BitF to be Listed on YoBit

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As previously announced BitF has an upcoming exchange market listing. We are pleased to announce that the market will be This represents another major step forward and should help increase market volume and depth as well as adding new pairings.

BitF Market is Moving

Since we releasing the news to our Twitter and Discord followers and now Steemit there has been a rise in demand and price. BitF is a coin on the move! While already showing fantastic growth BitF has plenty of room to grow in price with its limited supply. You don't have to wait for YoBit to get a hold of these coins.

BitF is Currently Available on Crex24

If you are thinking of picking up some BitF head on over to Crex24 for the big YoBit listing drives the price up.

Learn More and Get Involved

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Email: [email protected]


nice chart

Hello BitF.

Thank you for giving us the best coin, I really like this coin, after reading some of your posts. resteemed.
This is my wallet: fTX2MJWbWo5eqfnotDBib1LcsF4da9ABkr

Hello @bitf Have u used anonwhale resteemed service? I ask u because i have transfered 1 sbd to anonwhale yesterday and till this time they have not resteemed my post.any one knows about anonwhale service????? He is scammer????

Great article and amazing news! Thanks for sharing and i'm keeping an eye out for Bitf!


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So... is #YoBit a pretty decent (safe) exchange? (as far as exchanges go?) --

hey @bitf team how we can get free bitf tokens?
i sent you address and resteemd your first post but still not get any bitf token
is there any other process to get free bitf?

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