Total loon if you believe that’s it’s not.

Oh, it is. And this is just 1 in a thousand. They are doing this everywhere everyday, with or without bots. And its illegal.

Some of the biggest names in crypto are going to run the market right into the ground.
More useful tech would be nice, instead crypto is full of PnD ponzi get rich quick when lambo promoters.

Let's ask SEC and FBI's opinion about this, shall we?

This is illegal... The crypto market in not a game using monopoly $. Those people were so confident they were detailing the fraud on their telegram. Now i hope they're going to have some problem with SEC.

It is illegal in the equities and commodities markets. It is not yet illegal across the crypto world but I would be willing to place a very large bet that it will be sooner than we think. Big exchanges are already coming aboard with KYC and monitoring for PnD action. Bittrex, for example, has settled down a lot but the small exchanges and dexs..

Are you retarded? Of course its illegal

you get a life, altcoin shiller


US SEC is hunting down pump & dump groups - preparing for legal action, and offering rewards to whistleblowers!

Dam too bad i am from brooklyn where its a worse crime to rat sometimes ... lol jk ... i dont know anyone who organizes pnd or i would expose the truth for the simple fact i know a lotta ppl lose money on this shit.... dam smh

I hope they really do this. In forex trading, pump and dump is illegal.

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