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The course of the etherium, which established the historical maximum June 12 - $ 401.49, for the next month completely lost dialed growth. Now the air has dropped to the level of 29 May.

Thus, in the past month fell by air 48%. As of 9:50 Moscow time, the rate is $ 189.84. Market capitalization cryptocurrency declined to $ 17.69 billion.

By this time, Bitcoin is losing 8.47% and costs $ 2307.07. The first 15 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization also show a decline. Most loseOS (33,18%), and shows high stability and Bitcoin bitconnekt which reduced by 8.5%.



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i think it might fall even lower due to the lack of news, people are nervous.

I think I might buy some etherium it seems like a good time

I think it hs reached it's all time high for this year.
It is probably a good time to invest and wait in the long term.
Let's see what happens


Yes, indeed

Good time to buy.Thanks for the info

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