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Bitshoppy is an online store built for the Steem community and its now launching an amazing crypto-meme contest. All of you can win your a piece of the $500 prize pool.

Everyone is invited to join the contest and all you need is a Twitter account!

Taking part in the contest is very simple: Just send your crypto-meme to our email ([email protected]) indicating your twitter username and that's all, you are in!

How is the Crypto-Meme contest is organized?

The contest will start on September 1st. During 4 months we will select the best Crypto-Meme of each month, having a total of 4 winners (The Final Four) at the end of the contest. Each monthly contest is open to everyone, so every month is a new chance to win!

Our team will pick the Top 3 Crypto-Memes from all monthly participants and it will be shared in our official Twitter. Also, a public poll will be opened (48 hours) for the community to vote for the winner. The winners will receive a FREE T-shirt with the winning Crypto-Meme! The winner's T-shirt will be available for sale in the store!


There will also be a raffle between all the people that submitted their votes on twitter. At the end of each month, Bitshoppy will do a T-Shirts giveaway to thank our voters for their support. Winners will be announced on twitter as well.

So, it's free and we encourage you to send us your crypto memes or stay tuned to submit your votes!

And there is more...

Once the winner of December is announced, The Final Four will battle again for the final price. If the same person has won several months, the second most voted will pass to the final round.


  • Winner of 2019: $250 in Store Credit + Free Crypto-Meme T-Shirt
  • Second place: $150 in Store Credit + Free Crypto-Meme T-Shirt
  • Third place: $75 in Store Credit + Free Crypto-Meme T-Shirt
  • Forth place: $25 in Store Credit + Free Crypto-Meme T-Shirt

Bitshoppy's Promotion For The Steem Community!

Cover Graphic.jpg

We are really excited to get people involved and would like to thank you for your support, offering a one time discount for all Steemit readers! We give you $5 FREE in your first purchase.

To claim this discount, you have to introduce the code "STEEMIT5" during the checkout process and the discount will be automatically applied.

We strongly recommend following our Twitter account if you want to stay tuned about news and promotions, and don't forget to vote for your favorite crypto-meme!

About Bitshoppy

Bitshoppy was founded by a group of Steemit investors and our goal is to keep the Steem community engaged and bring value to the platform and coin. We believe in the power of Steem!

Visitors can navigate through our store and choose from a large variety of crypto merchandise. Check out our catalog!

Note that every other store purchase will be considered a contribution to the Steem community. When you buy a T-Shirt or any other product in the store, somebody else will earn one for FREE in our giveaways.


Official links

Online Store: Click to access
Twitter: Click to access
Facebook: Click to access
Instagram: Click to access

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i will join this

Bitshoppy was founded by a group of Steemit investors

And yet:

  • They can't grasp the difference between Steem and Steemit.
  • They are not reveling who's behind the project
  • They don't accept Steem / SBD.
  • And there's even no single Steem-related item in that shop.

Nice catch.

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bid bot abuse

@g2g pointed out they claim to be founded by a group of steem investors but
They can't grasp the difference between Steem and Steemit.
They are not reveling who's behind the project
They don't accept Steem / SBD.
And there's even no single Steem-related item in that shop.

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Every kind of shitcoin is accepted as a payment method, why not accept real crypto STEEM/SBD?



Why can't these advertisements be on the promoted page...

Front ends should have a spot on the top for these kinds of promotions. Make them pay a premium that helps.with development of the front end and reduces running costs.

Instead they basically pay nothing for the promotion, create inflation and destroy proof of brain.

I dont think getting on the promoted tab is something anyone is interested in.

I'm not even sure if disguising promotions as popular trending content helps the product/service, whatever.

First you need actual content the people flock to, something creating a buzz, in order to have potential eyes exposed to ads/promotions. This particular ad, as well as a few others, combined, effectively pushed the actual content aside, meaning now there would be fewer potential eyes due to lack of interest.

If you were at a sporting event and a massive curtain fell that blocked the view of the action, for everyone, the stadium would clear. They'd leave and never come back because what's the point?

Other than that though, I really don't want to talk about this stuff. You're right though. If the ads had their own slots that were clearly marked and couldn't push content out of the way, I think that would be far more effective.


Hello, congratulations on your new project and thanks for basing it on the Steem Blockchain.

Can you please share with me the usernames of the Steemians who are behind this project?

Usually this kind of announcements get more support when the community knows who and why is behind the project, especially when it means prizes in $ the overall response is better when people know the team behind the contest is serious.

Thanks and good luck.


Hello! Thank you for your message. My name is Sophia, I am in charge of the store and the contest. I have just been hired to run the show. I will ask the creators if I can share their names and profiles with you if interested. They just gave me all the resources needed to make this happen.
And the contest is serious that I can tell you! There is nothing to loose to participate either :)

Iam already in, 🙏 thank you,



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Meme competitions you say? I think @skramatters @penderis @memehub and @minimining would be keen to meme

They dont seem to actually be part of the steem community but just tryina sell their product. That doesnt really interest me.

Yes, Memes it is! You think they can win? :)

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

i will take this part

Good luck . Interesting project

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There is some weird shit going on, but I like it.

Nice contest. I am no meme developer but I am sure a whole bunch of them will come in :)

Thank you!

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i Can share memes in gif or single image format?

Any format allowed :)

IS you said it's for the steem community where is the steem option have you given any steem option there

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