Facts about BitShares [BTS] you should know

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Premined Currency with own Blockchain including Exchange

Currency Code: BTS
Max Supply: 2,596,940,000.00 BTS
Genesis Date: 19 July 2014
Launched: 05 Nov 2014 as Fork from Bitcoin

Consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS)
Block Time: 3 seconds
Website: https://bitshares.org/


• Originally launched as PhotoShares (PTS)
• Later renamed to BitShares [PTS]
• In November 2014 reloaded by merging several products into BitShares [BTS]

Features & Specifications

• Price-stable Cryptocurrency
• SmartCoins are tied to another asset, like the US dollar or gold, and are thus much more stable in price than Bitcoin or other altcoins which do not have their value tied to something else. These coins are always backed at least 100% by the BitShares core currency - BTS.
• First crypto platform that offers recurring and scheduled payments (similar to a standing order or direct debit set up with a bank, allows third parties taking payments within desired limits and easily setting up recurring payments for bills or subscription fees)
• A fast and fluid trading platform Industrial Performance and Scalability
• Graphene is capable of 100,000 TPS when we pay for the network to go with it Dynamic Account Permissions
• Management for the corporate environment Recurring & Scheduled Payments
• Flexible withdrawal permissions
• Referral Rewards Program
• Network growth through adoption rewards User-Issued Assets
• Regulation-compatible cryptoasset issuance Stakeholder-Approved Project Funding
• A self-sustaining funding model
• Transferable Named Accounts
• Easy and secure transactions Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus
• A robust and flexible consensus protocol
• Usage: Wallet Model or Account Model

Data of 2017-08-20

• Market Cap: 84,262 BTC / $345,840,949
• Volume (24h): 6,493 BTC / $26,650,000
• Circulating Supply: 2,598,120,000 BTS

Bitshares Team

No List of Core Members, only Name drops in a historical Documentation

Daniel Larimer - Founder
Charles Hoskinson - Co-Founder (Left the team and joined Ethereum)
Stan Larimer - Involved developer, writing the original White Paper

Year Founded as Decentraliszed Autonomous Company (DAC):
Circa 2013 (Conceptualized June 2013)

Topical Statistics

• BitSchres Chart: https://bitinfocharts.com/bitshares/
• Real-time Throughput: http://stats.bitshares.eu/
• Price and volume, Price and sentiment, Return on investment vs the top 5, Return on investment vs closely ranked coins: http://www.cryptocurrencychart.com/coin/BTS
• BitShares Block Explorer: https://cryptofresh.com/
• Asset List: https://cryptofresh.com/assets
• Charts, Trading markets: https://cryptocoincharts.info/coins/show/bts
• Historical Bitshares Price and Volume: http://www.coins.directory/bitshares/value-of-bitshares-coins/

Additional Information

• Codes: https://github.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=bitshares&type=
• All Bitshares Documentation: http://docs.bitshares.org/bitshares/index.html#what-is-bitshares
• Bitshares Roadmap: https://bitshares.org/roadmap.html
• Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BitShares/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitshares
• Steemit: https://steemit.com/@steempower


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Bitshares lets you trade crypto fast and cheap without worrying about the exchange getting 'hacked' or shut down by gubberment and losing all your money. It is awesome and people should only use centralized exchanges to move in and out of fiat. Do your trading on the Bitshare's DEX and you don't have to worry about some lowlife stealing your coins!

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