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As a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world, I've had a steep learning curve.

Blockchain...? Sounds faintly ominous, to be honest. Crypto even more so. Regardless, I've pushed on to the point that I think I have a working knowledge of the concept and some of it's incarnations. I have an active account on Poloniex and a wallet with Exodus. I've even dipped my toe in the trading pool, using a bit of Steem I'd accumulated to kick things off. I'm proud to say I've grown that steadily over the past couple months. Nothing crazy... in USD I think it's gone from about $30 to around $48 and most of that is because Bitcoin has gone up noticeably.

Now, that's all well and good, but as I dug deeper into what crypto can/will accomplish in the coming years, it dawned on me that this could be a piece of the puzzle that takes some of the 'scary' out of getting older.

Most of you know I'm a pet-sitter. That includes dog walking and other physically demanding activities. I'm also closer to sixty years old than I'd care to admit. Plus, it's just a fact that I won't be able to do this work indefinitely.

Enter VIVA coin.

I think I first heard about this coin from @merej99. I looked into it briefly, but I was reading about some others at the time, too, so I skimmed the descriptions on all of them. I found myself sporadically checking back on VIVA, because they had such a different take on some vital issues, like minting coins vs mining them and stabilizing the sometimes wild fluctuations in value.

They sealed the deal with one simple facet - a steady income - without walking a dog or scooping out a litterbox! I admit I don't understand all the 'developer-speak', but the concept is clear and makes sense.

In a recent interview William Banks, CTO and lead architect of the VIVA Project, explains, “Today every transaction is like opening and closing a leaky faucet. Inevitably, value is lost – usually into the pockets of the 0.1%. In the VIVAconomy each and every drop of value is recovered and equitably returned to the individual people who participate in the VIVAconomy.”

This streamlined distributed transaction system constantly feeds each participant’s share of the VIVA liquidity pool – a long term asset that compounds daily based upon activity in the network. The goal is to provide stable, recurring income for each participant. Simply put, the VIVAconomy invests the value generated by each transaction in the individual members instead of ballooning corporate balance sheets.

They already have a debit card that can transform Viva into the local fiat currency (and vice versa) and ATMs to make access easy. This isn't the silver bullet to solve my financial concerns, but it goes a long way to easing my worries.

Apologies to the felines, but cat food for dinner does not sound at all appetizing.

VIVA is having their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in just a week, on May 1st.
You can register to win a VIVA Crown, just go HERE!

Also, lots of info and answers at:

Rocket Chat:

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Very nice write up on VIVA!

The people behind the project are smart and nice and hard working. The rocket chat is busy and has a few dozen nice people. The TradeQwik exchange at has been open for months and I have personally made over 50 trades there, for some very nice profits. I am really liking VIVA!

Thanks! I just recently got my TradeQwik account opened and am slowly learning the ropes. It's great to have insights from folks who've actually used it. Much appreciation for the input!

Feel free to Direct Message me in the Viva chat if you have any questions about TradeQwik. I've done 40-50 trades already so I at least got my feet wet! Best wishes!

Thanks! I just may do that. I'm still getting used to the transfer process and reading the charts.

WooHoo! A glowing article on VIVA Thank you

I'm so excited about this project that I've been dedicating about 13+ hours a day to it. I'll rest on May 2. LOL
Let's get you that Crown and that retirement!

You're welcome and thank you for bringing them to my attention. Their big picture approach and common sense solutions, I think, are going to take them (and us) a long way. It's nice to be able to get in on the start of something this game-changing.

Feel free to use any of this post as you see fit, btw. I'm looking forward to seeing this project gain some serious momentum!

One of the most intriguing ICO's I've seen. Excited to see this take off.

I haven't been this excited about something in ages. I feel like I'm really awake if that makes any sense. Maybe because I'm not sleeping much? LOL

I think that's what kept drawing me back... that they're building an entire economy, not just a coin. That took a while for me grasp, but once I did, my interest level went through the roof. Exciting, indeed!

Checking in my support & we all hope you fulfill your dream of early retirement.

Thank you for the encouragement!

Nice article! I'm really looking forward to the ICO. VIVA is amazing!

Thank you. It's going to be exciting to see it fully functional. I can barely wait... Lol!

ybe they should include the bit about not having to scoop out a litterbox in the whitepaper! ;o) Great write up!

That's definitely a perk! I wonder how many folks would catch the 'no-scooping' clause. Lol! As matter of fact, I'll be scooping at least two boxes for the next two weeks... and am off to walk a dog before I head over to the kitties' house.

Wonderful article regarding Viva Coin! Steady Income would be amazing. I can't believe the ICO is almost here.

Thanks! Just saw your post & challenge. Well done!

Good luck on the entries, too. Hopefully some creatives souls take up the challenge. I'd love to see their take on it!

It would be interesting to see what people do with that video. My parents will be so proud:-)

ROFLMAO... You ARE brave if you show your parents those vids!

nice to have you onboard @aunt-deb! Let's get you a great VIVA retirement and we will follow suit! :)

Thanks! It's a fabulous project with far-reaching potential. I can't wait to see what we create!

So glad to see you becoming more involved in the VIVA world. We need more like you and we're working hard to get you the retirement of your dreams.

Thanks! This old dog is trying hard to learn these new tricks. Y'all make that task a little easier... which is greatly appreciated. Oh, and I just now put my money where MY mouth is and put a few $ in my TradeQwik account and bought my very first VIVA coins.

This is turning into a pretty interesting project indeed.. thanks for bringing me on board guys

Agreed! My difficulty now is trying to grasp all the aspects of the economy they're building. This kind of homework is fun, tho. Lol!

I also got in on the VIVA train and it has been nothing short of exciting. Looking forward to the ICO and many great feats ahead.

It's going to be an interesting ride, I think. Hang on to your hat!

I registered with your link. When does the platform go live?

Hi @automaton - As @aunt-deb mentioned the ICO is May 1 and will continue until we've sold 6500 VIVA Crown
We are very active in and basically have a 24/7 presence so someone should be there to welcome you and answer any questions. Our exchange is also live @williambanks is our developer and for some really good insight and articles please visit his Steemit blog. :)

Thanks! I will take a look at the exchange.

Good luck and good question... I don't know! Soon, I hope!

Hopefully, @merej99 will stop by and I'll bet she has a better idea of the timing than me.

Innovative, wave of the future, hope for a better economy and means of trade!

Agreed! They've managed to put all the pieces together into a coherent, workable package. Innovative, indeed!

Nice intro @Aunt-Deb. Looking forward to growing in Viva with you. :)

Thanks and ditto on growing VIVA!

Wow! This is an incredible write up on VIVA Coin. Thank you so much for this, you did great! I've upvoted, resteemed and now I'm following you. Great work!

You're welcome!

It's a good sign that newbies like me can understand it. I come from the mortgage loan world (until it blew up), so I have a deep distrust of our present economy. From what I can see so far, VIVA is able to step in seamlessly when the time is right. I'm excited to see what in store post-ICO!

Following you back so I can keep up to date.

CallAuntDeb Aunt Deb tweeted @ 23 Apr 2017 - 17:39 UTC

@viva_coin is part of my retirement plan. Beats scooping litterboxes!… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

This is another newcomer, they have an amazing track record of bitcoin and altcoin trading by a kind of hedge fund, totally legit and very profitable:

Will check into the link, thanks! I'm not sure I'm ready for thinking about hedge funds, but who knows, that may be my next focus. Remember, I'm a old fart, so it takes me longer to figure this stuff out and how it all interacts. ;-P

Deb, this person is spamming every post with these referral links, they dropped 5 or on my posts alone. I explained they would be flagged......

Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering if that might be the case, but didn't spend a lot of time checking the history.

Me neither but often just way something is worded gives a flag, esp. when the link and wording.... lead to a referral code you can see in the comment.

I tried to advise him and then saw the other 5 comments in a row.... then decided to go check their profile and the comments tab there.

If he left 5 in a row, then he knows exactly what he's doing. And, yup, it was the referral code that smelled fishy to me. Sigh, some folks' priorities are all out of whack.

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