Aelf is doing a pretty awesome air drop Guys! 10 hrs Left!

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What's this all about now @beardeddjent?

Is this an ICO?


not an ICO, they are currently trading on Binance. link here:

Looks like an interesting project but I don't like handing over my Twitter, Telegram & Github accounts to them just to earn a handful of tokens... Things are becoming a bit of a joke in terms of what some projects ask for to partake in their airdrops.

Thanks but I'm out of this as far as the airdrop is concerned.

Screenshot 2018-01-20 19.58.51.png


Yeah looks like a scam. They might just want to hold tokens and generate hype.


guys i have throw away accounts for all of these platforms. For a small amount of effort, you can claim a lot of free air drops. Just saying. I follow a bot on telegram that lists them.


It could become a full time job managing all the throw away social media/email accounts. :-)

Maybe some of these airdrops could become valuable in the future but I draw the line when they start wanting me to link up my accounts to them and let them post and do stuff on my account. Hope one of these airdrops hit the jackpot for you.


Thanks brother! Yea, for instance, Tronix and Stellar both did airdrops in the beginning, both i heard were worth $500 when they were at ATH. Pretty cool stuff!