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RE: Why Crypto Tokens Are Important

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To everyone who upvoted, I appreciate very much your expression of support. Not for the money, but for the encouragement that motivates me (and hopefully others) to work on this problem. I want you to know that your upvotes are meaningful.

I know the blog is not well written. I’m suffering nausea from probably some issue with my gall bladder and I have too much work I need to do. No time to improve this blog. The necessary information is already there even though the elocution is wanting.


I recommend that you listen to Eric Berg (except from his sellout honey video and his "adrenal fatigue" brand) and "What I've Learned" (except from his NOFAP video) about ketogenic diet and in case you still do not know, watch "Sugar, The Bitter Truth" (I bet you already know about this, but to make sure I mention it still)
Eric Berg also has more than one video about gallbladder and about most issues.
I think the only issues that I am interested about and did not find in his channel (use the search option within his Youtube channel) are MTHFR deficiency and ALS, which may not be related to nutrition.
I have no formal medical background, but am semi actively interested about health for 30 years or a little more, so you can try and ask me, and I have more "spare" time than most people despite never being bored and always having too much to do.
I have not upvoted it yet, and might miss the opportunity, unless you help me downvote spam (I will post the links if you will express interest), but know that I appreciate your input and consider you one of the most knowledgeable people here and I did upvote at least one of your threads in the past and may upvote more in the future.
The level of your content is too high for me to read without actively learning about the vocabulary, acronyms, terms, definitions and concepts that you use, and it makes it educational material.
However, I am a lazy person with automatic checks against stress, which may be why my head hurts less than once every 3 years and much less than this, if restricted to the last 10 years (one time at most during the last 13 years), and I am quite aware about sleep.

Upvotes not required or even a 1% upvote helps express support. I have your feedback. If I have time I will look at Eric Berg. I think I need to eat spinach most of the time and be much more active throughout the day. I have 7 consecutive days of exercise as of today. I am coming age 53 and the heat index at the equator is 40 - 48 C. I will be moving to a cooler climate by Aug or Sept where I can do more exercise.

I totally understand about limiting your stress level. I will try to unpack to more layman’s terms if we get to launch and I have a lot more laymen interested. Priority right now is on execution instead of education. Note the term layman in this context is not to be construed to mean anything about your intellectual level. It is merely that I am expert in a particular focused field.

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