Bitcoin Flatlines while Stocks Quietly go Parabolic.

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Hi trader, let's talk about Bitcoin,



Nothing much has happened since our last market update.

The cryptocurrency is showing no signs of volatility on the spot market:


Meanwhile the stock market is correcting...

download (4).png

... but will likely recover and aim to prolong its historical 10 years bull run:

download (1).png

The longer time-frame reveals that the stock market is indeed in a bubble, the chart is starting to go parabolic...

download (2).png

... and could pull a 2017 Bitcoin before the bubble gets pricked and drag our economies into a recession.

I leave you with this very entertaining interview of Bitcoin-skeptic Peter Shiff on the Joe Rogan podcast:


Nothing has changed as far as our strategy:

  1. Avoid trading the chops as Bitcoin is grinding at the bottom, instead accumulate your favorite coins at a discount.
  2. Keep your eyes on the S&P500 for signs of correlation with the stock market (especially in the event of a more severe correction).

Until then,


This content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.

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Do you think that there is a chance to steem price goes up in this year? 😂

No @hanggggbeeee I think Steem is a dying blockchain :(

Really? I still has a hope for its future 😂

Hope is good 😄

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