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May 29, 2017

5 Tips for Ethereum Traders in Volatile Market

All cryptocurrencies went through a rollercoaster on Friday and Saturday. Most well-known cryptocurrencies lost up to 40 percent in just 48 hours, only to recover on Sunday. Most cryptocurrency holders had a hard time digesting this.

How to handle this extreme volatility? Is this the end of the bullish cycle in cryptocurrencies, and, in particular, Ethereum? Is a bullish Ethereum price forecast of $550 still intact after this week’s price drop?

The challenge for most cryptocurrency owners is that they do not have a background in traditional investing, and, hence, do not have all wisdom on how to handle volatility. The point is that cryptocurrencies behave similar to other markets, but the speed of change is simply ten times higher.

Therefore, we can rely on traditional investment principles to handle situations like the ones we experienced this week.

InvestingHaven identified the 5 most important lessons which apply to cryptocurrency investing, and help cryptocurrency owners handle volatility. As we discuss these 5 tips, we derive the answers to the questions outlined above. We focus on Ethereum as we consider it the most promising cryptocurrency based on our current outlook.

Full article here.

5 Tips for Ethereum Traders in Volatile Market - Altcoin Today via BTCnews on iOS

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