Numeraire (NMR) Went Up 1000% In A Few Days!! Buy Numeraire? What Do You Think?

A video I made about Numeraire (NMR), the new Crypto currency being traded in Bittrex that went up 1000% in a few days and then went back down. Should traders buy Numeraire? What do you think?


What is the role of this coin ? The final project ?
It's easier to lose money quickly than to keep the head cold when the prices rise in the same way as when the prices drop ...My opinion is don't be crazy when it's decrease, but also don't be crazy when it's increase.

I explain in the video :-)

I apologize, I did not take the time to look at it ;-). However, my conclusion is still the same for me, I'm not a trader, I don't play with coins making +/- 1000% / week.
With this strategy I won thousands € in few months so I continue my "safe trades "

Good points in this post. I fully understand what you're talking about. The decision to buy a coin should be based on real analysis of the coin. I found that people keep buying coins without have any knowledge of them. This is considered high risk. Besides there is: The site lets you check all there is to know about the team, product, communication transparency, advisors and investment statistics on every crypto. Check: For a complete NUMARAIRE Investment analysis.