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RE: Top 3 Coins to Buy During the Dip

I am literally a burn victim of this market as you mentioned it lol I came in during mid-June when the market was at its peak. Even though my portfolio has been reduced to half, I am not worried as I am a long term investor and I know it will recover eventually. I made sure to invest in the coins which I consider to have a bright future. Do you think we hit the bottom this past weekend or do you think this recovery will be lost again in the next 2 weeks?
Thanks for your posts bro!


Try not to get dragged into the 'Hold' without considering other options mindset mate. It's hard I know because everyone in the community is screaming it but your entry point into the market is hugely important too - let's say your coins are all great long term picks and they increase by 10x from your original purchase in the next 3 years. However, if your portfolio has halved then those coins must have halved in value as well. You could have waited until now and picked up double the number of coins for the same price so they would increase 20x instead of 10x over the next 3 years. Purely considering buying at the right entry price (regardless of how long-term the coins are) can allow you to earn double what you would have earned otherwise.

Obviously, this is extremely hard to call and I got a little burned myself mate but I want people to understand how important entry price is :)

Regarding whether we've hit bottom or not - Segwit2x is currently signalling at around 88% which is 8% above the necessary 80%. If this continues then the bottom was last weekend yes but if the value decreases then we may hit a new low. I've actually written a short article you should check out just yesterday about how I'm going to invest based on the market (

Wow. Great advice bro. I'm really glad I found your blog. I think I'll learn a lot from your posts!

No worries brother, I'm thinking of beginning a 'Cryptocurrency Trading Series' if you would be interested at all? :)