Altmarkets Delistings - June 2019

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The following projects will be removed from Altmarkets by the given date, please remove all balances from your exchange account for these currencies.

Note: Two projects were already penned for removal on our last removal notice in April (ROGER, SATC) no improvements have been made in line with our listing guidelines,

Project Removals

Remove all balances prior to 7th June 2019, existing balances will be destroyed.

ProjectDelisting Reason
Roger Roger Coin(Added 13/12/18) Nominal Trades, No links on announcement socials to Altmarkets, No Website.
XBTG Bitgem(Added 13/02/19) No market activity or social
SPYA Spy Agents(Added 13/03/19) No Website, Social activity or Trades within listing policy
POS Coin(Added 14/2/19) No links from website to altmarkets, low trading activity
NYG New York Gold(Added 25/1/19) Little Trading Interest, No social or website links to markets
PENG(Added 18/1/19) Low market interest / trades
SLC(Added 1/5/19) Amendments to community socials, presumed developer exit & takeover / chain and filtered socials.
MILL MillenniumClub(Added 22/3/19) Low market interest / trades, No links from website / socials
LYS Lightyears(Added 2/5/19) Zero Trades, No website links, no socials.
CSPN CryptoSports(Added 16/2/19) Last single trade 3 weeks ago, low activity
ALEX Alexandrite(Added 14/2/19) Trading volume, no socials or website links

The following projects have been added to a watch list, improvements need to be made on the flagged reasons for each of the markets. Projects will be reviewed again on the next delisting round.

SCOL Scolcoin - Nominal trading activity, no links from website or socials to altmarkets
ZBT Zbit - Low trading, No social links to Markets.
TWBT Watcher Bot - Nominal trading activity
SCOOBY - Nominal trading activity
QUIAN - Nominal trading activity, No socials
QBS Qbase - Low trading activity
NAT Natiscoine - Low trading activity
KLOUT - Low trading activity