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Maybe you've seen the article in The Merkle (see links at bottom) maybe you haven't. It's a new tool for identifying sudden increases in buy volume and price on Bittrex and Poloniex built on top of the new $WAVES platform (see links at bottom), the two largest alt coin exchanges in the United States. I started using it a couple days ago. and here's what i've found so far.

First you will need the chat program Telegram and quite frankly if you don't have Telegram already and you trade altcoins, you're crazy. Nearly every coin has a channel on there (Litecoin and Ethereum Classic being two of the most popular) not to mention numerous random groups like "The Coin Farm" and "Whalepool". Word of caution Whalepool gets a little feisty if you try to talk about anything other than Bitcoin in there.
Anyway once you have Telegram installed you can then add the CryptoPing Bot which is pretty much the same as joining a channel except you can post anything.

What you can do is setup your own Alerts for any coin letting you know if it has increased or decreased beyond a threshold of your choosing and that alert will stay in effect till you delete it. For this alone it's rather priceless. Most trading platforms charge for this kind of service. They probably will also eventually but for now it's free.

cryptoping screenshot.jpg

Now the other thing it does without your involvement is detect major increases in volume and price for all markets on Bittrex and Poloniex. So far it mostly just alerts you after the fact and for anything other than the top 10 coins it's not that useful unless more people start using it and in effect continue any detected price increase. However for the top 10 coins it actually can be quite useful for letting you know when a new uptrend has started.

I'm gonna keep trading with it and i'll be sure to keep you posted on any developments. It's also worth noting that they are launching an ICO soon. They plan to launch additional services through a social trading platform probably something like tradingview and they also plan to make the bot available on Slack another chat program you're crazy not to have if you trade cryptocurrency. Slack is by far the number one choice for all coins to keep in touch with their users even over reddit i would dare say. In most cases you can talk directly with the developers.


its was cool until i sent them money for my subscription. i sent them 107 ping. and all i got in return was the cold shoulder. the block explorer showed the transaction was processed properly, they just never gave it to me. i tried contacting them though twitter, discord, telegram etc and get 0 response. so if you want to use the free service , go ahead. just dont send em any money or buy that fake ass coin called ping. ohh and i bet 1k you wont be able to get ahold of anyone that works there. EVER!!!

Thanks, I wont. Cheers.

Are we looking at the same bot? It's been nothing but a steady stream of garbage to me. If you send alerts about every alt in existence, surely one of them will pump someday?

Do you know how to read the signals? Because it's worked perfectly for me

Don't trade on volume increase below 5btc, most rise take effect from 5btc, it has been working for me, a friend also is using it, I will put up a comprehensive guide soon

Have you looking into making the guide? I just loaded CryptoPing and was wondering how to interpret the posts

Nice post. I've been using Cryptoping for a few days now. It can definitely be helpful. I wish there were threshhold you could set for the volume alerts they give you, but so far it's a pretty cool bot.

Are there any other bots besides the ones you listed that are particularly helpful?

This is the most comprehensive list of Crypto Bots for Telegram that I am currently aware of ------> Join this channel on Telegram @Cryptobots

I also have a private trading group where we share info and strats, help each other track the various markets, if you're interested.

Cool. Thanks.

Are U really sure about this ICO?

great info. everyone should check it out. I also bought 500 CP

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