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RE: Deviant Coin [DEV] 🚀 - A Masternode Coin With Decentralized Exchange Based on BitShares Platform [COMING SOON] - Privacy Focused!

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

This seems like a promising project, still want some thing separate from zcash. We also need a crypto which can hide wallet balances in addition to zcash privacy. Monero is also a very good privacy coin but it would be better if the transaction link is broken. So we need I2P + Tor, Zerocoin protocol and fungible coin/token added to the security.


The wallets are under construction and they have added many features. Not sure if they are thinking about this or not.

Not a problem now but privacy coin competition will force cryptos to push privacy limits farther.

True. I can't wait for what's next to blow our mind. So far, I am happy with the progress being made by privacy coins. DEV should be interesting to see how it goes along with their DEX. I real plus,.

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