7 Different Ways you can earn STEEM/SBD Without Blogging

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Good day to all of you. Today I want to share with you 7 awesome ways of earning STEEM or STEEM Backed Dollars (SBD) without blogging. Yes you heard me right WITHOUT BLOGGING. So without further ado let's get started.

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The first STEEM/SBD earning opportunity that I want to share with you is Kryptonia.io. Kryptonia is simply a platform that enables members to create task that other members can accomplish. Once the task is accomplished the task creator can reward the member that performed the task Superiorcoins (SUP). It is a relatively new privacy coin that is already in coinsmarket.com and being traded in BTC-Alpha and SouthXchange. A sample of the website is shown below:


If you look closely at the tasks requests most are STEEMIT activities: upvoting, resteeming, commenting and following steemians. So this is what is exactly is happening here. You are paying STEEMIANS to SUP to Upvote and Resteem your post in STEEMIT. In doing so you get more rewards for you post (STEEM, SBD and STEEM POWER). Now you might be asking where do you get SUP to pay them. Well, when you first join Kryptonia.io you will be asked if you would like to connect your other social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Steemit and etc). In doing so you will be given SUP totally for FREE, which you can use to create task. Another way of getting FREE SUP is by accomplishing the task of fellow Kryptonian's and get more SUP. By doing Steemit related task you not only get SUP but also curations rewards from STEEMIT, Brilliant isn't it? Oh before I forget you can also earn more SUP by inviting people to the Kryptonia via your referral link. Here is my link if you want to be my referral.

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The second awesome earning opportunity that I would like to share with you is Earncrypto.com. It is a site that pays members cryptocurrencies to do simple ask such as: Taking surveys, complete micro task, data entry, watching videos or inviting friends.


As you can see in the screenshot above the site also pays STEEM and Steem Backed Dollars. This earning opportunity reminds me of the old Clixsense and Neobux. Prior to doing cryptocurrencies I was doing this types of online jobs and they pay okay especially if you do them religiously and you know the proper strategies in using them. I just recently joined in their site and I will be posting my progress there and some of my strategies I used when I was doing these types of online jobs. Anyway the part about this site and more relevant to us steemians is the fact that they are paying in SBD or STEEM. If you want to be my referral you may join my referral here.


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The third earning opportunity that I would like to share isLuckygames.io. For those of you are asking yes this is an online gaming casino site that lets you win STEEM or SBD. Although this site might be a question mark for some of you since these types of sites more often than not let you LOSE money instead of winning, I on the other hand have found some success in using this site to augment my SBD's or STEEM that I play with by around 5%-10% every time I play. I MUST remind you though that this is GAMBLING and sooner or later there is a greater chance of you losing so Don't play with money that you are not willing to LOSE. If you are not interested with this type of site you may just go on to the next earning opportunity. But if you are still with me on this read on. and you might want to join there my my referral link.

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When you enter the site you can choose several games you can play. I always play the dice game since I have already developed a winning strategy for that. The strategy I use is the same strategy that I used in playing in Freebitco.in or any dice game I encounter. Again this is gambling and more often than not you will lose ALL your money not unless you strictly follow the betting system, specially the exit strategy indicated in the post I made several months ago. I will be posting a simplified version of that strategy soon.

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The next earning opportunity that I would like to share is trading in Binance. This earning opportunity requires investments and in like any other type of investment there are certain risks so do not invest what you are not willing to lose. I have only been trader for almost a year now and there are many strategies you can employ. If you want to start and learn trading STEEM you might want to join start with Binance.


The basic tenet in trading is Buying Low and Selling high. Simple right? But easier said than done. The best way to learn is actually doing the act of trading yourself. Then you can find strategies that suites you. There is no magic formula that will always make you profit but as a word of advice try to learn how to read candlesticks and trade with money that you are willing to lose or better yet you can just trade tokens or coins that are FREELY given away doing Bounties and Airdrops. I am a member of a scalp trading group in Facebook if you want to get information about hottest coins and tokens to trade you may join us there. Be warned though we do not entertain newbie questions we are there to share cyptocurrency information on what to trade and not to teach. There are many Steemians who shares their strategies in trading you can always find them using search field of steemit.

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Another awesome earning opportunity that earns STEEM is Eobot. The site is a clouding mining site, cryptocurrency faucet and trading site all rolled into one. You can either buy SHA-256 or Scrypt mining contracts and mine the different currencies available. There are about 24 cryptos that you can mine and yes STEEM is one of them. If you are not into mining then you can just visit the site daily and get FREE STEEM. The site gives around 0.00203082 SBD daily which is about the same amount you get if you delegate a bidding bot 20 STEEM POWER and you get it TOTALLY FREE.


You can trade the the different cryptocurrencies available in the site leveraging the different Volatility of the different cryptocurrencies. But be careful and do the math there is a 5%-10% trading commission when you trade in the site. Another cool thing about the site is that it gives you the ability to trade even your cryptocurrency hashrates. Cool isn't it? If you want to learn some strategies we on how we use it you may join our steemitpowerupph group chat just drop me a comment and I can invite you in our messenger chat or telegram channel.

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The sixth earning opportunity that I would like to share is STEEMGIGS. It is one of the many applications of Steem. If Steemit is used for blogging Steemgigs is used to post services that you can provide and get paid with STEEM, STEEM POWER or STEEM Backed Dollars. You can liken the site to a decentralized STEEM powered Fiverr.


Aside from the prospect of getting clients to avail of the services you plan to offer and earn STEEM currencies you can search the Steemgig search engine where you can search its database for the different services being offered by Steemgigers. If you cannot find any you can create a custom post request where you can post a service you are looking for and pay with SBD, STEEM or STEEM POWER. The best part about this is the fact that the post you make in STEEMGIGS is also posted in STEEMIT similar to that of STEEPSHOT, DLIVE, UTOPIAN, DMANIA and ZAPPL.


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Lastly but not the least you can join our business account in steemit that is @steemitpowerupph which was created by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This business account functions like a cooperative where Steemians or none Steemian alike can invest and get dividends from the different earning opportunities within the platform. What I really like about this group is that it enables the investor to make their money work for them leveraging the widely accepted post promotional mechanisms that is prevalent in the platform. To learn more about it yo can read it you can read their introduction post here.

Well guys that is it for now I hope you found my article useful . Until next time bye.

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Nice tips for earning.

Good ways of earning. Thanks for sharing

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I do a daily Steemit Faucet that I payout SBD for Comments and Upvotes on the post:

Daily Steemit Faucet post for 25th March 2018


This is great, thanks for sharing, anyway BOUNTY and AIRDROP are the best way to earn free TOKENS from the ETH platform the only tool are a wallet from MEW and an account from BTT, twitter and a TG!

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7 Different Ways you can earn STEEM/SBD Without Blogging

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very informative post. :D

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@SydesJokes posted a link on Twitter for your post and there is probably one on @Kryptonia as well. I would like to say that you actually EARN Superior Coin, they don't just give it away for free. I know it seems like it is for free because we don't normally earn anything when we register for a site and by linking your social media accounts you can earn SUP. You perform Tasks and earn coins. I know it sounds like you are getting them for free and I guess it is all how you look at it. I will have to check out some of the other ways you mention. I know @SydesJokes has his Daily Faucet. There is also SteemThat which has @Steemish or #Stish that you can earn and if you purchase #Stish you help power up the SteemThat Whale and its another community to help promote your posts. Thanks again for the info and for plugging Superior-Coin.com and Kryptonia.io.


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From city Kryptonia @ juancarlos2906. Your post has been very useful for me, because many of us seek to win some tokens in order to increase our power. Very complete and elaborated your report, I congratulate you. Greetings from Venezuela. Beyond doing reesteem for the task of SC, I will do it with the pleasure of knowing that I will help many of my friends. I follow you to be aware of other posts like this. PD: Eobot is the best =)

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Cool isn't it? If you want to learn some strategies we on how we use it you may join our steemitpowerupph group chat just drop me a comment and I can invite you in our messenger chat or telegram channel.

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