NXT and ARDOR are going through the Roof 📈 💰 ❤️

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I hope you took my advice I gave you 3 weeks ago (Why you should invest in ARDOR and NXT) and again a few days a ago (Why you should invest in ARDOR and NXT) seriously and bought some NXT and ARDR. If not, then you should listen now. Because this is not the ceiling yet!

Both NXT and Ardor hat a significant rise since yesterday of about 65% for NXT and 30% for ARDR. NXT reached a high of 9000 satoshi while ARDR reached about 8300 satoshi.

Just 5 weeks ago NXT was at about 2000 satoshi and ARDR at about 3000 satoshi. And they were growing steadily since.

Screenshot: Price of NXT going over 20 Cents

NXT Holders are anticipating the upcoming IGNIS ICO. 50% of all IGNIS Coins will be distributed to NXT Holder for free. So expect the price to rise further. The IGNIS distribution will be in Q3 2017 lining up with the Ardor launch.

This is a big day for all NXT Holders like me. I am in NXT since 2013 and I am holding many other coins. But I never saw a DEV Team or a community or even a project that can reach NXT. Sadly it is not very well known under the new crypto generation that came flodding in this and last year. 

Quick reminder for all newbies: NXT was the first cryptocurrency 2.0 that was built in 2013. So basically all great currencies that we have today (that are not just a copy of bitcoin), should thank NXT for going this new way. Actually, many new projects like Lisk or Waves are only trying to do what NXT can already do for a long time.

The only thing NXT and ARDOR are laking is a good marketing. But with the new price rise, new interest and investors will flood back in. I am expecting a marketcap for ARDOR at over $1 Billion and for NXT at least $500 mil, maybe even peaking to 1$ Billion before the IGNIS snapshot.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. And if you liked this post please VOTE UP, RESTEEM, COMMENT and FOLLOW @askaran for more crypto/investing tips, news and daily life posts!


PS: This article only represent my opinion. Only risk money that you  are willing to lose. There are no guarantees of return or profit.  Please be warned, crypto is wild and sometimes unpredictable.

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i feel that nxt is working good, and ardr, i dont know the desktop is the same that nxt and i dont understand that difference use of one and another.


Thanks for this article and explaining whats happening with NXT soon. I was hoping you could help me out as im new to this. Im holding my NXT on Poloniex, but it looks like as if i should be transferring to NXT wallet to benefit from the potential price rise in Q3? Surely if the price is going to go up then wherever you hold NXT, exchange or wallet one should benefit? thanks


change/set the account name/nickname in your nxt wallet. this publishes your account to the nxt blockchain. it also costs nxt to do that! you can get 1 free nxt from many nxt faucets. you may also need to include your account's public key in the message field when transferring from the exchange to the wallet. that's how bittrex does it, IIRC. you have to log into your nxt wallet by using your passphrase for your public key to be available to you. i don't remember exactly where it is, but you could scroogle that info or poke around in the wallet to find your pub key. be sure to read any instructions your exchange has as polo could be different from bittrex.

I'm a fan of nxt n ardor too.. automatically follow u.. thank for share.. I'm also have asset on Adelphoi which build on nxt platform.. later it will be on Ardor.

I'm a NXT and ARDOR holder and I run a NXT node on a VPS. I've also acquired some assets on the NXT platform that are paying me interest, so I've seen my NXT balance grow over time. I'm bullish on NXT, just like you.



That's the spirit! :)

QUESTION ?? do you know HOW the IGNIS will be distirbuted?? I currently own 1900 of Ardor and intend to buy IGNIS when released, however i could but NXE now. but im not sure exactly HOW will be distributed. Thanks


It's simple. As soon as ARDOR launches there will be a snapshot for all NXT accounts. Then, you download the Ardor Wallet and just log in with your current NXT passphrase in your new Ardor account. There you will see your Ardor and your IGNIS.

Your NXT account ist XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX and your passphrase is "Openthedoor". Let's say you own 1900 Ardor Assets and 1900 NXT in this account.

When Ardor launches and goes live, you just download the Ardor wallet and use your NXT Password "Openthedoor" to log in your new ardor account. It will have the same name as your NXT Account XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX. You don't have to do anything.

In your new Ardor Account you will find 1900 Ardor and 950 IGNIS (0.5 IGNIS for every NXT you hold).

After that, the old Ardor Asset in your NXT Account will be deleted (as far as I know). You keep your NXT and can hold it or sell it. Up to you.

I don't know if you can hold your NXT/Ardor on exchanges during the snapshot. There is no info about this yet. But the developer team will for sure give some info about this before the snapshot. It was no problem to hold NXT on Polo for example during the Ardor Snapshot last year. Maybe they will do the same with IGNIS. But it is safer to just hold it in your NXT Wallet.

I hope this answered your question. If not, just ask me and I will try to help :)

Question?? will it be distributed 1 IGNIS, for every 2 NXE ??

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes. You get 0.5 IGNIS for every 1 NXT.
And you get to keep your NXT and can sell or hold them after you got your IGNIS.

For more information on the details of the ICO check out my article at: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptomaster007/ardor-platform-ignis-ico-part-1-of-2

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