Cointiply Review & Strategy Guide

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I am always looking for ways to develop my side hustle, especially if it involves crypto. That being said, I was never into the "bitcoin faucet" sites because I thought they were all very shady and not worth the time for fractions of Satoshis… UNTIL NOW. Introducing Cointiply, literally the best "faucet" out there right now. Check out what it's all about below as well as some pro-tips on how to earn the most in the shortest time. You can sign up here :

What Makes Cointiply Different?

  • There are multiple ways to earn compared to other faucet sites.
  • Proven payouts in BTC, Doge, or FaucetHub Account (No fees).
  • The Cointiply Mining Game which allows you to earn Coins by investing in SciFi-inspired mining buildings on the distant planet of Cointiplanium.
  • Referral program : You will earn 25% of every referrals faucet claims FOR LIFE. You will also earn 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings.

Strategy Guide
So, let's get right to it… A step-by-step guide with Pro tips along the way to get you the most return as fast as possible, check the comments for updates as I'm sure strategies will change often. This is a 100% reinvest strategy to get your passive earnings as high as possible. I would recommend withdrawing when you are happy with your passive rewards after a few weeks. Some people are earning $20 a day in coins with this strategy.

  • Sign up here :

  • Collect the faucet on the homepage every hour as often as you can.

  • Go to the "Mining Game". This is the most fun, and in my opinion the most addicting part of the site! With the Cointiply Mining Game, you earn Coins by buying, upgrading, and maintaining a Mine on the SciFi planet of Cointiplanium. Every building and every upgraded level add Mining Power to your Mine.
    ** Your mine will start earning Coins once you reach at least 34 Mining Power (MP).
    ** You will earn 1 Coin per hour per 34 Mining Power.
    ** All Coins earned by your Mine are automatically added to your Cointiply balance every hour, whether or not you are logged in.

  • Start by buying 9 Carrier Depots (Ignore my mistake in the image below) to fill all your available slots. Then upgrade each depot one by one (rather than focusing on upgrading just one all at once). You will want one specialty item of the maintenance hangar to keep your Maintenance score up. After level 60 in upgrades (I think) you will start getting 4 Mining Power (MP) rather than 2 MP per upgrade and I'm sure that will continue to increase as you level up.
    **IMPORTANT : boost Your efficiency up to 200% as soon as possible.

  • PRO TIP : change your settings to gem mode as soon as possible. You will then be rewarded in gems rather than coins. You can then sell your gems in the marketplace for at least double what you would get by being rewarded in coins directly. This also makes some opportunities for arbitrage in the marketplace as well. Finally, make sure auto spend is also turned on to keep your efficiency maxed out. You can also claim free gems every hour from the mining game home screen

  • Make sure to check in every day to keep your loyalty bonus up. Continue to watch videos, play games, complete some of the offer walls or even run the CPU mining tab to continue earning more and more. Take advantage of the referral program by inviting your friends to play along.

That's about it! Continue repeating these processes to grow your daily coin payouts. It's actually a lot of fun and quite addicting. This is not a get rich quick site, you will have to reinvest for long-term payouts to really see substantial gains. Don't forget to sign up here :

Happy to answer any questions below and I'm sure there will be updates and different strategies that may be better moving forward so keep an eye out as I will most likely update when ready. Just give it a shot!

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How much have you made out of the mining game so far? Have you tried withdrawing BTC or Doge yet?

I have made over $100 in BTC from the mining game. I used to be in 10th place but sold all my buildings for $30 and took a break. The guy in 1st has made over $3800 just of the mining game. Referrals give you a nice boost too. I am almost to 1000. It is a fun game. You can withdraw to a FaucetHub BTC wallet at 35,000 coins, any doge wallet at 50,000 coins and any BTC wallet at 100,000 coins or $3.50, $5.00 and $10.00 respectively.

Nice tutorial btw. Well done.

Thanks for the input, completely agree!

Thanks man, here one of your miners @Mauricio thanks! :D

Ive been using cointiply for a few months now and i've already made $100 not half bad for doing basically nothing and with these low prices this small bit of BItcoin I get could be worth something or I can use it to power up my steem account :)

Hey there, I think I'm actually using your referral code, I found out about this site from one of your articles! Thanks for connecting!

Lol for real? wow that's crazy! I wrote that article waaaaay back, funny how the internet makes the world so small! Glad you found it helpful and you're killing it on cointiply

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yo también me voy apuntar ya que se ve interesante la pagina

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So I jumped in and gave it a shot. I'm at around 30 coins per hour after 1 day of playing around with the site. I've noticed that there have been some bugs with the offer wall surveys. Some of the surveys drop out but still pay out. So I managed to snag some easy coins to complete upgrades and stuff. I'll try cashing out some coins in a few days to see how that goes.

Awesome, Glad you gave it a shot and thanks for the feedback. Look forward to hearing how your withdrawal goes.

Intersting project and great review, keep up the good work and I will check out Cointiply. - Best Crypto Trading Bot

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    Welcome to

I just joined. Earned a penny coins(btc).

I just bought a Carrier Depot and currently working hard to gain more coins to upgrade so, i can earn more. Wonderful piece of information you have here. Keep it up!


Hi @abrockman @nelkeljdm here from MinnowBooster, are you on discord by any chance? Would love to chat about a few opportunities..

A client can guarantee coins, which can be changed over either into once you pull back. A major favorable position that they have over different spigots it's that their ads aren't excessively irritating.

nice article. well explained

Nice post friend ! I like your initiative 👌

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very informative post

Cool idea with the game :) tipuvote!

Wow.... This is a concise info but worth it.

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I like to keep EngageMe.TV or Smores.TV running all day and night. Mining the pay to watch TV pays better then the browser miner for me.

Yes, that's a great strategy but didn't know if it breaks any terms of service so I Did not include, hopefully people read the comments :)

Thank you for bring everything in detail, this project is wonderful

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Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

Great post!

Cointiply looks very promising. Have you tried EarnVenture? Easy to Earn by watching videos.


How to playing this game

So I can earn crypto by playing this game? That is great!!!

I will give it a try but the most important question is will this site remain for long??

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Very curious. I've been getting a little bored with the faucets out there. I think I'll give this one a try tho. Thanks!!

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this is a new ICO project?

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Really legit!! Followed!!! please keep posting cool stuffs like this!! Awesome....


I want to know more about this

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I am a bit new in steem and this tale has helped me to apprehend a chunk like this platform was earlier than, I simply noticed all the help you give to the users because I have been working on it for a few days now could be high-quality, I would love someday to be one of these folks that obtain your assist, I will constantly be helping you within the comments, my buddy, I am hoping you have got a pleasant afternoon.

is the mining game the best way to make money on this site?

For long-term, Yes, in my opinion

Great post! earn a lot of coins make us get rich quick and lit too much cigarettes makes us die quickly

Best Dogecoin Investment Plans 2018 + Free DogeMiners 2018 (Withdrawal Proofs)

I signed up for this website when some another person posted a blog about it in Steemit. This looks like an attractive platform to make money.But the truth is the only people who make money from this type of website are the one who drive people to it.

You can't withdraw your payment from it until and unless you earn 35,000 tokens.It will take a lot of time for anyone to earn that amount of tokens.Another thing about it is that if the bitcoin price goes down to a certain level then you will lose all your tokens.

So I don't think anyone should sign up for this kind of websites.The people who like to drive people to this kind of websites only do this for their personal benefit.