Just made my first purchase with Litecoin! 😬😬😬steemCreated with Sketch.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Found out about TheBigCoin recently! Now we can buy anything online with crypto and all you need is the link to the product.

Just made my first purchase, stay tuned to see if everything checks out! 😬

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How does this work?


The website is self explanatory. They buy the product on your behalf using crypto. Been around for a few months and other people say that it works, though they'd rather market their product through word of mouth and just people using it.


Yeah I saw that. So you can post an amazon link and they send it to you? After you paid with the LTC?


Yup. The website extracts the product info for you.

How did you get to a place you trusted them? What convinced you and how much did you plunk down for this first purchase?


I dropped 0.33 LTC, about 100 USD. Their site seems polished and very user friendly. They've been around since late summer, so if they were a scam they would've been called out. If it is, I'll just say so and be cool with the money I'd have lost, but if not I'll show that I got the products. Stay tuned, because this could be a game changer if they do it right!


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