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Our ICO starts in just 3 DAYS - March 28! Get ready!

While you are preparing for your ICO investment you can already complete our KYC process to get whitelisted.

The KYC process is now open!

Please visit, create an account and submit your personal documents for review in order to complete the mandatory KYC process.

Depending on your desired investment amount, there are different requirements for the KYC. Please find all details below:

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How to participate in the APPICS Tokensale!

Round A of our ICO starts on March 28. The minimum investment is $5000.

Our ICO offers 4 rounds with different requirements and boni:

Round A Investment Minimum: $5000 (15% Bonus)
Round B Investment Minimum: $2500 (10% Bonus)
Round C Investment Minimum: No Limitation (5% Bonus)
Round D Investment Minimum: No Limitation (0% Bonus)

Investors will be able to use the following cryptocurrencies as payment methods: Bitcoin, Steem, SBD, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Make sure to complete the KYC address and set up an Ethereum wallet where you own the private keys. This is mandatory in order to successfully participate in the ICO. We recommend .
Now you're ready to invest in our ICO!

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Step 1:

Sign up to an account at and verify your e-mail address.

Step 2:

Complete the KYC process under the "KYC" tab by uploading your personal documents.

Step 3:

Make sure to have an ERC20 wallet address prepared to which you own the private keys. This is mandatory! We recommend a service like

Step 4:

When the round in which you want to participate in has started, please click on the "Invest" tab. You will now be guided through the investment process, depending on your currency of payment. You will receive a generated address to which you send the coins you want to invest.


APPICS in the Press

In other news, we recently had some big crypto news platforms publish articles about APPICS.

The first one was TheMerkle, one of the largest cryptocurrency news websites in South America.

Their article highlighted the vision of APPICS,, and how our app aims to bring crypto to the masses.

The second article was on Cointelegraph, one of the most popular crypto news sites around the globe!

Cointelegraph has just introduced a new audience of millions of users to the concept of APPICS, also highlighting our ICO which starts in just 3 days!

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Are you still airdropping to Steemians?

I am really excited about this project! All the best! :)

I am really excited about the project! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good that Appics is getting exposure. Even if one of those articles is a guest written entry and carries a 'promoted' label. Why you haven't promoted this in here with at least a self upvote makes me wonder though.... DO YOU purposely want to exist under the radar?

This whole Appics thing could have existed in a better way.
It should have existed as an endeavour within steemit first.
A niche founded by creators for creators... and from there..
It would eventuate to exist as it's own platform, inducing growth.
After all, the system will be just the same as steemit with moderators.

Launching a completely new place where NOTHING yet exists is too risky. Specially in a crypto world suffering and losing big money players. Currently, crypto is seen more of an influx of low level money from parts of the world where money is needed most.

Crytpo will liberate many living an impoverished existence, yes!

The issue though that I see is that Appics set out to exist in one form. I mean, look at it... it's so polished. SO SEXY. So WESTERN HIPSTER. Yet, the user-base will NOT at all be what the image presents.. It is clear that you have awaken the bottom dwellers with that enticement.

NOT A BAD THING. As, every human on Earth has ability to CREATE.
Your platform will look very different to what you envisioned though.
So you should be prepared for that and be ready to accept what you become.

That is what I see steemit as anyway. While there are many from the west here, it's clearly overrun with those from lesser developed parts of the world. Because it is those that seek the most out of this. Because it is those that find themselves without any other option in this world.

So the question is...
Will Appics ACTUALLY cater to those...
Or push them under the carpet like steemit does...

Time Will Tell.

Exactly western people will be the last to adopt Crypto. Image control 100% but it will only be people from the developed world using it. Me as a content creator and being from the western world with 1 million YouTube followers got blocked and filtered out when I gave real feedback in Telegram group. It’s clear that there is some superiority thing going on that is not based in reality. This superiority image control hipster thing only works in smaller groups not when you are trying to launch a global product.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey man yeah you should get one back on them and post there once (if) it's up and build a stack of their tokens. However, there will be some fierce competition soon with Social Platforms that seek the Reward Users model. So content creators are going to have a lot of options. There are already many in beta, in production, in ICO, in development, in early phase et cetera.

One which I am now anticipating is EOS version of Steemit.
If that happens.... I foresee a few scenarios.

  • EOS does it right, ENDS steemit. Or leaves it a ghost town.
  • EOS does it right, steemit shit themselves and realizes they need to stop sitting on their hands.
  • EOS does it wrong, and doesn't care.. just wants to fuck with steemit
  • EOS does not do it at all, just wanted to fuck with steemit
  • EOS does it right, Steemit copies, the two go to war, users benefit.
  • EOS does it right, Steemit tries to do it better, users benefit.

So I don't know...

Wonder what @ned thinks.....

Even if Cryptocurrencies fade and even if blockchain becomes niche..
Decentralized or at least Distributed Rewards Social is here to stay, that's for sure.


The users will win either way probably because of the wild competition. I say even if Steem would hit $0.00 it still has crazy value as a platform to prepare for the future. Even as a Beta platform this underlining technology is some deep powerful stuff for preparing to what is coming. And then considering how few people that are into Crypto for the moment it’s hard to see these platform decrease in value.

Main value ATM for people is how you can easy network with high level people here. The ultra fast value transactions this is some serious next level stuff. Building real connections with people that are investors and speculators. This Blockchain tech is too good to just go away. I already feel old and dumb paying stuff with a credit card.

Since the industry is so small any other successful Blockchain company spreading the tech to the mainstream masses will be good for all companies. Win-Win situation!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yeah I see a bright future also but there are actually some very important social and psychological changes that Human must first go through. In order for the network capabilities to be fully realized, we must all first exist as equal. Not equal in ability or equal in status or wealth. Just equal participants that the network has no bias towards.

As of current, there is clear bias. That is towards the money players. If we are to truly realize a new system of transferring value between one and other then this barrier of judging value with a monetary system is NOT a true system where value can be exchanged to ALL participants.

I recall an old post from @dantheman
He talks of his original dream recognizing that a selfless society is the true place of a new system where the true distribution of reward/value is realized. That giving what you have, where you can, to those who have not, is where the true reward exists. It's NOT a monetary reward one receives in this scenario but the soul enriching knowledge that you, with your actions, created a world of opportunity where opportunity ceased to, or never existed. Value was truly exchanged form human to human.

Of course this is a Utopia of Impossible Goals almost.
Or a system of socialism which might prove unsustainable.
Nothing which revolutionizes seems logical at first though.
It's radical change that DOES bring about true change.

Although that post is 2 years old now.. I do wonder if the envisioned "steemit 2.0" has ambition to revisit that notion or will the pursuit of money still be the primary drive.

In which case.. it will just be the same shit with a different smell.

Appics, will change a lot!! The real social media, where every participant will be rewarded peer to peer.

Get the fuck off my comment with that brain washed shit parasite.

KYC done and dusted ;)

Respect to the APPICS team for the patience to answer every small question on so many social media chanels with so many people.

Thank you! Much appreciated

I am just looking forward to how I can earn from the ico/airdrop.

Superb article!
Looking forward to the ICO.

The link you have given in the post above leads to the Bounty Programme registration, instead of the ICO registration. When clicking on the rules of the Bounty Programme, the link leads to a non-existent document.

Great achievement so far

Nice job

Changed the format to a damn ICO pusher post.
Taking back my $0.01 upvote.

Thanks for imformative post

Coins mentioned in post:

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

First, good luck with the oncoming ICO. I am currently evaluating an investment in the coming days. What's not so clear to me is: how is Appics different than Steem? What are the things you think you'll be better at than Steem? So far, after a fast read of your whitepaper I have to admit that I do not see a big difference. Maybe you have the time to shed some light on this questions. Cheers!

these are the main differences between APPICS and Steemit :

  • APPICS will be a mobile application, while steemit is browser based. The app will be focused on simplicity and user experience.
  • APPICS is focused on visual content like photos and videos, while steemit is focused on text (blogposts)
  • APPICS will have a system with 15 different content categories, ranging from fashion to sports to technology, while content on steemit is only organized in tags
  • For every category, there will be a team of judges. Those judges are social media influencers and experts in their field. These judges will have a large voting weight and will be able to reward excellent content in their category.
    On steemit, the ones with the large vorting weight are the whales - these are investors / private users who just vote at random.
  • APPICS will have an integrated shop system where merchants can offer services and users can buy products with their XAP tokens

Thanks for the explanation. So, I get Appics will be more organized and focused than Steemit and is going to deliver a simpler, more user-friendly experience. Sounds good to me, I am going to try it happily.

Interesting. Will it cost you to post a picture like in sola project? How many pictures can you post per day? How many judges do yoi have? Can someone became a judge and are they paid? Thank you for answer

On merchants..
What businesses?
Will you target big business?
Or only small businesses and freelance merchants?

Loving this project since I heard about it. It's giving me different ideas about the Steem blockchain and SMTs. Keep the updates coming @appics

Will each subsequent round start after the hardcap for the previous round is reached or will it be based on a certain amount of time? I ask because I won't be able to invest until round C due to funds, but want to invest ASAP.

Great News articles that had been released on APPICS. I'm really looking forward to your ICO!!! One question, do you know when the Tokens over the bounty program will be released after the ICO or during that time?

I can't wait for appics :)

lets get this groovy, can even wait any longer

Exciting stuff.. how does this effect STEEM?

I don’t think it will. People don’t tend to hold Steem as liquid Steem, it’s usually powered up or held as other cryptos. The vast majority of contributions are likely to come in btc or eth.

Actually, I believe that there will be a direct impact on Steem, as lately the STEEM token is promoted as an SMT on Steemit. APPICS is introducing a new token, named KYC, a direct competitor to the STEEM. With APPICS being a better way of implementing social media on the STEEM blockchain, the impact will be major!

I’m not so sure. The whole concept of having new super bloggers join steemit won’t help the price as they will withdraw their earnings as they use it to make a living. This will put downward pressure on Steem.

I thought KYC was the Know Your Customer process?

Good news my friend..thanks for sharing.

a very interesting look. stop in my streetfotografi thank you @ appics

Awesome post sir.

Go appics

Appics finally opens the XAP token

finally APPICS token XAP is opened, I will invest

May I quote this article Indonesian version


This is a great initiative

Soon it will be time :-)

all the best for you

Can you believe it has already been 4 months?

the best of the successes to this great project. Definitely a winning team.

A very solid team with people committed to excellence

"Appics speaks in coins, the language is telegraphic
Cannot slow down, keep on moving through the traffic
Aiming for the masses, doesn't matter the demographics
Your passion is rewarded, be it vids or photographic..."


"Appics speaks in coins, the language is telegraphic
Cannot slow down, keep on moving through the traffic
Aiming for the masses, doesn't matter the demographics
Your passion is rewarded, be it vids or photographic..."


passion rewarded!!!!!passion rewarded!!!!!


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