Juggernaut Trading

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Juggernaut Trading

So you might be wondering what is this concept --- Juggernaut trading?

It is my very own trading concept. In which, you start with about 1% bags, and, your goal, is to execute many 1% trades, with short exits, say between 2-5% windows of volatility. Whenever you hit your exit, or entrance, instead of trimming your base amount, you carryover all your profits.

It's like a Juggernaut in the sense, that your 1% continues to grow. Obviously this method can only be experimented on coins with high levels of liquidity. I think that with persistence and enough volatility, the 1% bags can drastically grow. Imagine turning 1% into 2%?

That's a 100% gain!!!!

Something like that would probably take at least 2 weeks in a perfect market, or at least a month.

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Interesting concept! Thank you for sharing, upvoted :)
Check and follow us back - AITrading eco-system. We had a lot of updates last week.

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