Sneak Peek Inside the APPICS App | Getting Ready for the ICO | Voices about APPICS

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Many of you have asked to see some screens of the future APPICS App.

As we speak, our mobile developers are actually working on the soft launch of our app for internal testing!
But until that is ready, we have an exclusive sneak peek into a prototype app for you.

When Uma (@mrs.steemit) was representing @APPICS on Stage at Finovate Middle East 2018 in Dubai, she had 7 minutes for the product demo & explanation.

The APPICS team was even rewarded with the "Best of Show" award for this talk!

Take a look at the presentation below, which includes a full app demo & UI example screens!

Voices about APPICS

At the 2 conferences in Dubai, Finovate Middle East & World Blockchain and Token Summit APPICS spoke to countless possible investors and blockchain enthusiasts who were excited about APPICS.

Take a look at these video testimonials that we have recorded at the conferences!

Thanks again for these statements to all speakers!

Crypto Jen about APPICS

Leading personality, public speaker and voice of progress to the cryptocurrency community and emerging markets- Known as Crypto Jen, one of the most highly regarded female crypto/blockchain influencers in the world.

Richard Ettl about APPICS

Richard Ettl is an Entrepreneur using technology to improve access to healthcare and sustainability, CEO and co-founder of SkyCell AG in Zug, Switzerland.

Mac Goldman about APPICS

We're excited for our ICO to start in just a few hours - March 28!

If you're planning to invest in our tokensale, please make sure to complete the mandatory KYC process first. For step-by-step instructions on how to invest please visit our last steemit post..
Also make sure to setup an ETH wallet where you own the private keys - for example .

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our Admins in the APPICS Telegram Chat!

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@appics is it the competitor of steemit will it impact on steem market value ? please answer

SMT's are going to increase the value of STEEM, just like ERC20 tokens increase the value of Ethereum. SMT's are quite similar to ERC20, but they are much, much faster and you will be able to trade SMT's to Steem instantly as they launch. This is a very good thing, because when an ERC20 token launches, you must wait until it get's listed on exchanges (sometimes never even happens). With SMT's, you'll have instant liquidity. Thus, more demand for STEEM, which increases the price.

A very comprehensive brief explanation. I like :)

Not if SMTs are not on the STEEM blockchain like @appics said below:

"There will be no connection between Steem and Appics accounts, because Appics data is on the SMT blockchain. Not the Steem blockchain."

Such an exiting moment!

I have some confusion... maybe I could get an appropriate answer here as I wasnt able to locate what I was looking for in the provided material.

If XAP (appics Token) is a(n) SMT based off the STEEM/SMT blockchain, then why are we using an ERC20 Ethereum address to transfer tokens to after the ICO ends? Wouldn't the XAP token be incompatible with Ethereums ERC20 protocol thus nullifying any investment as a loss in tokens?

appics ico information thank bro .

I have a couple of questions.

On the website under token distribution it says.


Does this mean that current Steemit users get some part of the initial distribution?

Secondly I have a question about something that disturbs me that is written in your white paper.

11.4 Fake Accounts. APPICS will require users to register also through their Facebook accounts

What???? There's no way that I'm going to register my Facebook account. Those two things are not compatible in my opinion. Facebook is garbage and I have to use it for work, I don't want it linked or registered in any way.

The Steemit distribution is for selected steemit users who have achieved a lot for the community. For example those who have helped build tools for community, support it in any other way,, or have built a significant influence on the Steemit platform.

We are actually working on an updated sign up process right now. Facebook was never planned to be the only sign up option.

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Schermafbeelding 2018-03-29 om 14.26.22.png

from the website... and steemit distribution you say ? what is this kind of bs.. i heard things of payment to keep steem open source..
Schermafbeelding 2018-03-29 om 14.26.37.png

Well @appics could you please clarify more, if steem gets a hardfork and becomes steem and smt then steem will be neglected and becomes only for those who blog non=stop please @appics it would be nice of you TO THE COMMUNITY that is supposed to make uses of your app to clarify a llittle bit more to @chiefmappster don't you think? keeping silent is a bad sign for requests like that

Good info!! Thanks for letting us know ...

Those are good questions. I have one more. If we can pay with Steem for APPICS coins, can we send the Steem directly from our accounts here?

No. There will be no connection between Steem and Appics accounts, because Appics data is on the SMT blockchain. Not the Steem blockchain.

This is new. I've always thought that SMT and Steem blockchain are the same thing. From this statement, it means that the SMT blockchain is different from the Steem blockchain?

I also thought SMTs would be stored on the Steem blockchain. They even use bandwidth from Steem and support on blockchain automated marked makers. They also need no own witnesses because of that. So how does this actually work when they are seperated?

Rightttt this is not good. This could be one of the biggest misdirections of a community in a while. I think the community deserves an answer. If not a good lawyer team could do some work with this one.

This is very confusing.
Perhaps you should release an article explaining this.

So how can I pay for XAP tokens in Steem if I can't send the Steem from my account here? From the FAQ on your site, it seems to imply I could send Steem from here.

its a red flag

I am so excited ! :)

This app is going to be awesome. Can't wait to start using it with the XAP tokens.

Thank you for the heads up.
Anticipating the ICO. @appics

Thank you! Just 2 days to go!

Can't wait to start using the app with the XAP tokens!

You’re welcome. @Appics

Waiting for the app roll out. @appics

Wait.. I see Coca Cola and Adidas in that demo?

Are they going to be onboard?
Or was that just an example?
Wouldn't that be illegal then to use a brand logo for promotion of your product?

There are certain circumstances where you can use trademarks of other companies for marketing purposes.
We are not implying that we are in a cooperation with any of these brands since these are only screen designs from a mockup clickdummy - and not the actual alpha version of the app.

Good to know! We don't want any copyright infringement ...

Yeah I see, OK thanks for clarifying.

I believe clothing brands would be a good target then.
You might be aware of "INDAHASH" which aim to be THE INFLUENCER social hub.

Well they're shit...

So don't make their mistakes and serve only the big brands before you have the user base which fits with the brands selected. That is the ultimate failure of most business entities. A mismatch of consumers and product.

I see where Appics is headed and it's not so bad. I think you will be that HOPE for the parts of the world which are essentially outcast in the current social systems. I believe in the lower classes. Creativity is a form of expressing spirit. Those who live too comfortably forget what it really means.

Those who have little comfort and must improvise. At times improvise on basic necessities such as "what will I eat"... those are who still posses TRUE CREATIVITY and PASSION. Those are who re-imagine a thing and express the human spirit through the creation of, the most.

Sure out west, there are still creative kinds... but it's so over-saturated with the same copy paste garbage that you seen one you seen them all. It possibly is TIME for the THIRD to shine. So I grow more and more optimistic for Appics. Dance will no doubt be a key element so I look forward to seen the showcase of dance expression from parts of the world that have not had opportunity to shine yet.

All The Best.




ICO Will start soon .. great

Its a great beginning hope ico go well.

Seriously, this is going to change lives!

Looking forward to the launch of Appics and in particular the launching of SMTs. #NewPossibilities

Really great presentation of the app and the user-interface looks so awesome. Can't wait till the final launch you guys rock!!!

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wow the brutal post and photography i loved the sunset follow now have a nice day interesting blogs and posting

I am so excited with APPICS! In a few hours we will enjoy APPICS and I am glad I was able to register ahead. Thank you very much @flauwy gor sharing this!😊❤

Great and absolute sosial media

Wow, it looks fabulous what Uma has shown in the presentation. Your sneak peak from last year has become a reality. Can't wait ti get my hands on it!

Thank you! We can't wait either! 😬

Capturing those moments with the Appics app will become extra special ...

We hope there is later a real world usecase for XAP, for example a fiat gateway or a shop for amazon gif cards.

Go Appics can't wait

Appics finally opened the XAP token, I will look for capital to invest

Cool, APPICS token XAP can be purchased with steem...


Give me the opportunity to do good work by voting....pls

Can’t wait.

Same here haha

Looking forward to getting an invitation to use alpha dapp. We both will be there. lol

How are you different from Steemit? To me it seems that Steemit/Busy is already doing what you’re trying to achieve... what is your added value?

In a simple set up,this question is like asking Instragram how different it is from Facebook and then going ahead to say that facebook is already doing what instagram is trying to archive.
APPICS is an App that will allow users share photos and videos. It is actually the decentralized instagram. And in this case Steemit/Busy is the decentralized Facebook.

Your comment would be valid if I had actually known that Appics is trying to be like a decentralized Instagram. Since I had not known it, I asked.

Also, there’s already @steepshot that is essentially a decentralized Instagram, minus the videos at the moment...

I have never really used steepshot but in my opinion, steepshot is just another simpler steemit interface to allow steemit users share pictures. :)

This is great

oh wow! so awesome , can't wait for the realse.. it will be life changing.

Thank you very much! Glad you're just as excited as we are!

This will be life changing indeed. Especially for people living in developing countries. Now they will have an incentive for capturing the beauty of their countries.

I'm really enthusiastic about this project and I am willing to be part of the proud members to use the App once it is out! Well done Appics Team. @appics

Thank you very much! Appreciate it 🙏

Sign me up as well. I want to be part of the beta testers if that is possible :)

I love the look, feel, and the design of the app already. I'll definitely be using the app when it launches.

nice job

The designs for the app look absolutely gorgeous.

My best wishes to the project with more future in 2018.

Interesting project opening a path as one of the first SMT. Soon on our mobile devices

"Listen to the team, respect their powered voices
They're dropping so much knowledge, to the haters its just noises
It's not too late to join, it's the easiest of choices
@Appics is the only reason why my friend rejoices..."


"Listen to the team, respect their powered voices
They're dropping so much knowledge, to the haters its just noises
It's not too late to join, it's the easiest of choices
@Appics is the only reason why my friend rejoices..."


passion rewarded!!!!!passion rewarded!!!!!


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