DASH gains the last 24 hrs. means it's poised to SMASH its recent ATH (all time high) & forge new ground! Charts incl.

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Lifetime DASH chart --- Look at the last few weeks!

The 2 huge mountain ranges here are today, and 6 weeks ago, with the 2 biggest climbs in value/price.

Milestone in Sight: DASH crossed the $116 USD mark in the last few hours, and is set to top the ATH of mid-March record of $117 from 6 weeks ago:

DASH has been on a record breaking tear for much of the last 3 months, climbing the scales in every major category in the Crypto Sphere as we know.

Here is the near-Record Breaking last 24 hours in the 1 Day Chart! (Polo) - See the dips but sustained value peaks before the Moonshot?


DASH 1 week chart on Poloniex:

DASH Market Cap is almost $790M today.

We are in a Golden Age of Crypto these days, with so many projects in the space and tons of coins all mooning and smashing records!

DASH is trying to become every day currency with all their projects and active community

6th in Market Cap. DASH regularly places in the Top 5 or always 10 currencies!

I decided to make a more official and regular DASH Update Series with artwork and cover page as I have done for other things on Steemit here for my blog posts, and various updates/series.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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The movements into crypto from mainstream investors lately has been astounding. We increased almost $10 billion USD in a month.

Howdy friend...I said this a few mins ago on a reply to you elsewhere but...

I hit the 10k post count last nite - I am top 10 all time now in total post count..... I am 6th if you take out the bots and only count humans LOL!


Awesome job and showing some real dedication to the steemit-ing. Keep up the good work up there ruling mooseland.


I love it...

Thanks for the support and the laughs...I do mean it!

Dash to $150 by end of Summer.

I sure hope so. Do you know if Coinbase is going to add it soon?

IDK about that but you can tweet at Coinbase or Charlie Lee on twitter about and then report back if you like!

BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 07 May 2017 - 22:16 UTC

$DASH #CryptoCurrency about to smash their ATH price fr. 6 wks ago! #DASH #Crypto @Dashpay @DashForceNews bit.ly/2pVTIUy

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Should i sell some more right now !? Or should i wait till friday when more gets powered down!? Just wondering if you expect steem to keep going up in 5 days or do you think it will drop !? Thanks for all your advice and help @barrydutton !! 👍👍👍

This is a DASH post Karen....

I do not think you have any DASH so you mean Steem?

This is Crypto but you never know. If you check the Steem specific update I did today (the last one) - you will see some very good charting and TA thoughts on that in the post.

I allready checked 3 of your posts today and upvoted them just havent had time to comment on all of them thats why i just commented on this one , very busy today 👍

No worries i will ask someone else ! Thanks !👍👍👍

Instead of asking someone else, I was saying read the Steemit post, and learn some things that will not only answer your question, but help you in the long run. It takes 2 mins to check a post and that is my way of trying to help you.

I did that thanks and commented ! Thanks again barry !👍👍👍

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