Upcoming coin removals April 2019

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Project Removals

Please be aware of the upcoming removals from the Altmarkets Exchange, please remove all coins off the exchange to personal or other sourced online wallets by May 1st 2019.

EPH Euphoria (Markets: ETH) (Market Added March 09, 2019) - No trades commenced, No community interest or links to Altmarkets from Socials, Website or Announces.

FYR Fyre - Abandoned Project / Exit

CIV Civitas (Markets: BTC) (Market Added January 31, 2019) - inconsistent chain issues, cpu overload - no market trades for 5 weeks, no links from social announces or website.

D Denarius (Market: BTC) (Market Added March 06, 2019) - No links from social (discord, telegram), no link to altmarkets from website, Zero trades since listing.

CNMC Cryptonodes (Market: BTC) (Market Added February 03, 2019) - No links from socials - Last trade active (and only trade) February 03, 2019.

** UPDATE **

XVGDG Verge Dark Green (Market BTC) (Market Added March 20, 2019) - Abandoned project, no website - stuck chain

WBTC - Presumed Exit

Please remove all balances by 1st May 2019.

Watchlist (Pending for delist next round)

SATC Satoshi Coin (Markets: BTC) (Market Added January 07, 2019 22:39) - No links from announcement socials to Altmarkets, no website, nominal trades.

Roger Roger Coin (Markets: BTC, LTC) (Jan 2nd, 2019) - Nominal Trades, No links on announcement socials to Altmarkets, No Website.