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Bitcoin rises because land is becoming worthless

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Also a recent book The Bitcoin Standard also supports my thesis that Bitcoin is to be a “Global Unit of Account.”

The Forward of the book was written by Nicholas Taleb, the famous genius author of Antifragility.

The book apparently mentions a stock-to-flows model. @PlanB’s stock-to-flows model was also mentioned in the main text of this blog above.

Stocks-to-flows Projection of Bitcoin’s Relative Market Capitalization

It’s also important to read my forum friend Juice’s review of the book (and also click his link to Frances Coppola’s review). Also see my response to Juice’s (aka user traincarswreck’s) review. Juice astutely points out that the advantage of Bitcoin over gold is the game theory that no one (at least not until Bitcoin is the NWO totalitarianism) can modify the supply limit of Bitcoin.

The famously accurate technological prognosticator George Gilder in his talk about his book Life After Google explains that that centralization of the Internet isn’t security. More from George Gilder on my blog Why Social Media Software Sucks.

Bitcoin and decentralized ledgers are necessary to disintermediate nation-states so that decentralized knowledge age tribalism will not be retarded by a nation-state structure that was only useful in the agricultural and industrial ages where coordination over concentrated fixed capital investment was the predominant need.

Transitioning from gold to Bitcoin:

Note Bitcoin might not not bottom until 2020 (although we may get a deadcat bounce to $10K or even $32K first) and next peak over $100,000 not until 2023 or much later.

Coming PHYSICALLY settled NYSE Bitcoin futures will likely lead to approval of an ETF in 2019 so the masses and institutional money could possibly pour into Bitcoin in 2019:

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