An acronym i made for CRYPTOCURRENCY

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago

Good day steemians and am here again with a new acronym and will also place a bounty on this post for your comment and appreciation.
So the acronym goes thus


C is for Competent, the ability to excel

R is for Reliable, a buddy you can count on

Y is for Yes, always believing in yourself

P is for Powerful, you control the mind (edited)

T is for Tactful, ever sensitive

O is for Open-minded, willing to listen

C is for Charitable, treating people with kindness

U is for Ultimate, just the best

R is for Rare, your friendship is gold

R is for Rational, ever logical

E is for Essential, a friend of great importance

N is for Neat, carefully organized

C is for Crazy, the best fun can be had with you

Y is for Yearning, a drive to succeed

Happy Steeming and watchout what's next...

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I would personally change P for Powerful or even Problematic. In the short run many people who bought into crypto is gonna worry about whether it was the right choice and in the long run it can become a problem to those businesses that ignore it.


👍 That's right am editing it right away.
Thanks for your comment

This is nice! Good effort.

Me encanto tu acronimo querido amigo @aweone.

Very interesting Acronym for cryptocurrency word. Good work.