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The objective of this article is to review all of my current holdings in various cryptocurrencies and to undertake the healthy exercise of giving my reasons for holding these particular coins versus the vast plethora of other investment vehicles possible to jump into. I will also detail for your edification my strategy that I have recently formulated bringing together all the lessons I have learned by effectively paying the price of north of $400,000 in terms of opportunity gains that I could have secured but didn't because of naïveté and lack of attention to the primacy of fractal cycles in human behavior, namely in the eternal greed flowing into fear flowing into greed dynamic which IS the market.

When I first started I was blessed with extraordinary beginner's luck as I had invested in the Bitquence ICO as my first ICO back when it was only 5 cents in June of 2017. With those gains, I had then invested in Substratum, Power Ledger, Cindicator, and many others. All of them as you can find out blew up enormously. If I had done nothing with my investments, the peak of what I could have earned was over a half million dollars. And if I would have applied this strategy I will share with you later to those moon missions I would have hundreds of thousands of dollars right now even at the recent bottoming out of the market instead of tens of thousands. And it all started with $1350 in mid 2017. I am going to become very very wealthy and I'd like to share my strategy with you in the hopes that by helping you to make more intelligent investment decisions we can all as a collective finally mature and become wiser. I am not a financial advisor. I am nobody.

I have made countless mistakes. I have paid the price for learning these mistakes which was basically inevitable. It's truly only a matter of when and at what price you learn from your mistakes. The lesson repeats until it is learned. It is said that the wise can learn from others without having to make the mistakes themselves, however, I have never been able truly to really own the lesson without having first made the horrible mistake myself. However, it's simply a matter of changing your perspective to realize that it's very good to learn from those past mistakes (or missed opportunities), because you will now be far less likely to commit the same mistakes again in the future. So, now 9 months of full time experience being involved in dozens of communities/projects and learning with an amazingly smart group of people I have now formulated a strategy of profit-taking to protect myself against greed and fear.

Now that I have my strategy in place, I no longer have to do much thinking, as I merely execute my plans without much in the way of emotional attachment involved. It's simple. Get involved in a project you believe in and have good reason will go to the stratosphere in the natural course of time. Whip out a spreadsheet and in one row name your sell targets. Once the sell targets are set, ranging over ten stages, you'll take 10% at each stage. For me right now I've got 10 sell targets for each coin I'm involved with which are all included in this report. So to give you an example let's take Debitum which has just recently concluded it's ICO. Suppose I invested $5,000. What's the plan according to my strategy?

Example : Debitum

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 2.21.38 PM.png
(these values may or may not be my real numbers)

As you can see I have it divided over ten stages. Each stage is assigned a certain multiplier.
For Debitum specifically I have set the multipliers to begin at a higher point (7x) rather than some of my other investments I may start it at 3x or 5x. Automatically is computed the price at which I would need to sell Debitum in order to make exactly a 7x gain which would be in my case $0.924. However, as you can see, the intention is never to sell the full amount at once, but only 10% of my balance of tokens at each stage as the price continues over time rising, meeting my predetermined sell-targets.

So let's say stage 1 is completed and I sell 10% of my Debitum tokens at $0.924 which is a 7x gain.
I automatically then divide the profits by certain percentages into $BTC, $LTC, and $USDT/fiat which are respectively 30% / 50% / 20% .
The plan here is that $LTC I hold forever as I believe it will achieve a 1:5 ratio with BTC by the end of 2018 bringing it to a value anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. So you can see how applying my strategy to all of my alt-coin investments is the way I reinforce and add to incrementally across time my primary currency holding which is $LTC.

Why would I divide some of the profit into USDT or fiat? Well, so that I can then set a buy order for the same currency I just sold at a huge profit to buy back in at a price half of what I sold it at. That's the rule. Suppose the following :

  1. Debitum reaches stage 1 sell-target of $0.924 (7x) and 10% of my holdings are sold which let's say equals $3700 of profit, which depends on your initial investment value.

  2. I immediately place the next sell-target order predetermined by 2nd stage which in my case is $1.18 (9x multiplier) with 10% of my new balance of tokens after having executed stage 1. Now I'm ready emotionless and detached for the next upward price movement.

  3. Simultaneous with (2.) I set a buy order with 20% of that $3700 profit as 80% of it will go permanently into BTC or LTC. So that means after profits are taken at each stage 20% will go into USDT or fiat to buy back into the same coin I just sold out of. Here is my rule : Whatever price I sell (in our example stage 1 was $0.924) I can only buy back in at half that price, effectively aiming to recover about half the amount of tokens I sold! So for our example, after completion of stage 1, and reserving 20% those profits in USDT or fiat, I then set a buy order at that same exchange for half the price. In this case that would mean setting a buy order with $750 at the price of $0.462.

Now, the point is I don't care how long it takes to trigger or even if it ever triggers at all. And this is the part where you understand the stress-free attitude of applying this strategy. You're not hung up on day-to-day movements. You know your sell targets and buy targets ahead of time. And in the event of an unexpected crash like we recently experienced where all hell broke loose, you've got balances of BTC and LTC to buy into the alt-coins near or around their future new-bottom prices.

Ok. So now you are beginning to see how effective this strategy can be for selling without emotion at certain predetermined prices, scoring some permanent storage BTC and LTC, and then setting a buy order for half the price you sold at in order to, in the future when the market inevitably corrects and bottoms out again months from now, your buy orders for what at the time may seem like ridiculously low prices that could "never occur again" will trigger, and you'll have bought back almost if not more than as many tokens as you sold. And this applies to each stage.

So if you can imagine the wave motion of the regular rise and fall of each cryptocurrency you can see how taking 10% at each stage and also setting a buy order for half the price you sold at in each stage on the way up to ATH's for a certain coin allows you to guarantee yourself profits in accumulating BTC and LTC as well as a bullet-proof (or shall I say emotion-proof) strategy for buying back those tokens you sold at very low prices with only 20% the money you took for profit.


  1. Simple Token $OST

Website :

Original Pitch Video :

Brief Description : Simple Token is a cryptocurrency invented to power digital communities. Easily launch digital currencies on open Ethereum side-chains and turn any business into a dynamic ecosystem.

Community Access Channels : and

Twitter :

Reddit : and

State of $OST market today :

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 1.10.24 PM.png

Here are the Token Details :

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.42.16 PM.png

∞ News and Sentiment (Beginning with Most Recent to Oldest) ∞

Recent Outstanding Overview of Simple Token :

Join the OST KIT⍺ Early Adopter Program & Earn $OST! :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.15.53 PM.png

Welcome Wooshii! Developing the new currency for video production with OST :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.23.27 PM.png

OST Invests in Unsplash — to Create the new Currency for Photography — $OST @Unsplash :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.22.43 PM.png

ostFeb — $OST Monthly Roadmap Update :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.21.45 PM.png

Introducing ostKYC — The Complete KYC & Whitelisting Solution for ICOs, powered by $OST :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.19.50 PM.png

Why Simple Token is one of 3 projects ready for a price explosion in 2018!

Closer Look Review:

CryptoKitties: A puuuurfect use case for Simple Token
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.18.46 PM.png

Simple Token prepares a flying start to 2018

Mr. Cosmos Now Brings You Simple Token! $OST on Steemit

Jason Goldberg on This Week in Startup’s with Jason Calacanis:


  1. Debitum Network $DEB

Website :

Original Pitch Video #1 :

More Recent Pitch Video #2 :

Brief Description :
Global small business financing. Leveraging blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world.

Community Access Channels :

Twitter :

Reddit : and

State of $DEB market today :
February 25th has marked the conclusion of the ICO. Prices ranged from $0.125 -> $0.145 over the course of the sale event.
Community I observed to be incredibly positive. Participating in this ICO turned out to be as smooth and positive for me as the Bitquence ICO and Simple Token ICO were in my experience. Admins are extremely responsive and there is a general feeling about Debitum that stands your hair on end in anticipatory excitement of what is to come. I couldn't stop myself investing. I kept contributing more and more to it! There are currently over 14,600 members now composing Debitum's telegram community. The upside to this coin is exceptional; it's the coin that is the exception to the rule. I will be holding this coin tightly in significant balance past double figures which I think it could reach this year and maybe even triple digits the next. Remember I am nobody and my estimations are puffs of smoke.

Debitum will be listed on exchanges the day after conclusion of sale which is February 26th.
There is undeniable talk of major exchange listing come the middle of March 2018.
I have no doubts whatsoever that we as investors are in good hands when it comes to getting launched on the right exchanges. Patience is very key.

Here are the Token Details :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.37.43 PM.png

∞ News and Sentiment (Beginning with Most Recent to Oldest) ∞

Full Loop of Ecosystem Members for Debitum Network launch :

Ivan on Tech's Interview with Martin Liberts, the CEO of Debitum :

Arcane Bear's Interview with Martin Liberts, the CEO of Debitum :


jsnip4's Interview with Debitum CEO - Their loan structure = EPIC WIN for HODLers :

Debitum Advisor Michael Ricks Interview :

Are we on the verge of a bull market? + could Debitum deliver x 100 gains? :

CryptoBud's Analysis. Is Debitum better than Populous PPT? Missed out on PPT? :

Debitum Front-End Developer Andrius Bilinevičius Interview :

Let’s Talk About The Value of DEB Tokens :

Paypie Credit Risk Assessment to be Adopted by Debitum Network :

Innovative Credit Risk Company Scorify to Join Debitum Network :

Debitum Network Concluded DEB Tokens Listing Agreement with Lykke Exchange :

Debitum Network Concludes First Cryptocurrency Exchange Agreement :

Meet Community Manager Vytis Papečkys :

CryptoLark's Analysis. Debitum Network - Financial Solutions for Enterprises in Emerging Markets :

Why Are Investors Excited about Debitum Network :


  1. Restart Energy Democracy $MWAT

Website :

Original Pitch Video :

My favorite video of them all. This man has a light in his eyes that will not be dimmed. A man on a mission if there ever was one :

Brief Description :

Bringing you Restart Energy Democracy (RED), a Blockchain-Based Energy Ecosystem Built for a Sustainable Future. Designed and backed by the European Union’s fastest growing private energy provider, the RED platform will have 27,000 households and more than 3,000 SME's and multinational corporations ready for use on day one.

How does RED work?

RED MWAT Token is an ERC20 digital cryptographic utility token issued by Restart Energy Democracy, using blockchain technology that gives access to the services provided on the RED Platform Software and the RED Franchise. This will be achieved thanks to the new service offered by Restart Energy Democracy worldwide, RED platform.

RED Platform :

The RED Platform Software is a blockchain based decentralized platform for Peer to Peer direct energy trading between consumers and energy producers worldwide. RED platform is the platform where users (and Restart Energy clients) can log in and trade (buy; sell) energy directly P2P (peer-to-peer), in a decentralized and easy to use manner. Users can get access to Restart Energy services, also obtain and use electricity.

RED Franchise :

The RED Franchise is the first power retail franchise that makes it simple and easy to start and operate your own power utility company. Allows token holders to develop its own power retail business and earn revenues by selling energy to retail households and business consumers RED franchise is the business opportunity that owners of RED MWAT can get access to. It is an innovative, tested and working idea that is growing in a rapid manner. The energy franchise brings the decentralized world of energy one step closer to the free market in energy sector.

I plan on running one of these retail businesses in Alaska in the future :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.05.04 PM.png

This is five years out in their expansion map :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.05.21 PM.png

Analysis of Competition :

Community Access Channels : (nearly 17,000 members) and (just over 1,000 members)

Twitter :

Reddit : and

State of $MWAT market today :

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 6.34.13 PM.png

Here are the Token Details :

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 6.38.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 6.37.44 PM.png

∞ News and Sentiment (Beginning with Most Recent to Oldest) ∞

Why I Like Restart Energy & More Info :

Introducing Green Energy Certificates by Restart Energy :

Restart Energy’s Secret to Success :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 6.51.14 PM.png

Deregulating The Dragon; China’s Energy Sector During the 2018 Chinese New Year :

MWAT Hits Second Largest ETH Trading Volume on KuCoin Within First 24h

Pure-Solar Energy Producer Helioexpert Joins the RED Platform Operated by Restart Energy :

Another Step for Restart Energy — CEO Armand Domuta Becomes President of the Romanian Blockchain Association
"After the latest success achieved by Restart Energy for its Restart Energy Democracy (RED) platform and MWAT token, we gladly announce the next important step for our company’s future.

Restart Energy’s founder and CEO Armand Doru Domuta has been elected President of the Romanian Blockchain Association — an organization centered around raising awareness of the benefits of blockchain systems and promoting blockchain technologies in Romania and abroad, through various events and presentations.

With over 10 years of experience in the European energy market and a deep knowledge of renewable energy solutions, Armand has developed over 500 renewable energy projects — from greenfield to operation — consistently taking Restart Energy to new heights, with exponential growth in deregulated EU environments and acquisition of new customers at an unprecedented rate."

Restart Energy Democracy - Energy In Your Hands :

"RED’s unique approach doesn’t require legislation to be changed. The system can be taken into multiple markets around the world, and has immediate applicability — even benefiting from local experience with due to its franchise model."
“We are going to bring together the fragmented energy market, exactly like Amazon has done to eCommerce.”

$MWAT a Huge Success: Main Sale Sold Out in 2 minutes :

Restart Energy Interview with CEO Armand Doru Domuta :

Restart Energy Adds a Member of the EU Parliament to Their Advisory Team :

Forget Bitcoin! Restart Energy Is The Hottest ICO in 2018 :

Restart Energy Will be Joining the Bancor Network by Integrating the Bancor Protocol into its RED MWAT Token :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 6.57.06 PM.png
"Bancor’s innovative protocol standardizes Smart Tokens™ which can hold balances of one or more other tokens — “Connectors” — and have a built-in autonomous conversion mechanism that allows any party to instantly purchase or sell the Smart Token for one of its connected tokens, directly through the Smart Token’s contract, at a price calculated by a formula which balances buy and sell volumes."

"For our users and contributors, this will bring with it the following features and improvements for our RED MWAT token :

• Continuous Liquidity  -  convert any token at any time, no matter how many buyers or sellers there currently are, regardless of trade volume.

• Instant Conversion between cryptocurrencies and community tokens — all through the simple-to-use Bancor Web App.

• No Price Spread between buying and selling different currencies.

• Predictable and Transparent price slippage.

IICO Host Jon Najarian Interviews Armand Doru Domuta CEO & Founder Restart Energy :

Restart Energy Democracy - Blockchain Infrastructure for Energy Supply :


  1. PolySwarm $NCT

Website :

Original Pitch Video :

Brief Description : PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace where security experts build anti-malware engines that compete to protect you. Think Bitcoin, but instead of mining, a global community of anti-malware experts compete to best detect today’s threats. PolySwarm incentivizes rapid innovation in the $8.5B/year cyber threat intelligence space with precise economic incentives that reward a global community of security experts for timely and accurate malware identification.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.26.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.27.03 PM.png

Community Access Channels :

Twitter :

Reddit : and

State of $NCT market today :
ICO is currently live at
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.24.15 PM.png

Here are the Token Details :
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.25.12 PM.png

∞ News and Sentiment (Beginning with Most Recent to Oldest) ∞

Recently in another Steemit post I already put together as much information I could find. It is quite the substantial collection of all things PolySwarm so repeating it here is unnecessary and redundant. Simply go here and help upvote to get more attention on this brilliant project :

So that concludes our mega-review of 4 incredible investment opportunities in my opinion that are destined for outstanding heights. I hope I was helpful in delivering you this information. Don't forget to upvote to indicate you found value here. I want to leave you with something I've learned recently.

There is no such thing as luck. If there is any such thing as luck, it is merely the synergetic union of knowledge, skill, and timing.


Nice post! Polyswarm will be big!

Thanks I agree! It'll be massive!

Interesting take on realizing profits from an ICO. Also, I like the idea of splitting those profits between LTC and BTC. I also believe that LTC and BTC should be major holds in anyone's portfolio. Be careful of Suppoman (paid shill and scammer). By the way, go Substratum!

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