How is the chart garbage? He is not questioning Haejin's own portfolio, simply creating a mock portfolio based on his advice that he publishes daily. It's fair and balanced.

He is obsessed with the guy. Dont waste your time.

He is clearly being sarcastic....

ohh yeeahh HiEngine is cryptogod!

@born2crypto I’m new here and I don’t know who @haejin is as I haven't looked much beyond a link reference above. Your comment says his secret sauce is what investments he has made? The secret sauce is not what the chartist holds, it’s what the chartist concludes as they draw lines at points of resistance. In short, when talking about Elliot Waves TA the secret sauce has to do 'wave placements' and 'laddering techniques' used by the chartist. If wave lines are hitting resistance points and support points it will mimic the chartist laddering technique. These are the key ingredients to what you are referring to as secret sauce.

The thing is that Elliot Waves Counting is too subjective. There is no clear statistic parameters do define the length of each count.

If you give the same graph to two Elliot Wave Analyst on separated rooms, each one Will come out with a different wave count.

I am fully aware of the subject nature. I am talking about the 'secret sauce.' EW is not rocket science if you know what you are looking at when applying the 3 hard rules and 3 guidelines of EW. EW can predict price direction with accuracy, but not speed of change or the duration of a wave. In my humble opinion, EW analysis is an art. For me, the most interesting thing about EW is that the concept is entirely independent of news.

Well, we can't know if he doesn't make his portfolio public right?