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Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009 by an anonymous person or organization known as Satoshi Nakamoto, the definition and how the world looked at money has changed. The world now believes that it is not enough for money to be physical entities alone, thus the rise of digital currencies, which has shaken the financial world to its root. With decentralized digital currencies, there won’t be a need for third parties in financial transactions anymore.

It is my belief that the next phase of the Bitcoin evolution will the internet of value, which is basically Bitcoin 2.0. It goes without saying that despite the disruptive nature of the bitcoin’s emergence, there are still a couple of flaws in the bitcoin’s blockchain. Flaws such as scalability and interoperability, are the major reasons why the existing crypto ecosystem is not ready to be massively adopted.

The problem of scalability is one that existing blockchain technology has a limit of transactions they can handle on their platform at a given point in time, Bitcoin, for example, takes about 60 minutes for a transaction to successfully be executed between two persons., for example, that same can be said of Ethereum. With this bottleneck, the existing blockchain technologies, cannot scale, hence making it a problem for the crypto ecosystem to fully go mainstream.

The lack of Interoperability is what the current crypto ecosystem is experiencing where all the platforms work independently of each other. Bitcoin works independently of Ethereum, while Cardano doesn’t know what is happening with Dash. This way, there cannot be a true exchange of value across the different players of the blockchain ecosystem. And the only portal through which these tokens can interact with one another is via crypto exchanges. This is a problem, because crypto exchanges are not decentralized, which makes them prone to attacks and hacks.

Problem Definition

Currently, existing crypto exchanges are the only way the different cryptocurrencies in market interact with each other, which is the problem of interoperability we discussed earlier. And due to the centralized nature of existing exchanges, this makes them easy targets to hacks and attacks, simply because they are the weakest link in the cryptocurrency infrastructure.

And these are the existing challenges hopes to solve

Security Breaches

Most exchange platforms encourage their users to utilize their in-house wallet to store their digital assets, this amount to such platforms to amass high volume in crypto assets thus making them juicy targets for hackers. With all crypto assets being in one place, these hackers attempt hacking these platforms using the DDoS attacks, as well as social engineering in order to steal crypto tokens from users.

Due to the aggressive nature of this attacks, some high-volume crypto exchange platforms were forced to shut down their operations. This is the major challenge faced by cryptocurrency exchange platforms.


Users are usually the victims of non-compliance of digital exchanges as many cases have revealed. It is no secret that new exchanges emerge regularly since cryptocurrency went mainstream, and most of this exchanges are faced with local or regional sanctions enforced by government authorities.

When this happens, most of the time, users of such platforms are at the receiving end because they either have their digital asset frozen or suspended. And in most cases, they never receive their assets back again which leads to forfeiture of one's assets.


While I was learning how to trade, we were giving a signal that could only be executed on TradeSatoshi platform, I have to say, it was a scary experience because It looked like something only a NASA scientist could operate, plus you literally have to wait for hours to get help from their customer help, I was forced to withdraw my funds, and forfeit the strong signal, which went on to do 150X.

It goes without saying that some operations and management of some exchanges are irresponsive and opaque. Abysmal customer support, and poor communication with users, which leaves users confused, uncertain, and tensed due to the risk involved in trading in such an environment.


During periods of high volatility, many crypto exchange platforms experience service outages which result in epic losses for both investors and traders alike. Sometimes these outages occur when the platform is trying to carry out an upgrade on their systems for better security, an example is Binance in February 2018 when they were upgrading their systems, the platform went down for 12 hours, and the company's representative cited server challenges.

After such outages, the exchanges in most cases try to resume regular operations as quick as possible, and the problems that led to the outages in the first place never gets fixed.

Solution? - promises to be the gateway to the internet of value, it is an exchange with a centralized order book which facilitates an efficient and rapid trading. In the will be a cryptocurrency marketplace where these cryptos will be traded against each other and the will serve as a gateway that bridges multiple value networks that are all powered by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology; networks such as BTC and ETH.

The project will leverage the newest development in cryptographic protocols, cross-chain atomic swaps, and payment networks such as Raiden and Lightning. This development will play a vital role in mitigating the scalability challenges the decentralized blockchain faces, it will also enable transactions across heterogenous blockchains, as well as hasten transaction speed, and reduce the cost at the same time. With this framework in place, the blockchain will be ready for mass adoption.

The team behind, seven years ago founded Paymium which is a bitcoin/fiat exchange platform which targeted the European markets. leverages on Paymium’s accountable, secure and reliable standards which will play a crucial role as they hope to overcome the shortcomings of rival crypto exchanges.

This highly experienced team of crypto experts will maximize their knowledge of cryptographic technology, as well as operational prowess in understanding the workings of the crypto world.

Together with Paymium, aims to become the leading cryptographic
exchange in Europe by 2020.

The Internet of Value

As mentioned earlier, the advent of Bitcoin change the financial landscape with the creation of a decentralized monetary system, and as other cryptocurrency floods the market, the completely reinvented money and the value of transactions. Prior to the invention of Bitcoin, economies defined money over territory and government, but now, a group of persons can begin minting their own cryptocurrency or digital tokens and start trading it on exchanges without any central supervising body or authority.

Cryptocurrencies Power the Internet of Value has a vision that the internet of Value will be the next evolution fo the Internet, as it will enable users to trade digital asset, good, services, rights in a safe and secure environment on a global scale, round the clock with the interference of central authority, or third parties involvement.

The internet of value has its foundations on several secure, decentralized, transparent, and automated networks with a strong blockchain-based value. Several networks control different versions of the blockchain, which are powered by cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin or Monero. Each of the networks meets the requirements of some types of transactions, like high-value payments or title registry, or other tailored needs of trading groups; like a network of autonomous industry sector.

Cryptocurrencies with Unique Utility Thrives

With the high proliferation of cryptocurrency activities within the ecosystem, it comes as no surprise that challenges are being encountered due to this nature of activities. Several ICO’s were hurriedly promoted which flooded the market in large volumes, and due to the fear of missing out, a lot of buyers rushed and invested, without conducting an adequate assessment of the value of tokens they are acquiring. These activities have seen the value of the cryptocurrency market hit an astronomical $400 billion valuation.

Cryptocurrency enjoyed a short-term bubble due to the increased media attention it enjoyed in the general public. And despite this fact, cryptos that have a strong utility in adding value to the long-term growth of the expansion of the internet of value will offset losses by those that fail. Tokens like Bitcoin, and leading Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Crypto Exchanges Enable Users to navigate the Internet of Value

Crypto exchanges are portals through which users can trade across multiple value networks the is backed by diverse blockchains.

With the expected growth of cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges will become marketplaces where cryptos are listed and traded. Presently, users only buy cryptos as a store of value, with the hope it will increase in value in the foreseeable future. Multiple cryptos will be listed on exchanges, where more information about this cryptos will be made available, this will promote comparisons, and a lot user-driven price actions will take place that set valuable cryptocurrencies, from the fraudulent ones.

Soon enough, regulatory and technological barriers to the internet of value will be lifted, decentralized and cryptocurrency value networks will once again a more extended mainstream attention and acceptance. And in order to trade on the existing networks, users will be required to secure multiple digital tokens in order to be exchanged, as the need arises. will only list a selected number of cryptocurrencies such as tokens that profer Proof-of-work (POW) such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether, or proof-of-Stake (POS) tokens like Stratis or Qtum, or Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) coins. Main Functionalities is on a mission to become the cryptocurrency exchange that investors and institutional traders trust and utilize as their gateway to the internet of value. It hopes to merge the advanced decentralized settlement with the state-of-the-art-latency cryptocurrency exchange by using the latest "trustless" cross-chain trading protocol to settle trades.

The three pillars of's major offerings include:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: With Advanced trading features, asset custody and resilient security procedures to protect user's data, digital assets, order book and inventories.

  • Decentralized Settlement: Fair-exchange frameworks which allow atomic swaps, for example, atomic cross-chain exchange of cryptos without the need for third party involvement. This decentralized settlement system mitigates counterparty risk.

  • Liquidity Services: will also provide listing services for a select few tokens, tokens that are strictly vetted by business diligence and technology. ICO services will also be offered, such as the planning, and execution of the promising project's ICO, which will include campaigns and marketing efforts.

Essential Features of

Ultra-Secure and Decentralized operates a segment of the exchange that is centralized, which offers highly secure custody with cryptographic proof of reserve and storage. 98% of this reserves are held in cold storages which are offline, and require multiple signatures to gain access. The private keys to these wallets are stored in several secure vaults in multiple locations. There are other in-house decentralized and centralized technological security processes that offers

Financial audits are carried out periodically to verify the inventory of digital assets matches the records of liabilities with cryptographic proof. With this audits, there leaves no room rogue intruder who's aim is to alter database information with profit. Also, in-house procedures secure the exchange from social engineering attacks.

Fully Compliant & Transparent

In order to maintain a solid integrity of the trading platform, accounting records are exhaustively audited by independent professionals. The goal of this audit is to ensure thorough compliance with all applicable EU regulations, to mitigate the chances of assets ever getting frozen or seized on the platform.

Inventory of coins held by the exchange must match the side of the customer's balances, these checks will be periodic which it will be published at block interval as part of its cryptographic proofs.

Reliable Infrastructure has servers that are highly resilient to heavy traffic, DoS attacks and never puts under pressure even when high volumes are being traded on the platform. These servers are structured to minimize downtime, due to regular server maintenance and application upgrades or the migration of the database. has a processing capacity in its first phase of a staggering 2 million orders per day!

With features such as FIX API and borrowing facilities, will attract high trading volumes, and there will be enough processing power to cater to this mass of traders coming to the platform. Hence, will be ready for mass adoption in no time!

Select Digital Currencies

In order to truly create an interoperable exchange, unique cryptocurrencies will be boarded on the trading platform. This process will adhere to a strict vetting process established by the platform's blockchain experts, who will check for sustainability, technicalities of the cryptocurrency, while also reviewing its protocol.

Periodic publications and updates will be made available to inform stakeholders, and the general community on the happenings on the platform. This will be informed of financial analysis, altcoin technical reviews and general updates.

ICO Execution & Token Listing

In order to be fully vested and engaged in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, will be providing entrepreneurs and technologist technical support on their ICO campaigns. This will be in forms of planning, strategizing and execution campaigns, as well as getting the token listed on exchanges. will ensure that newly created tokens that the platform support through its development will be listed on, this will provide liquidity to both traders and investors.

As a rule of law, this project must have passed through a series of vetting to determine its sustainability and viability, before will agree to work on it. This is to ensure Genuity since the token will be launched on the platform. Token tokens are known as BCIO, and they will be sold to fund the exchange's operations through funds raised from its public token sales.

BCIO Token Uses

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The BCIO tokens are local utility tokens designed to proffer a secure and smooth user experience. Their major use is to incentivize platform activities and use, promoting liquidity on the exchange. BCIO can either be held either in private wallets or on the exchange and users will require a certain amount of the tokens in order to carry out certain activities on the platform, as determined by Paymium.

  • Fee: users will have the option to pay for platform fees with either BCIO tokens, or other cryptocurrencies. Amounts paid, will be deducted from user's wallets once the transaction is executed.

  • Discounted Trading: platform fees paid in BCIO tokens will enjoy some discounts, this is a way of encouraging the use of BCIO tokens. Although the discounts depend largely on the amount of BCIO tokens a user holds in his wallet.

  • Survey Participation Rights: In lie with creating an active community, will create surveys periodically regarding the introduction of new features or contribute feedback towards making a decision. BCIO tokens will be able to contribute to's roadmap via a voting process, voting power will be dependent on the quantity of BCIO tokens a user possesses.

  • Loyalty & rewards: The BCIO tokens will be used as incentives to encourage exchange usage, as well as a way of rewarding external developers, Paymium users, and early supporters and adopters.

BCIO Tokenomics

BCIO Token Crowd Sale

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The sale of BCIO tokens is Live! tokens crowd sale is live, the sales officially started on 27th September 2018, with a 25% bonus that decreases to 0% as the crowd sales approach the end of the sales period. Despite the bearish market the cryptocurrency and even stock market is going through, the BCIO tokens were able to raise $1.2 million within 7 days of the initiation of the crowd sale. This shows how viable and accepted this project really is, so now is a great opportunity to get on the bandwagon.

Below are some key metrics to take note of

Important Notice

  • A soft cap is the set minimum amount of capital anticipated to be raised during a crowded sale for the venture to proceed as intended. BCIO, on the other hand, has no soft cap, meaning that the project must surely proceed as intended, irrespective of the amount raised during the crowd sale.
  • Unsold tokens will be burnt. This means that the value of the other tokens in circulation will have a high chance of increasing.
  • Finally, a 5% contribution bonus and an additional 5% referral bonus will be given to any investor who contributes above 100 Euros in the crowd sale using the referral code: emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z.

To take advantage of the opportunity to partake of the crowd sale, click here where you will be required to create an account.

Paymium users who want to participate in the project can use their Paymium login details to sign-in, not needing to sign up again. Road Map

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The Team


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As I mentioned earlier in this post, the internet of value is the next big thing on the internet, and has positioned itself strategically become a major player in this Bitcoin 2.0. It has developed and elaborated system that promises to solve the major bottlenecks the existing blockchain faces, problem of scalability and interoperability.

By creating a platform that is highly secure, accountable, reliable, backed by a seasoned team in the crypto ecosystem. Investors and partners will find no better option than

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