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Mining Cryptocurrency often involves high upfront costs to obtain the best hardware with most competitive hash rates. Without this, it is little more than a hobby as it is less expensive to just buy coins such as Ether, Bitcoin, or Monero instead. There is one project that offers a new approach to mining that is very simple to set-up, and can even let you use out of date hardware such as an iPad, or even embed within your blog.


I found the JSE Coin project a few months ago when I was looking for lesser known coins to mine with low end hardware. I have been using an iPad with a cracked screen, and have already mined over 5,000 coins with it. You can achieve even faster hash rates with a laptop or desktop computer. You can also use it to monetize a website or blog. Once you register your site, you receive a simple javascript snippet which gets embedded within your page and lets your audience opt-in to a simple/low-hash mining experience while they view your site. This way instead of asking for contributions outright, you can receive a small amount of mined JSE by your audience.

JSE aims to be an alternative to the current approaches for monetizing websites and traffic, such as banners or traditional advertising. The amount of energy needed to perform the hashes while viewing content is less than actually loading a video advertisement. This could be a big win for both content creators as well as their audience, as it creates a steady revenue stream just by people viewing their page while improving page loads and browsing experience.

JSE also offers merchant tools, which allows the developer to receive payments for goods, services and subscriptions in the form of JSE coin. Creating an ecosystem that allows developers to earn and receive JSE Coins while also incentivizing people to purchase them, using goods and services as a floor on the coin value, opens up some very interesting applications here.

JSE Coin is a little known project currently, with a Market Cap of $350k and an overall rank of 1261 as of 2/3/2019. What they are trying to do here is unique enough and has a niche to create value for web developers and web viewers, which means it's a project to pay attention to. It is very easy to acquire a high volume of coins now given the low overall cost as well as the relative ease to mine, however the greatest opportunity lies with the javascript snippets added to websites and blogs.

Take a few minutes and try out the mining experience, and see if this is something of interest to you. Enjoy!



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When I click that link I get:

uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading:


Because of the following filter


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Disable strict blocking for

BTW. I'm mining a similar coin "Web Dollar". You might want to have a look at that.
You don't need any extensions or addons

You may be using an ad blocker. I have Varanida on Chrome and got that same message. I then opened with MS Edge and did not get it.

I edited and extended my last reply. You might like to check it.

Thanks, will check it out. Always looking for a new project to test out.

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