for a quick pump to $5 after the platform is released. It could also be insider accumulation before a listing on Bittrex or a McAfee tweet.

Regardless, I don't consider this to be a pump and dump situation. At its current $250 million market cap, SUB is still undervalued compared to many projects with higher valuations. However, don't be surprised to see a retracement to ~$0.80 after this monster rise.

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Excellent insight!

If price will increase in such a manner then it will not be good for the webmasters who want to host their website on sub platform.

Let's see how many webmasters does it attract ???


Hosting price will be calculated based on market dynamics. A high SUB price doesn't mean high hosting costs.

My predictions are a bit high..
I'm expecting an ATH of $2.5-3..
Either way, SUB is going to be a winner at the end.

Substratum is still undervalued. Hope Dev will keep their promises and release the product in time and then people will see the true value. I'm long time holder and I will keep a 24/7 node.