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RE: 👉 At these levels will I be buying BTC 📉 Can't wait to finally accumulate more 🤑

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There are so much more profits, tools, ease, legality in the traditional financial system to overlook it in favor of a market that is as big as a single DJIA component.
My worst case scenario is that there will always be some digital currencies, even if as obsolete past relics that will be considered as scams or material for jokes about their adopters, similar to how Bitcoin was treated by most of those whom heard about it in its first couple of years, only by then it will be a more confirmed failure, that will be harder to shill for as "the future" of finance/economy.

Bitcoin itself deserves to fail because it is a bad idea.
Some of its features are good, but at least one superior alternative already exists, and I pity you if you already claimed it, because you should have gotten your reputation up to a full 60 prior to claiming it, and it is not too difficult.
Do you know about other superior alternatives to Bitcoin?
I tend to consider DPOS as superior too, but I know about one person whom knows much more than I know, that is a staunch antagonist of DPOS, even if he uses this platform.
He works on an alternative that its currency will be listed as CRED, if I comprehended and remember correctly.
About its details I asked and was not answered, maybe because they are still secrets.
Regardless, did you try
If yes, what are your impressions of it?
Do you know about any alternatives to STEEM that are worthy to use?


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