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I'm gonna to tell you a little bit about Grantcoin, a coin I only found out about recently. Grant coin will be rebranding as Mana soon enough.

This is a piece I wrote about a week ago.


Grantcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is distributed into circulation primarily as a universal income grants to anyone that participates.

10 billion Grantcoin have been created which is over 95.5% of all Grantcoin that has been created.
The remainder is being created through mining to reward users maintaining the Grantcoin public ledger.

Anyone can apply for the Grantcoin basic income grant which 80% of all Grantcoin or 8 billion which is to provide a basic income to anyone that participates. This is to be released monthly over the next 50 years.
Each year they plan to release 3.5% into circulation through these grants.

These grants are released monthly and the next grant is to be issued sometime on August 1st 2017 so sign you quick to get approved before then.

Grantcoin is currently priced at $0.002 it's not much but with more participation Grantcoin will rise in price and participation is free.

If you use this referal code you get 50% extra each month for a year. Here is the referal code just enter when it prompts you to: vo50t4dyhe
You can sign up for a Grantcoin here Grantcoin universal income

There is even a small online mart called GRT Mart

What have you got to lose?



great article didnt know about the grantcoin ,thankyou for the enlightment

Happy to help!

Thanks for sharing mate....even though i never heard this coin before but what the heck...i wouldnt missed for free stuff...

Any idea whats happening with the conversion into manna was supposed to be end of october?a bit worrying its gone quite around it.

They said at the beginning of September it would take up to 3 months, so I'm guessing in the new year.

Hi friend, very good !!!!!
You would help me with a vote in my post., Thanks !!! ;)

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