As currently bearish market will continue where we cannot assume which coin will Dump or which coin will pump more and more. Bear market is just a flow of negativity in the market. But some people find it opportunity to make good profit if he/she knows how to use it.

  1. Margin Trading
    When you begin in bearish market, where marginal trading can bring huge profit. A proof is the 7000 BTC that was earned by two top traders of Bitmex on margin trading.
    Margin trading would allow you to keep holding your coin when they are in loss also. You must able to use leverage in margin trading.

  2. Analyse of market
    Trading in bearish market if very risky no doubt. Trading tool we required here is BITMEX’S TEST NET which will help you in analyse the market. When you start doing technical analysis, you must have a good grip on the rudiments, then only you can confidently pick up your entry point and your exit point.

  3. Find hidden treasure
    During this bearish trend now its time for you find the undermined and underestimated assets. These coin will have very low market cap and not being listed on a top exchange. This is time where we can find coin for our long-term hand. But here also we need to have patient for about 1 year then only we will able to make 10X profit.

  4. Day Trading
    When you are trading with much assets then you can use day trading, which required study of candles, where we have to invest lots of time and will get only 3%-7% of profit on her trading. This has a drawback this required much attention, much time and much assets.

  5. Invest in ICO
    With proper study we can start investing in some good ICO which will take months to be end. This is also great choice for long term investment.


Ahh good information! Thanks alot (:

Upv Flw & Cmnt

really good points, thanks mate!

hopes you will make profit

i wish some of the whales were my friends so that i knew where the market as going and then use margin trading accordingly to earn huge money no matter how up or down the prices go - lol

I think after that you can also manipulate the market

thank you hope you will make great profit from it.

yes we should buy this time than to sell...

buying trend is onnnn

Don't do anything, just hold ur Coin tight.

I think this is right time to buy bitcoin

This is good time to accumulate good coins...

Crypto market is all about trends and analysis.....if u have done these two steps perfectly...u can make profit in any situation.

Good information..!!!

Great info bro....all points are nice iam a holder and also a trader so I don't have much problem about market.....

Just keep your patience high. Nothing more to do.

also, need lot's of the experiment . is it? anyway thank you for good and reliable infomatoin :xD

ICO good one

Very nice and informative 😍

it's time to buy some good coins, what say?

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